The forgotten 7th sense

People often claim to have a sixth sense being able to tap into this hidden ability in so many weird and wonderful ways...

Talking to animals for instance
Reading minds
Traveling through time and space etc etc

These and so many others seem to have forgotten the 7th

'Common sense' - the least used sense by humans

uh oh


Comments (17)

A common sense hmmm
Every time i'm told - "you're mad!" - i was up to something great. smile
Common sense is placed on the front steps leading into churches. rolling on the floor laughing
@ keepers...

Crestof is a man of the cloth. He speaks his mind.

Keep in mind also, that these days Churches are "disabled friendly"... ramp or steps.

For you to say "leave common sense at the steps" when entering a Church, is very stupid really. What if I said the same about starting your schooling or upon entering a University?

Okay Alan I'll start believing in Noah's Ark that managed to carry all the species of animal on earth, two by two. The kangaroo knew how to swim back the to join the group. And there are other such stories akin to Aesops Tales. Oh yea the world is only 6000 year old. No common sense. laugh
The "Noahs Ark" thing was a local event of which was a localised flood. It was a tectonic event that is scientifically these days, known to have happened. The gathering of the animals 2 x 2 of the world, means their World at that time, not the rest of the undiscovered world. It was a local survival exercise, so they gathered the animals of their world, not the whole world, but their World was the whole world in those days.

And your next question is?

How about all the despicable bible verses about women. Do your own research as I'm sure the mods won't like it if I post them because there are so many. Now as far as common sense is concerned, nature does not discriminate on gender, humans do and until that is changed, common sense wanders off into oblivion. laugh
how did my blog go from common sense to a nonsense mutation

in the Biblical sense devil
It's Alans fault. grin
Often if not always common sense and sixth sense are in contradiction...
And often sixth sense beats the common sense...
And then people think you are a nutter... laugh
Well that's now a thought Krema, never thought of it like that. I need time to think this one through. laugh
keepers dont argue the bible with mr stagg not only was he on the ark but he wrote 2 of the gospels and had a cameo role in the others
Your 6th sense (inner self, intuition) can be wrong too, though it's usually right. The ego (outer self) is often wrong. I don't think common sense is compatible with the ego, therefore my belief is that the 7th sense is an extension of the 6th sense. gift
Wave laugh I will remember that. wine
Now I must get back to work, lucky my hours are flexible. wave
dinidee: "What age is a responsible age?"(meet us in the USA forums)

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