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The small town where I live is a bit of a dump, really. Like many other towns in this area it went down hill after the coal mining industry went to the wall. The whole region was built on coal, both literally and economically. The High Street looks cheap but not very cheerful with its typical selection of betting shops, charity shops and all the other down market shops that always seem to go with economic depression. You can get your hair cut and still have change out of a fiver here , albeit only a penny.

Given the state of the place, it’s easy to see why property prices and rents are low, but in my part of town they just got even lower. A brand new high speed rail line is going to be coming right through my estate in the not too distant future. when it arrives I will be able to see a gigantic concrete viaduct from my window. In return for having to put up with this blot on the already heavily blotted landscape we will receive absolutely no benefit whatsoever. The only beneficiaries will be the train passengers, who, by virtue of it being a high speed train, will have a mercifully quick passage through this place.

You might think that if it’s so bad here then this one more thing could hardly make it much worse. Well, the thing is, this housing estate is only about five years old, it’s the only decent place to live round here. But now, they are going to demolish half of the estate to make way for the new rail line. If they had routed it through the middle of the old part of town it would have probably cheered the place up, given people something to look at while they were getting their cheap haircuts. But no, the grotty part will stay untouched while the nice part gets bulldozed.

Still, why should I care: I’ll still be living in a modern building for a very reasonable rent and I’ve got double glazing so the trains shouldn’t bother me too much. And, what’s more, I will still be able to get my hair cut for next to nothing.

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Do you think they'll ever stop talking about it & actually build it dunno

If they do it'll be a boon to those tup north professor they'll be able to travel to London, get mugged by a gang on mopeds & still be home for tea laugh
I have experienced the same thing in the steel and coal industries in the US. We all deserve the blame for sticking our heads in the sand as our political leaders and business barons milked these industries for everything they could and then abandon the communities that made them wealthy.
Instead of analyzing the business environment, reinvesting and diversifying these economies, they leave a dying industry to its doom. Coal Barons are the worst. They could have been reinvesting in alternative energy and created new jobs years ago, they knew the coal industry was a limited market. When we have people that support a man such as Trump, that will go as far as place children in cages, what hope is there to bring communities together on anything?
my mother still talks about the Twenty-seven men who died while working at Maltby Colliery on 28 July, 1923.(9 years before she was born) like it was the defining moment in her life...

and i guess for many who dwell in the past raking up the doom and gloom then it would be


thankfully some of us had the balls and determination to rise above this and move forward

That's a great story. Probably similar to the economic downturn experienced by many candle making towns, upon the widespread use of electric light bulbs.

High speed rail, what's the hurry now you can access all your fave episodes of coronation street on the Internet.
Har , you always make your area sound so romantic smitten

It would have been better if there were still men with black faces and lungs emerging from the mineshaft, and orphan boys being used as chimney sweeps.
But still, you paint a very pretty picture of the placeheart beating
Was that photo taken in 1973?
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