el pajaro

..........that's what they called him as arrived in Real.
From a hotel parking lot as a refugee, to the best midfielders in the world. I watch football only because of him.

Let's not be euphoric or get ahead of ourselves," the Real Madrid playmaker said."Of course this win will boost our confidence for the next game, and we have shown we can create opportunities, but let's keep our feet firmly on the ground." - a good message for every days life.

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ups, wrong blog

Football or soccer

Often described as the most beautiful game

But I can think of another played between 2 contestants usually of opposite sex

blushing blushing
Croatia - Iceland
2 : 1
Croatia : Denmark
3 : 2

yay yay yay yay
So they get to the knock out quarter finals

Bet they are beating off women with sticks tonight
I'm sure they were beaten off the night before, as well. laugh
Croatia - Russia
4 : 3
yay: yay yay yay
sigh heart beating sigh heart beating sigh sigh sigh
I imagine croatia will be buzzing wow

And speaking as an expat
Or is it immigrant ?

This means war between us

uh oh

Don't worry. I shall surrender..... wink

handshake cheers <——— you buy them drinks! laugh
Mimi,the game almost kill me. I could not watch it twice. My guts were squeezed, my heart almost cracked as Russians scored the second one. I could not watch the last shoot of Rakitic. Had to close my eyes. laugh
We're drunk with euphoria. Who needs a drink. laugh
BA rolling on the floor laughing

You have few days to ‘rest’ before the next match on Wednesday!! laugh
Well done Croatia!....thumbs up
You surprise me Berry. hmmm
Mimi, i better don't watch it. .....have small children.laugh
I've been following it Bloody.

I give credit where credit is due.

Croatia have done well. wine
Thought I could f*ck on this blog and noone would notice. laugh
Nice to see you back blogging....
uh oh

Wrong blog

rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

But now I'm here

mumbling banana mumbling
May the better team win handshake

I’m gonna try to catch some sleep even though it’s only 9.20pn coz the match kicks off at 2am local time here. mumbling
roll eyes


Mimi, my nickers were shaking, so I took them off. laugh

heart beating
rolling on the floor laughing

Hey Bloody, Its only football which I don't take too serious scold snooty

So just that you know best of luck to Croatia this evening handshake hug

God knows they need it grin



You can put your knickers back on, BA giggle
Croatia : England
yay yay yay

Shoite frustrated

Gutted and disappointed crying

But fair's fair the more deserving team won blues

Best of luck on Sunday wine
Sad day in English football history
But croatia were the better team on the day

And I'm driving a French car

rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
They shouldn't have upset us so early. laugh
I hear 100's of English supporter's had already got 2018 world cup winner tattoo's

was entertaining match felt a bit for England but they didn't keep up pressure after first goal but best team won hope now they continue well
Less than 12 hours!

All the best to Croatia cheering
Let's all cheer for croatia
And never forget Opération Satanique
Time to take your knickers off again, BA !! wink giggle

Good luck to Croatia cheers

cheering cheering cheering
Goaaaaallll!!!!! cheering
Goaaaaalllll!!! cheering
Congratulations France.
Croatia, you did great. heart beating
Good game thumbs up

See you next year in France!!

For the Women’s World Cup grin
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