dating....thats what he said......






after so many emails...and ...more chatting

finally he said.....we need to meet and speak
some where and spend few days....where no one gives interruption
this will be after few weeks....of course lot of
time is the meantime....thinking how
do i impress him?

every little bit helps

as they say every bit helps....thanking you all
in advance for your beautiful comments......I DONT MIND.... if you are funny sometimes.....

dating....thats what he very happy


Comments (32)

If I had to impress him I wouldn't turn up...I would just be myself I mean if you have to impress him it just doesn't make sense to me.
Meant to add have fun I hope he's all you wish for.bouquet
Mercedes_00......I would just be myself.....After sometimelaugh

but....for now to do little interesting actrolling on the floor laughing help thanking you missteddybear
Hey you can't go and meet a stranger away so their isn't any interruption.

That's a huge red flag please don't do that teddybear
I keep reading this blog you hardly know him.

I'm worried for you.
You stay in a hotel
thankyou...for caring wordsteddybear

my heart says.....he is the onesigh

anyways i will surely think about itteddybear handshake
Stay in a hotel meet him for lunch
Your giving me a heart attack
.........yeah.......maybe i will have someone from my side to follow me

with out his keep myself safe...idea

i will be careful yeahteddybear thumbs up wine
I understand about having hope that he's the one...But please don't put yourself in unecessary harm's way.
......i will have some secret code the friend who will be following me

i will tell her....if she dont get message from me ...every hour

she has to call the police to the last message from..yeah?

what do you think?hug
That's not good enough love but I can't tell you what to do.
Hi there. Play smart meet in a public place like a mall. dont meet him late either morning or afternoon or early evening. Give a friend or trusted one his pic, mobile number etc to be safe. Let your trusted person know where you are going. Don't worry about impressing him it should be the other way around lol. Just be on time, wear a nice casual outfit, meet him for coffee that way if you dont like him you dont get stuck for dinner rolling on the floor laughing

Just be honest about what you are looking for so you don't waste time, in fact ask him this when you meet him, so he doesn't ask you first and copy your answer.

Be interested in what he talks about, ask him about his hobbies, family etc.

Mercedes is right don't spend time with him alone in a hotel or anything ok definitely not days! and don't get in his car either.

Good luck!
.........many weeks are there before the event......

hope some solid good idea developssigh dunno hug
If he turns out okay and he has a bro I'm availablelaugh
......SweetnFunnyChic.....thumbs up

yes... i think i should not let my heart rulesigh teddybear handshake
.....SweetnFunnyChic.....hey thankyou ehcheers
.......bro ehrolling on the floor laughing thumbs up teddybear
I don't want the sister rolling on the floor laughing
let your family members have a photo of him .. and do meet in public place.. let him book an hotel why would he want to meet for the first time and dont want to be interrupted? find a hotel close to you area and send the link to him. never go off with a stranger. next they will be searching for your body.. in this time and age thats strange to have been suggested.. do u have a friend in the police force in your country?
...georgie39..... searching for your body ....hey i am really

getting scared nowconfused handshake
That's what I've been trying to tell you
Mercedes_00.......hmmmmmmmmmm surely needs thinkingblues

in this time and age one can never be too careful.. a sensible person would suggest a public place for first meeting in order for you to get comfortable in his presence or he may just want to have sex and leave.. if he meant you any good he would never have suggested a less interrupted place. especially for first meet.. the devil is a liar.. and he is out there to get beautiful unsuspected women who will fall for his trickery.. dear do ask him to meet in public and you pick the place.. do not allow him to make a fool of you or to hurt you in any way... you have been warned.. thats a big red flag..
Make sure you take a picture of his license plate, and send it to someone and meet somewhere public like everyone is saying
Packersbabe1......thumbs up thanks handshake
the devil is a liar.. and he is out there to get beautiful unsuspected women who will fall for his trickery. .............laugh

georgie39,,,,,,,,teddybear hug
Dimples online can make you think you know the person and of course that who is you actually want to meet.

For your own safety meet in a public place. Your friend may be able to get a text. But honestly a lot can change in an hour. Your safety comes first.
LoL! STAY SAFE!!! PUBLICK MEETING!!! Youre gonna meet with the Devil!!!devil rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

...sounds like youre going on a date, dimple.... just enjoy and have fun!thumbs up laugh

cool wine
You’re welcome Dimples wave
How was the date? Whats he like? Did you stay or run? laugh

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