Buzz saw

I posted this somewhere else, but I can tell (from analytics) not many have seen it.

The time duration is less than a second. Can you imagine what that felt like? Ow!

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Do you like the sight of blood? laugh I couldn't watch that.

I have a friend Elize, farming gal, her hubby somehow cut of his arm deep, might have been a saw, they had a distance to drive to the hospital, but before they left home she wrapped towels and ice around his arm. The doctor said she did good, it saved his arm.
The sight of blood doesn't really bother me. I live alone and cuts gashes and burns are not uncommon on this rural property. I try hard not to touch the buzz saw blade while it is moving but confess I did do so once and only really quick reflexes saved that finger but even now 20 years later the scar still sometimes tingles. Likewise when I weld I try not to let melted metal land on my skin, but only a few months ago had some molten steel do just that. Unlike the cooler solder which tends to just sit on the surface and burn, the much hotter melted steel actually sinks in, much like a hot penny on an ice cube. Ouch. When it cools however it can be, as I discovered just fished out with tweezers. However, I can confirm from once having spent a few hours on a hot summer day in an apartment with a mostly headless corpse, after a few hours the smell of drying blood if there is enough of it, can be annoying. I am told that a handkerchief dipped in gasoline numbs the nose, but I didn't have one with me that day. But since there is no visible blood in this video, I don';t really understand the reason for your question.
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