My blessings:Today my daughter flown in from Frisco and will drive with me back to the West Coast

Some people count their blessings based on material wealth. I guess there is nothing wrong with that really.

For me, I count my blessings with my health (very active at 67, still do 100 push up a day), but most especially the love of my children, and my friends.

I have decided to go back and live permanently in California as I am now fully retired.

I will be very close to all my children and grandchildren and live very modestly and simply. Of course, I still hope to travel the world as I am accustomed to and just smell the roses and enjoy nature which I love very much.

My youngest daughter offered to drive with me and I am more than thrilled with this adventure.

We are leaving today, it takes at least two days before we get back home. I will not be able to baby sit this blog but thanks all for your read and or comment if any.heart wings

This was taken in Utah at the salt basin.

On top of the mountain covered with salt.

My poor X5 loaded up to the ying yeng.

My addiction, vegetables.
Last week at the Bay Area's Farrners' market. June 12, 2018

At the corner suite of my favorite place Winstar 19th floor by the North Tower, October 2018

today in Oakland airport, my first time to use it, and quite stressed free. I normally fly through San Francisco, because of Delta and United but boy how easy and less crowded Oakland is. Jan. 20, 2019

And that's the Pacific Ocean behind me through the window.

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Excellentthumbs up bouquet
Hey hey gayyemhug

where do you bound next?teddybear hug
Thanks Luke wave
I'm here for a while gayyem. teddybear
Yeah I'm thankful as always.
Hey gayyemwave
What's up? teddybear
Gayyem the roads are inviting.

Wasn't a very good day today but still having fun.
It seems you arewine anyhow just go with the wind where it fly us teddybear
take carehug wave
Thank you Gayyem. teddybear
Oh my what a great day.
teddybear cheers life is good, even with pouring rain.
This excessive rain got into me. I am under the weather and that is why I am enjoying myself on here. Very cheap, I tell you. It doesn't cost me anything. Thank you CS.teddybear bouquet heart wings
I'm back to California, too much rain in Texas.

This is a big casino in Oklahoma.

But players are 90 percent all from Texas. An hour drive from Dallas. ours

That was quite a hit.
Hey gayyemhug
Kmusta ka...hope things are well with you and family circleteddybear
Hit it baby one more timecheering
Gayyem I'll mail you with the latest. teddybear
I just arrived in Virginia and will soon explore the area as part of my Christmas gift for myself.heart wings

Today at one of the best restaurant in the world.

Lemaire restaurant in Richmond Virginia at the Jefferson Hotel
Hey my dearest gayyem
I missed you
How was holiday been?teddybear wine hug
Gayyem, I miss you too. I am so happy you are back. I will be here in the East Coast for at least 90 days but will fly to California on the third to be with my children for at least three weeks.teddybear
Well you enjoy your road trip
U deserve one
Take carehug

Be just here
Now u see me Now u don'tteddybear
Ok gayyem. I do miss your blogs and hopefully you will be here more often.bouquet
Over and outteddybear

At the lobby of the elegant and beautiful Jefferson Hotel in Richmond Virginia. Taken during the New Year.
Hi my friend, Phyllis!

Glad you are having a great time traveling!

Write or call when you get time!


Thanks Jim will be home soon.

Perks of frequent miles. First class.

Anyways, Richmond international airport is so small. But clean and no long lines .

Not a single direct flight from that airport.

I'll fly from Dulles next time. cheers

United 777, a bit costly but worth it.
And this is my own hard earned money. Unlike that corrupt Pelosi, flying first class with her whole family at our expense, the tax payers.
Hello I miss California spent some time there in the early 80s in Inyokern Lived right beside the Base in the desert. I might be the only child in America that has been kicked off of a Military Base. No touch Policy. Never ask for a count of children that has been kicked off of a base. I bought a gps bike tracker from Boomerang last year and I found a reveiw on you tube from Inyokern that was done online real cool got to love deja vu
Hi wave

You must be having a blast :) I would be too
Safe travels Lindsey enjoy your travels :) applause
Get back with you guys later. Thanks. Yes , sleeping like a baby on the 7 hour flight.
Boeing 777, the world's largest twin engine plane.

With one of my grand son who lives in Vallejo California. Sunny and beautiful.

My middle daughter
my youngest grand son and I strolling down the parking lot with his Harley jacket. My Christmas gift for him which he loves so much.

Shopping at the biggest Chinese store in Marin County. With my oldest daughter and youngest grand son. 58 degrees in winter. Yesterday. January 15, 2019.
I click my own blog because that is what it is there for. Read the rules. You can go back anytime and add anything you fancy as the OP.
I'm East Coast bound today. Then to the Mid West after that. Going to court for speeding.
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