Something like most things I have only a rudimentary understanding about

And can't even spell

I seem to remember from my early Yorkshire days a rhyme

"One for each person and one for the pot..."

And being told

" it's only warrm wata if tha can nah Stan spoon up in it..."

That it comes in green and muddy water brown

And that an empire was built on it

So hopefully our resident expert on everything with an opinion to match will enlighten everyone...

I'm calling the dusky sultress from Ceylon to take the stage...

At the count

Usha 123

Please enlighten us

applause applause applause

Comments (5)

And while I wait I will have a nice hot cup of.....

Tha can't beat a cupa strong Yorkshire tea, thanose.
No, no thanks.

.....only a dirty warm water, indeed. laugh
Geezus. I am going to see my mother and spend some time with her. Then pick the girls from church. I have an appointment for a hair cut and.......laugh
I will be back, but tea is the last thing I want in my mind during a week end. Can you please ask about Kama sutra. rolling on the floor laughing
Blue, I wish I could tell you all the benefits of tea. Or any other stimulant like tobacco, coffee or alcohol. But I will stick to being sultrily opinionated. I don't even know if I will make any sense. I am tired and sleepy. sleep

The truth is companies pay researchers to come up with reports of their richness in this and that and how it can improve this and that, for people to consume. I am not saying there aren't actual benefits nor saying there is. I am only saying we're just creatures of habit and prisoners to comfort. uh oh So we stick to our habitual consumption or make it a habit to consume as a comfort.

The bottom line is we have to sell.
There's a whole lot of people depending on this trade. From tea pluckers, planters, tasters, auctioneers, exporters to importers, who has to make sure even the Queen of England gets her daily dose of caffeine.

Tea is a mild legal stimulant like me.rolling on the floor laughing tongue

unlike coffee it has a substance called tannin that sooths you. Why do you think I am always calm. uh oh rolling on the floor laughing

Good night before I go wild.laugh
northland64bryan: "I need help....lol"(meet us in the profile reviews)

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