Poor Dogs !

Help these poor dogs that have been taken into your homes by you some of the residents here in this country and other countries too.

You made them reproduce, then cannot feed them well enough nor timely, so they start to go astray onto the public streets, and people's yard in search for food any hour of the day and poop anywhere which is so sickening.

They poop in neighbours front yard or any part of the yard which has no fence. You wake up early morning and go outside and "there", the smelly waste is waiting. The smell hits you even before you see it sometimes. Yuk!

Sad for people like me who cannot eat after seeing certain stomach turning things.

They dogs look sick, sore and are very hungry.

Why take up these poor animals from pup stage to treat them like this when they grown ?

We need animal shelters like some developed countries do.

They poop on main streets, back streets, front streets, before dawn poop, midnight poop, late night poop.
Country areas, town areas and villages.

It's awfully sickening !! And sad.

Can't care for them, don't take them home.

scold sigh doh conversing scold

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When I was a young lad dogs would shit everywhere, but it didn´t matter as the shit would turn white and powdery. You don´t see white dog shit anymoresigh
True, then you got some dogs that do have a place to stay but there owner let them poop
In other people’s yard, and don’t get it up then they look around make no one is watching and walk awaymumbling
Yes Bnaughty.

Hardly seeing those.
You're so right.
There goes my breakfast..Thanks.

That's what am talking about.laugh
Mercedes, was it nutella?
rolling on the floor laughing
Just like some shouldn't be allowed to have children they shouldn't be allowed to have pets either.
No..I was eating an omelette with fried tomato.
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