59% Fear Violence From Trump Haters.

31% Predict Civil War.


Thursday, June 28, 2018

"Poll: 59% Fear Violence From Trump Haters, 31% Predict Civil War

"The division in the United States that has escalated into the organized harassment of Presidential aides has six in 10 worried about the violence from anti-Trump advocates and nearly a third fearing it will end in civil war.

"The latest survey from Rasmussen Reports found that 59 percent of all voters 'are concerned that those opposed to President Trump’s policies will resort to violence.'

"And, added Rasmussen, 31 percent believe 'it’s likely that the United States will experience a second civil war sometime in the next five years.”'
More here -

According to this research, 3/5 of U.S. voters perceive The Don's opposition as potentially violent.
And perception is reality.

It may be presumed The Don's opposition have serious PR issues. 
Depending upon the electorate's reaction to the opposition's perceived penchant for violence, the much ballyhooed 'Blue Wave' might become a 'Red Tide'.
Hoisted by their own petard, as it were.

We'll know more the 2nd week of November.


Comments (121)

I think it's maybe the Trump haters who should be afraid. People around here are peace loving but armed to the teeth just in case. It just might be a hornets nest the lefties would be wise to avoid whacking.
I'm not sure if "what comes around goes around" or " if you live by the sword you die by the sword" is more appropriate.
That's the likely take of the 31% who predict civil war, wag.

I first heard the results of the research reported on radio.
That report went on to note that among black respondents the number predicting civil war rose to 44%.

Civil War.
I really hope those predicting it are doing so with a sense of foreboding rather than hopeful anticipation.
It's been done before.
It played out neither well nor as either side anticipated/desired.
Folks should be aware of these things.

We might do well teaching actual history in our schools rather than coming up with a new victimgroup-of-the-month to extol/idolize.
Just sayin'.

Not just the US, all elections and votes and referendums seem to be designed to be too close to call.

Formula: find candidates obviously unsuitable for the job.
Smothering your chortles, at least in public, tell the populace these are their only possible choices
Whoever or whichever wins (and it is frankly six and 2 threes) blame everything that goes wrong on 'the people's choice' to the rage and bewilderment of the people who would have chosen the other.

It really wouldn't have been very different. Whichever side wins is hated by just under 50% of the population.

Democracy has been foiled. I suspect we are being groomed to re-enter the age of the dictators.
"It really wouldn't have been very different. Whichever side wins is hated by just under 50% of the population."

Right you are, boffins cheers


Actually, your concept is sound but you're a mite off with your figures.

Recall, if you will...
2/3 of votes cast for both(!) major party candidates in '16 were really votes against the opposing candidate - who was regarded as even more repugnant that the one voted 'for'.

By this counting...
The candidate which prevailed was/would've been supported by a mere 1/6 of those casting ballots.
2/6 regarded the winner as fractionally less vile than the opponent.
As you noted boffins, this would've been the same breakdown whichever candidate prevailed.

Helluva effed-up method for selecting a head of state, wouldn't you agree?

The coming trend will be identity politics. Massive immigration is changing the racial demographics of the population in the US and Europe. Sadly more and more people are voting skin color over ideology, as witnessed in the Ocasio-Cortez primary win in the New York primary, over a fellow incumbent white liberal Dem, in an ethnic majority district. He was a 10-term incumbent and lost to a 28-year old Hispanic woman with no experience.

We witnessed the beginning of this trend in 2008 at the national level when black voters switched from supporting Hillary Clinton to an unknown and unproven Barack Obama, primarily because he was black and not because he offered anything different than Hillary. He was also overwhelmingly supported by Hispanic and Asian voters for somewhat similar reasons.

This is really what the immigration debate is all about. Democrats know that most of the new immigrants from South America, Asia, Africa, etc. will end up supporting their turn to socialism so they encourage open borders, amnesty, and increased legal immigration from certain countries. Republicans are afraid the demographic changes will lead to one party rule, with them on the losing side.

So far the shift of power has been stalled by whites leaving the Democratic party and voting Republican for the first time in their life. Eventually the population replacement will be sufficient to accomplish the Democrats goals and socialism will rule the land. So it goes. But don't expect former Dem standard bearers like Pelosi, Hillary, Harry Reed, and their ilk to hold much sway in this brave new world they built.
"...black voters switched from supporting Hillary Clinton to an unknown and unproven Barack Obama, primarily because he was black..."

That wag, and the other thing...
Being perhaps the most perfectly un-electable candidate ever to stand for election on major party ticket...
With the possible exception of Horace Greeley, though it's arguable he wasn't running on a major party ticket.
BTW - Hildebeest had similar difficulties with ALL demographics.

She lost three national races.
Consider also.
She lost to three rather improbable contenders...

1) Obama. A freshman Senator (also black -as previously noted by wag).
2) Sanders*. An aged Communist who wasn't even a Dem.
3) The Don. Viewed unfavorably by 2/3 of voters when elected.

*I suspect Bernie was hand picked to give Hildebeest a walk over 'rival' in the primaries.
He was selected because he'd make Hildebeest appear simultaneously more middle-of-the-road and less old.

And Then...

Hildebeest actually had to move left to appeal to the Bernie Bros!!
(Some of whom jumped ship & went with Green Party Jill Stein.)
...And rely on super-delegate DNC shenanigans to clinch the nomination.

She had a helluva fight winning a rigged primary!!
A quite remarkable achievement, when you think 'bout it.

BTW - I've run the 'hand picked Bernie rival/rigged primary' hypothesis by some die hard Don hating uber-libs...
None flatly deny it; some acknowledge the possibility; others admit that was probably the way it happened.

None suggest Hildebeest attempt a rematch in '20 very mad

Who is this Salisbury news, what are their credentials in the pole taking industry.
Taking a pole is a very tricky process as the last election proved.
Excuse my errors in the last comment. Obviously the word pole should have been poll.
When considering the why and wherefore it is important to note that the country hasn't historically liked to see one party stay in power too long. IMO most any Democrat could have beaten McCain in 2008 because the country was tired of the Republicans and Bush. Most of the country was tired of Obama too after eight years, and that worked against Hillary to some extent. That and all the scandals that seem to follow the Clinton's around.

It's not widely know but Obama's people cheated in the 2008 caucuses.

I saw videos of some of the never Obama Democrats in 2008 testifying that they were voting for McCain because of the way Obama cheated. Doors were locked and many Hillary supporters were kept from voting in some of the caucuses. And those early caucuses wins were very important in helping Obama gain momentum. When Bill Clinton tried to point out the cheating they started calling him a racist and he just shut up then........ and like a good soldier fell in line when Obama eventually won..........but many of us know the bad blood between the Clinton's and the Obama's remained.
And now you know the rest of the story.


So IMO Clinton could have/should have won in 2008, but her window of opportunity had closed some by 2016 for various reasons mostly of her own doing. Do I feel sorry for her?

Hell no!wink
All is forgiven, oldie comfort

You raise a valid point.
The research was conducted by Rasmussen Reports...

You can scroll down to 'Evaluation Of Accuracy & Performance".

Basically -
Rasmussen has a somewhat consecutive bias, but also has at least a fairly good record tracking elections & such.

Read the article; judge for yourselves.
As might be expected, assessments vary.

As noted in the article, some of Rasmussen's results have been more accurate than others. Not atypical for any polling source, I should think.
But even if we assume some bias (phrasing of the questions & such) and a quite wide margin of error, the results remain rather surprising - IMO.

Good point cheers

Mic, I'm not worried. This link is so lame.

All the comments are from anonymous.

I don't think civil war will ever be carried out.
Coming very soon.
Are You Prepared for a Civil War?

The link in the OP merely reported on the research, linds.
It's not the source of the research.
It was reported by many outlets - I first heard it mentioned on radio.

Agreed cheers
I personally do NOT believe we're going have civil war in five years.
I also hang out with uber-libs (yes. really!) and do not feel a need to pack heat.
At least not yet uh oh

The thing that struck me is that a significant number of respondents hold such perceptions.
As noted previously - perception IS reality.

If it's anywhere near accurate, and that is the perception of a large numbers of possible/probable mid-term election voters...
Dems/libs/progressives have a serious(!) perception/PR issue with which to deal.

Again, this may bode ill for their anticipated 'Blue Wave' in the upcoming mid-term elections.

(I know you'll find the prospect of a 'Red Tide' in those elections most disheartening, linds crying Bear up as best you can comfort........wink )

Well if it doesn't hit sooner, this is when the shit will definitely hit the fan:

Is Social Security on a path to bankruptcy?
But this source of retirement income is on thin ice, at least according to the latest report from the Social Security Board of Trustees. Per the 2017 Trustees report, the OASDI will begin paying out more in benefits than it's generating in annual revenue by 2022. Just 12 years after that, in 2034, the OASDI is expected to have completely exhausted its $3 trillion in asset reserves.
Maybe the Confederates will win this time and bring back slavery. I wouldn't be surprised at anything in America, these days. cowboy
Perhaps they will roll back woman rights to the stone ages, we can get off this site and go to the local auction. Pick up a cook and a pole dancer.
Agreed, har cheers
In post '16 election Murka - I am beyond being surprised.

BTW - linds - I just now again heard the results of the research reported...
this time on a nationally syndicated weekly news roundup radio program.
The word is out there.

In fairness -
The roundup report broke the 59% & 31% figures down into those who responded more and less strongly to the questions.
Example - Of the 31%, about ten percent actually expected civil war within five years; the others expressed 'concern' that it may occur.

Still, the results were surprising - even for one who is beyond being surprised.

More true than you might think, baldy.

The same news roundup referred to above roll eyes also reported that activists concerned about the overturn of Roe v Wade are anticipating The Don's next SCOTUS appointment.
Some are planning to train people in techniques necessary to perform 'underground abortions'.

I'm quite sure that news item would've surprised me a couple years ago.
But I'm beyond that now (see response to har's comment above roll eyes )
Hell - I figured something like that was gonna be in the works as soon as I heard Justice Kennedy was retiring from SCOTUS.

Interesting times, no?

Fact checker: Trump is Democrat turned Republican?.professor
Yes intetesting........ I am sure it will be lovely for my daughter
Thanks Repukes.
My opinion has always been that until either political party removes their heads out of between their own butt cheeks and agree to work together and do for the betterment of the people in the USA instead of invading other countries things may get done.But the political figures have always divided this country and I don't see things changing.
The Don...Dem? Repub?

Kinda hard to pin down with certainty, Ash.
I think he at least had Dem leanings at one time.

He had no voting record prior to ascending to POTUS (obviously roll eyes )
During the election, an analyst did research into how he might govern should he become Prez.

His conclusion?
The Don would govern in the manner of a moderate....DEM!!
This actually seems to be approximately true; he can certainly raise the hackles of hard core ideological righties!

When he won, some of those uber-libs I hang with totally freaked.
I mentioned the 'moderate Dem' analysis & consoled them that things could be worse - they might've gotten a REAL Repub!
(Think Cruz, Walker, Jeb.)
Sadly, they remained inconsolable & continued to freak - they're still freaking. Poor [email protected] sad flower

I heard all this talk about a new civil war back in the 60's and 70's. With civil rights and Viet Nam both raging, a new civil war was alleged to be just around the corner. Fast forward to today and the old talk of divisions in our society with not only social unrest but civil war looming in the not too distant future. I tend to believe we will avoid this one also.
And I tend to agree, groucho cheers

For the historic reasons you cite.
One of the ol' uber-libs has a similar take...
'If we didn't have a revolution/civil war in '68 - it ain't gonna happen.'

That said...
There may be an electoral 'revolt' if the research is accurate and the perception poses a PR/image issue in this year's mid-terms...
The Blue Wave becomes a Red Tide.

As noted in the OP - we'll know more 'bout it the 2nd week of November.

Civil political discourse exemplified...

very mad
Ranting about Maxine Waters's rant with comparisons to Robespierre & references to Brown Shirts.
Using a guillotine as a prop is a most effective visual aid wow
Wouldn't y'all agree?

Maxine IS a crackpot - the Dems' answer to Michelle Bachmann.
Maxine claims to have cancelled scheduled appearances due to death threats.
Possibly so.
Death threats from the DNC? Just to get her to shut the hell up?
Again - possibly so.
rolling on the floor laughing

Not directly about the actual topic. But I have noted especially on here Trump supporters having a certain attitude. Which is often the same kind Trump shows. In how he speaks and talks.

Maybe a common factor. In why civil unrest would occur. Nobody likes to be spoken too or about badly. It certainly would add to the angst of Anti Trump supporters.

Yeah, Micman. As a rule, the right seems more mature, respectful of other's rights, and less prone to getting in others' faces. A lot more generous with money for charities, as well, statistics show. Especially the wealthy. I recall a certain young female years ago in town at a booth canvassing for homosexual "Rights" . When I told her I didn't support this, having been traumatised as a boy by homosexual men, She typically heard none of it, and ungraciously said I was a Homophobe, bigot, sexist and probably a racist to boot. I told her she was a typical ungracious liberal, and she cursed me. These folks really are different in many ways.
It's trendy to badmouth trump here, though nobody has anything to say when asked how different it would be if hillary Clinton won instead. I think it makes people feel smarter than they are, jumping on the bandwagon.

As for civil war, isn't that why everyone has a machine gun to kill schoolkids? Seriously behind the eight ball there, yet very advanced in other areas...
Rachie vs Aa -

Which side spews more venomous vitriol?
Interesting question.

As noted earlier, I actually hang out with uber libs and do not feel the need to pack heat.
At least not yet.

I also move among ultra cons unarmed.

I can quite easily get into *discussions* with both.

Prior to The Don's ascent to POTUS, both groups kept vitriol spewing to fairly low levels.
Since his ascent, uber libs have been spewing at a rate I've not previously observed in either group...hole

On a prior blog, Luke advised libs to simmer down or they'd have a nervous breakdown.
I share his observation when I notice their carotid arteries start to throb; it has a remarkably soothing effect very mad...comfort.....grin
That's good.
I like 'em & would prefer that they not blow an artery & stroke out.
cheers Luke!

"I can quite easily get into *discussions* with both."

This may sound like I'm a flip-flopper, or argue for argument's sake.
Not so scold

I hold views which might conflict/coincide with either/both on various issues.

For any of y'all who might be interested -
I've taken The World's Smallest Political Quiz.
According to this incredibly simple (and accurate IMO) determiner of one's political position, I'm a slightly left-leaning Libertarian.

I once shared this with someone who considered herself an uber lib.
She thought 'bout it & then opined, "Isn't that like an anarchist?"
Could be, I suppose dunno
I suggested she take the quiz; it revealed her to be a Centrist wow
Shook hell outta her self-perception, but struck me as a fair assessment.

I also suggested a self-proclaimed die hard conserv'tiv take the quiz.
It revealed him to be a right-leaning Libertarian wow
He took the revelation harder than the uber lib; he'd bring it up for weeks after - claiming the quiz was a load of carp.
Denial isn't just a river in Africa roll eyes rolling on the floor laughing

Y'all can take the quiz online - takes 2 minutes. Maybe less.
(It is the World's SMALLEST Political Quiz, you understand laugh )

Hello Mic,

That is what happens when people become identified with what the media is shoving down their throats.

Instead of being identified with a belief system of morality, love, and peace.



And the several news sources deliberately foster such identity/loyalty among their viewership/consumers...
And they do it for profit via advertising revenues IMO.

This was delved into more deeply on Har's 'FOX News' blog.
Y'all might wish to give it a look.

As was suggested in a comment on Har's blog...
THINK! Don't let any of 'em tell/sell you WHAT to think!

"People don't think. They only think they think."
- Mark Twain

"Instead of being identified with a belief system of morality, love, and peace."
Don't intend to be argumentative for argument's sake, Johnny...
But I b'lieve you could add 'common sense' to your list...

Mic, Most of his haters seem to suffer from something called Pelosi disease, I have however determined the cause of America's problems "Instant noodles", These cause brain cells to revert to dumb, The New England Medical journal is adamant that the soy sauce and spice sachets contain sporadic deficiencies in cognitive thought.professor
Mic just an observation from where I sit and how general interactions tend to go.
And rice, map!
Dani put us wise that it may contain high levels of arsenic...

"Delirium can occur due to a wide variety of causes, including head injury, drug use or withdrawal, POISONINGS (including arsenic - mic) brain tumors, infections, and metabolic disturbances."

California produces a significant amount of rice. It is represented in Congress by Pelosi. Coincidence? I think NOT! scold

Observation appreciated, Rachie.

It may vary by locale.
It seems that the civility level of many uber libs with whom I'm familiar (IRL & here in our 'virtual cafe') has slipped a few notches in the past year & a half or so.

As noted, I still hang out with them & have not as yet felt it necessary to carry a gun.
This may change pending The Don's upcoming appointment to SCOTUS & the outcome of this year's mid-term elections...uh oh
Those outcomes may drop their civility level a bit lower.
Unclear as yet whether it could sink to the level of civil war dunno

That might surprise me.
(Refer to my responses to comments by Har & groucho above roll eyes )

uh oh

Dagosto: "Oath of Love "(meet us in the ecards)

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