My blessings:Today my daughter flown in from Frisco and will drive with me back to the West Coast

Some people count their blessings based on material wealth. I guess there is nothing wrong with that really.

For me, I count my blessings with my health (very active at 67, still do 100 push up a day), but most especially the love of my children, and my friends.

I have decided to go back and live permanently in California as I am now fully retired.

I will be very close to all my children and grandchildren and live very modestly and simply. Of course, I still hope to travel the world as I am accustomed to and just smell the roses and enjoy nature which I love very much.

My youngest daughter offered to drive with me and I am more than thrilled with this adventure.

We are leaving today, it takes at least two days before we get back home. I will not be able to baby sit this blog but thanks all for your read and or comment if any.heart wings

This was taken in Utah at the salt basin.

On top of the mountain covered with salt.

My poor X5 loaded up to the ying yeng.

My addiction, vegetables.
Last week at the Bay Area's Farrners' market. June 12, 2018

At the corner suite of my favorite place Winstar 19th floor by the North Tower, October 2018

today in Oakland airport, my first time to use it, and quite stressed free. I normally fly through San Francisco, because of Delta and United but boy how easy and less crowded Oakland is. Jan. 20, 2019

And that's the Pacific Ocean behind me through the window.

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Thanks Ash. Good morning all from sunny California. wave
My oldest daughter, 43 years old and live in Sacramento cooked my favorite vegetables. Most flown in from Hawaii. I'm so blessed. Thank you God. heart wings
kiss Making a new home is exciting.
You are getting a little closer to Oregon too.wink hug Chat with you later tonight.
I might go and visit my ex sf sister in law in Seattle. I'll stop by. Would love to meet. Next week?
Hi my friend Phyllis,

You left at a good time. The heat index here is over 100+ degrees! Extremely hot!

I hope you are enjoying your trip!cheers
Jim, that's not good. Humidity is bad yolk. Yes California is perfect.

I'm enjoying it my friend. wave
ou look amazing my girl,lovely pictures of you and your daughter.Have a lovely time with family.Lots of love and blessings....Roseteddybear heart wings
Beautiful soul. Thank you so much for your presence. teddybear

My children in Southern California, visiting one of best friend in San Diego
Looks like a happy family, a lot of people dont know what a happy family is.thumbs up bouquet
You are blessed , enjoy your time with your children and grandchildren .
Have a safe and enjoyable trip .
Thank you luke. Absolutely. My middle daughter wasn't able to join us because of work but we will stop by her house and stay a couple of days.wave
Thank you Anlee. Very happy to see you back posting.wave
Oldie I am sorry about not responding to your post. It is only now that I read it and no I haven't completely disregard that as a possibility. Maybe half and half. I will be there in winter and back to Cali in summer. Best of both worlds. You know how our dollar can stretch way up over there.wave

My strong daughter. Anchor bay

Retirement has its rewards.
Glad you made it .
A journey well documented. You have a lovely family and I'm so glad you made it to your destination safe and sound. Good wishes for the future in your new home.
Thank you Blue.

I am still debating if I should get a part time job just to fill in some hours, since I don't have a lot of money to make me able to travel the world non stop as i planned 40 years ago.

Worked here for over 35 years and I still feel very young and strong.wave
Thank you Just. and welcome to the blogworld. cheers
Thank you for the kind welcome Lindsy.
LJ a part-time job will bring in travel cash and get you meeting people too - look around for something that really lights your burners, if you can.

Erm, don't take this wrong, ok - but not a political job? Not in California - I know a lot of Californians, for some reason. They're very forthright!
You are welcome Just.wave
That is what I am thinking Elle.

For right now I will enjoy my time with my children and grandchildren.

lol.. No political job for me Elle. I might be a very active political poster but no way I will consider any job that has something to do with politics. For one thing it is a very serious commitment, the other thing is the effort and energy involved, worst than a regular job. So yes, no politics. Only here in our blogland, for opinion presentation only. Thanks Elle.cheers

My middle daughter and her art. A hobby.
I enjoyed looking at your pictures. Hope you settle in and find activities to do. kiss
Ish, thanks for enjoying my personal blog. teddybear

At Lax flying to East Coast to visit relatives.
With one of my grand sons.
Just made it here and don't want to get out of my room for the whole day. Just rest and blog. I will be here for 10 days. Hello East Coast.
Best of luck to you and your daughter on your travels, Lindsy.

Enjoy your retirement it's well deserved wine
Thank you Dee.

Yes. Worked for more than 40 years and now so much time in my hands.

Living with passion every moment. teddybear

In the sunny East Coast

Rented a cheap compact car.
That was the only one available, hoping to get an SUV tomorrow. Might even drive to Florida.

Yikes too much time in my hands.

Just bought my ticket for Asia in November. Will be a bit cooler months. Stay until Christmas.

Still finds time to exercise.
I'm so tired from all these traveling. I'm flying back home for a month's rest.

Then Asia bound in November.

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