Melania's jacket explained

I have an uncanny gift to be able to predict outcomes before they happen such as the assassination of JFK, and MLK as well as an ability to see patterns which most people can't see. This has enabled me to fathom what caused Stephen Paddock to commit mass murder. I also think I know why Melania wore that jacket when she went to visit the children at the Mexico/US border. However, it's late here and I'm tired so I'm going to bed and I'll be back tomorrow with my theory but I'll give you all a hint; Donald Trumps explanation was total BS. It was nothing but a face saving maneuver.

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Yes BS and the immigrant herself didn't even have the plastic tits to visit a caged facility.
I loved her jacket!!! cheering
In fact im looking for one just like it!
I guess they ran out for people loving it as well!cheers My theory is Melania, Trump and the rest of us are all tired of
The libs really need to find something new to be mad about hug this is really getting oldsleep
Ah well next time she visits the border you can lend her your sheepskin jacket seeing its the height of fashion
I did wonder before whether the Trump family was feigning marital discord to use it as good cop, bad cop. And maybe that's all right-wing housewives ever do - create a display of loveliness and light where there is no loveliness and light at all. The trophy wife exists purely for the purpose of propaganda and I think she wore that coat to get you to obsess about the coat and not the kids, and it's worked.
If Trump is to place tariffs on luxury german vehicles, would that include german cars manufactured in the US? dunno
Good comment Chesney. thumbs up
Who the hell are you people?
epirb•4 hrs ago•Dannevirke, Hawkes Bay New Zealand
Ah well next time she visits the border you can lend her your sheepskin jacket seeing its the height of fashion

You act like a smart man, but you are really anything but. If it weren't for people like me, spending hundreds of American dollars for your Australian exports, all you would be left with are warehouses bursting with bales of wool and your 4 legged girlfriends.
A+ Chesney thumbs up
My theory is that the talk show host ordered his trophy wife to the border as a gesture that he really gives a crap about the children in an attempt to take the focus off him. Blaming Obama and Democrats wasn't working. I think she didn't want to go there and wore this coat as a billboard to let the world know she was doing it under duress. IMO, the honeymoon is over and I predict the Trumps will wind up in a divorce court.
I suspect The Don had a bunch of knock-off coats made up prior to Melania reprising her role as a model to launch the marketing campaign - i.e. wearing/'modeling'...The Coat.

Marketing began within hours; search - "I Really Don't Care. Do U?" apparel.
wow......rolling on the floor laughing

Variations -
Charities are offering a modified message version, "I Really Care. Don't U?"
Initial projections are that it will raise $hundreds of thousands - more likely $millions, I'd say!

For those into one-upmanship, more aggressive messages are available -
"I Pulled A Muscle Trying To Give AF."

For political non-Trumpkins..."I like Barack Better Than Donald."
(Works especially well as a photo shopped meme with Melania wearing it laugh )

I figured there was money to be made the first time someone told me about it...I didn't need to see pics/vids.

Makes one proud to be Murkun grin

This IS Murka, y'all.
Follow the money.
Always...ALWAYS...Follow The Money!
rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

You want a rendition of The Coat for your very own, Jada? love
Just search it!
Take your pick of apparel/message.
Comparison shop for best price/value.

ORDER NOW!...and you'll receive your Coat in time to be seen wearing it - and proclaiming Your Message - at your favorite Independence Day festivity...guaranteed.
You'll be the envy of all your friends!


Have your credit card information ready.
Order NOW!! peace

rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

laugh just a little bit smarter than you though . I am not Australian nor do I grow wool now . You were not paying enough for it . I have been a beef producer for a while selling a product that eaten by Americans in the main . I was hoping there would be a jump back into junk food seeing as your President eats it , guess Trump voters just don't give a fec what he eats so long as he's not Clinton .
I wonder if some people fall for all that junk in the videos.laugh
Seems to me all these issues lately seem to be about dividing a nation, from the abortion issue to this, I just hope they do not find an issue worth going to war over.
Hey, As...s landers. Really have such talents? Educated/experienced/truthful enough to make valid, not merely post hoc predictions? As with timing the markets. I doubt all three from your lower class posts, and one ego family pic, and likely poverty. Inbreeding/genetic syndromes often present with facial physical and cognitive characteristics. Rarely with hypersomnia, as well. But if you are not just BSing us CSers, please kindly enlighten us all, why don't you? Where will the DOW be next week.
Hey alterboi are you talkin to me? I'll assume you are and answer your question. I have no idea. The reason being I don't bother paying any attention to the DOW as it is a meaningless number. I'll tell you this much though, when I started investing in the late 60's, the DOW was around 800. I don't invest in stocks these days, my interest lies in junk bonds. Now if you'd like to discuss that I'll be happy to engage in a chat with you.
No I think he took offense to a caption on a picture in my profile.
Point taken.
Nice chap to be compared to.dunno
I used to have a button, and later a T-shirt with the same don't care slogan as her jacket. That was back in the 1970s and 80s.
Her jacket showed poor taste.she just didnt think.
Ooby, junk bonds, really? Hell just catch the big losers at opening bell. Buy and sell with in an hour and make 200%.
The problem with Junk Bonds is the name. That scares most neophytes away. I mean who in their right mind would ever even think about investing in something that's labeled as "Junk". But you know what they say about one mans junk....
Most people don't even know what they really are. I don't think of them as junk, rather Corporate bond funds. IOW a basket of corporate bonds and a variety of other holdings in the basket. This insures diversity without trying to time the market. I track and evaluate 48 funds on a daily basis and am invested in 5 of them.
bluesky is that your grand daughter? She is adorable. You are so lucky to be able to hold her like that.
Yea, most people do not go as far as to analyze the individual stocks that comprise the bond.
The DOW is not meaningless, it does give some indicators at what markets investors are leaning toward. But you have to dig into the individual measurements to really make good use of it in your investment strategy.
Well, I may have been a little harsh on the DOW. I think the S&P is a more accurate metric of the overall health of the market and a direction indicator.
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