The holly boble...

It's teachings and how to incorporate it into our everyday lives


The 12 condiment's

Handed out in fortune cookies at "hung loe's" Chinese restaurant and 24 hour dry cleaners

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The size of your keel affect your ability to maintain stability when the going gets rough...
Lose your keel you go belly up


"Free will"

This should never have even gone to trial

Will is innocent and should be pardoned and Canonized

Oh great one, do read us the section in the holly boble where the one as popular as a rattlesnake in a lucky dip meets his end grin

It is easier to walk on water when the temperature is below zero...

See my profile pic

Note the flotation device strapped to my back just in case my faith is lacking

Your reference to "Sarpa dhosha" is misguided I believe you are looking for the Indian restaurant 3 doors down...
Mr.Christian you have redeemed yourself.Step off of the gangplank and resume steering the Bounty to Hell.
( I've mean England,they'll have great breadfruits and bangers!)cheers
Good Lord Man put first base back or we will have to forfeit the cricket match.doh

Curse women with the gift to talk without reason and bless men with the ability to reason without talking...

Thou shall not covert any other moobs but mine. For I am a jealous blogger. rolling on the floor laughing
Beware the fury of a woman scorned/blocked and unfriended
For the number of the beast is 123

I thought the number of the beast was 100? The one and only way 100?

oh well. This blog looks irreverent, I should probably avoid it snooty

Chrestians should be fed to the loins
laugh laugh laugh
Luckily I don't know any Crestians and have never seen a boble as it seems like an evil lot. Maybe they all died of exhaustion after killing millions of Turks.
Gee, google Mel Gibson I''s written in the ancient scriptures that to remove a "Troll" you must say it's secret names and it will vanish
Cast back to the pits from which it crawled...




Be gone faceless sucker of souls

I Crest the bringer of light cast you back to the darkness

Suffer not a troll nor let him have food from your table,give him no shelter,or speak of or to him,for his very breath is death.
So it is written
So it will be
Thou shall never consider a man you never shook hands with or looked in the eye, a friend nor a foe. tongue

You are just holograms created in your own image or a stolen image, but with a poorly functioning brain and high functioning fingers. Thou shall never mind what comes from fingertips. For mindless words only feeds mindless. laugh

I am THE WAY, the truth and the light, only for the millions of Turks who are six feet under and further up my own prosterior. roll eyes

Sorry, I can't handle this stupidity any more. grin
As a shepherd gathers his flock
So the darkness will atteact the weak of mind
The road to truth is oft stoney
And many fall along the path to enlightenment
you chose your path as you must for we can only guide the troubled and pray that will open their eyes and minds

"you must say it's secret names and it will vanish,Cast back to the pits from which it crawled..."

rolling on the floor laughing
For a whole whopping
3 minutes!!
Ash 3 mins may seen just a blink of an eye
But do you see and trolls ?

No they have been smited from this blog and have moved to find easier targets...

The Lord of light is the true path
And winter is coming

"PLAY NOW: Battleship"(meet us in the games)

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