1400 views does that mean

1400 women have looked at me or the same woman 1400 times confused

Hopefully it's just one woman I would hate to think that 1400 women had not liked what they saw and read....


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it only takes one unless you want a harem
well mine said 27,255 should i me worried too?dunno
OK. I haven't checked your profile. So must be the same woman.comfort
I've only checked it out 58 times,.
Pat, using your ball park figure, there are around 25 male bloggers, that would account for over 1400 views professor so it looks like no females have viewed him at all wow laugh
"There are lies, damned lies, and statistics."
- Mark Twain

The man is just so god damn suave, might have another look.
doh Well...YEAH!
Any pic that looks like Jack Palance is gonna get re-viewed! roll eyes

Wow Blue, that's quite an achievement, wow considering the username is quite new. I have been here for long and this is what I get..

blues crying frustrated
Mclee you got it wrong, jack pallace looks like me
Guys don't hate me cause I'm beautiful

rolling on the floor laughing so bootifull.
Kal,I was one of those likes.rolling on the floor laughing
Didn't need to view 'ya.hug
Mr Blue

Thats All?...1400 Views?

"Ive Got...... 43,434 Views"

"And Not A Damned Thing To Show For It!!"

"I Wouldnt Think It Was The Same Person"

"Viewing My Sorry a** 43,434 Times"

"Over And Over"

"But...Then Again?'

"One Can Never Know For Sure"..rolling on the floor laughing laugh rolling on the floor laughing .......................detective
I've got 3885 views.
1400 views giggle
Ok I did it 1,490...80 on the old profile.
rolling on the floor laughing
Were those extra views enough for ya.
I have seen your profile one time i think when you comment on my blog..so good news at least there are two people looked at your profile laugh
By the way im just here some week but i have more than 2000 view, not too bad

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