How do you live your life?

Some people live a life that is mostly going in the same direction from birth to death. Others make a drastic change once. Then there are the ones who keep on changing direction every now and again.

Sometimes things happen and you are forced to make a 90 degree turn but sometimes you make that turn because it looked like a good idea at the time. I sometimes wonder how my life would have been without all the 90 degree turns.....or at least some of them. I sometimes even wonder about the turns I did not make.laugh

Wish I could go back to each turn and not take it or even turn in another direction just to see what my life would have been. Having only one life is actually very limiting as there are so many possibilities and we can choose only one at a time.

Then there is the thought.....what if all that different lives I could have lived ended up in this wooden house in the woods? Is my restless soul going to loose its yearning for new experiences and far away places going to find peace here? It better as I have pretty much made sure there are no more options to choose from.

Tonight the thought of never making a 90 degree turn again scares me and makes me sad. I have no idea why. It feels so much like The End when you have no more choices between ways to most probaly bugger up your life.laugh

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Ekself I've always tried to live my best life so to speak.I've hit several curves and winding roads but I made it through somehow someway.I suppose I took some risks.
I can live with buggering up my own life, ekself, it's the lives of others that I may have buggered up that troubles me.
Bear....yes, sometimes we must just live through the things that were not our choice. Luckily most of us find the strenth to survive and even become a better person in the end.
Harbal....that kind of thought I safe for special when my day is so terrible that it can't get any worse. Each time we change direction we have an effect on the people around us. Can we really take responsibility for that? Don't they just have to live with it like we have to with the changes others caused in our lives?
My life has been full of turns, some good, some bad. I like to think I learn from the bad and enjoy the good. I'm looking forward to more twists and turns as they add variety to life.
Once we work out a way to get in touch with parallel universes you'll be able to talk to every single Ekself who made different decisions at those forks in life. It will take time to sift through an infinite number of universes but you'll find every one eventually, and what a hobby THAT will be.


Ever seen the Gwyneth Paltrow film Sliding Doors? My daughter picked it for us to watch once and I thought yikes, chick flick. Which it is. But it's thought-provoking. I actually liked it.

There will always be choices, it is never the end until it is the end. And for all we know there could be some seriously interesting choices the other side of the veil.

I very rarely look back. The times I do, I realize even the disastrous choices at the time were the best. Have faith in your star.
My life has always been constant change, like the phoenix, but it's slowing down as I get older. peace
I have done a lot of things that I shouldn’t have done looking back...but that would mean I wouldn’t have met friends I wouldn’t have met otherwise.

The universe has been very kind to MiMi and I’m very thankful for that.

I now can’t wait for the next chapter of my life. My new life in the United States of America. My new life with my Arty.

It’s gonna be challenging.......

For him! laugh coz MiMi is not known for her cooking prowess but more for her messy housekeeping! grin
Biff applause

Love that movie and the OST ‘Turn Back Time’ by Aqua thumbs up
Me too MiMi, I'm grateful for all my blessings that the universe has sent me too. conversing
And a new page is about to turn for me too. applause This will be the last. wine
Emmy...also feel life would have been extremely boring if it was not for being able to change direction every now and again. Even the bad spots don't look so bad a couple of years later.laugh
I’m excited for you, Keepers.

All your hardwork and dreams and hopes.

bouquet bouquet bouquet

cheering cheering cheering
I'm definitely not going to sit in an old peoples home and regret and wish.
Emmy I'm not going to sit in one of those homes either Even did I work in a couple.thumbs up
You too MiMi, you are so positive it's a refreshing change, I have no doubt that you will have a very happy life with your Arty. cheering cheering cheering applause wine hug peace
Biff.... I think maybe it is better to just think about it and not actually find out for real. What if one is a prostitute or druggy...and what if half of them are dead already.

Maybe I am just a little bit depressed tonight. Suspect I must stop reading the news google sends me. At the moment things look a bit hopeless in this country.
Keepers.... I love is the possibility of no more changes that kind of scares me. Living from day to day is great...but for how long.
ekself have lots to look forward to and I am sure it is going to be great. Art knows you well enough by now to know very well what he is getting don't worry about him.
Emmy and Bear....old age homes are for really old people so that will have to wait untill we are really 90 or so. Hopefully I'll be dead before then.
Eks - I totally ignore the news uh oh because 90% of it is made up and I can do sweet FA about the last 10%, even if I could tell the difference.

It is absolutely the best part about moving to Spain, all the headlines on my computer feed are in a language I don't understand and have upside-down exclamation marks
Buff I know how you feel, rolling on the floor laughing it's so liberating.
Keepers... don't ever say it is the last turn. I also thought this is where my life is going to go straight to the end....ut not so sure anymore.
Biff.... I started reading the crap some months ago and now it is kind of hard to ignore it. I'll practise a new mantra in future.... don't scroll down.... don't scroll down... every time I open Google.
My mate and I have decided to have rooms next to each other just so we can cause havoc.
CS doesn't help, tbh, because there are so many blogs obsessing about the news. 3 years ago I treasured my political ignorance, now I know more about the EU and the US and various other political hotbeds than I ever wanted, ever needed, and I can't turn the clock back and unlearn it.

Your mantra is now mine. DON'T SCROLL DOWN.

Emmy, when you pick a place, let me know. I'm not going to make old bones (probably murdered by a deranged CS blogger any day now rolling on the floor laughing ) but if I do, I wanna be there watching you two creating havoc
Never mind'll soon get your new pair of boots and they'll take you anywhere... Past..present ...and future

And the fudge business is your next turn in life. cheering
Biff you'd be most welcome to come and join us.
How said my granny: "Life must be lived in such way that would be embarrassing tell to someone ... but would be pleasant to remember". daydream grin

But if seriously, sometimes life makes turns without asking... , I have learned that life begins when you stop sighing about missed opportunities and comparing your present and past. When you stop remembering yourself what kind you were in the past and begin to appreciate yourself today - with your experience, knowledge, patience. It's never too late to grow wings and fly. :)

P.S. Thank Ekself for your blogs. I always read them with interest.
Eks, ive never been good navigating. I will say this, i find the best things not looking for them.
Daniela...laugh I got pink sneakers so the boots can rest for a while. I love my life as it is but have my moments when I wonder if I'll still love it 10 years from now. You are right.... I must rather keep my mind on making my super unhealthy fudge world famous.laugh
Ek, I think people are going to be people and prone to error. As long as a person wishes (and motivated) to learn from mistakes and not be too ego-driven to admit to themselves that they were wrong, their lives should become more enriched.dunno
You perform dark deeds in Kylie Minogue says, darkness will kick you in the a**.
Angry your name rolling on the floor laughing imagining an angry cupcake is real funny.
Thanks for reminding me of how life should be lived. Sometimes, like tonight, I forget and get lost in useless thoughts. What is, is all there is after all as what could have been is just living in our imagination.
Thanks for taking the time to comment.
Palm....not good at that as well but at least we always end up somewhere. laugh
Johnny....yes....we learn not to repeat the ones with unpleasant outcomes but most of the turns we make in life can't be labeled as mistakes. You turn left and step in crap but how can you ever know if turning right would have better or worse? Maybe you would have stepped on a snake if you turned right. Even walking straight has no guatantee of a happy ending. So was turning left a mistake...there is no way of knowing.
Left, right, straight on, any is better than reverse.
Emmy...laugh reverse is the one thing I don't do. I don't want to live the things I left behind over again so forwards we go where everything is new each day.
"If We Could Go Back To Each "Turn?"

"We Wouldnt Have A Lot Of Things That We Have Now",,,(Good...Or Bad)

"Everything That Was Decided Upon In Our Lives?"

"Has Had Reactions Based On Those Decisions"


(I Was 27 At The Time"...And Living Alone)

"One Night.....I Had Gotten A Call.....( From A Girl.... That I Casually Knew..... From Another Person)...Who Was 17...Almost 18"...Asking Me To.... "Rent My Couch"..... For The Night

(She Had Run Away From Home)

"Of Course..Though It Mightve Been Slightly The Wrong Thing To Do?...I Said Yes"
"Over Time... And In The End?..It Was.Marriage..And Divorce Within A Year Of The Marriage"

"But...If I Had Said No?"...(Which Is What I Shouldve Done)

"My Son Wouldve Never Existed"

"So...Those....... "Turns In The Road?"...Can Go Either Way"

"No...Our Decisions It Seems?"

"Are What Is Supposed To Happen Id Say"......................detective

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