Tale of three chickens

My mate is coming to visit and when she does I try to give her new experiences, so the last she came we went and bought three new chickens. Later that night all was quiet, we were doing cards, and I thought I heard tap tap on the door, no I'm imagining it, again tap tap and she heard it. I open the door to find a chicken Sat on the doorstep, so I let it in as its easier to catch and took it back to the run. Count the chickens and I've some missing, back for the torch, search no sign, back for mate and another torch, two searching are better than one. Now it's pitch black and I've lots of foxes around. So what would any sensible person do, yes you've now got two fat ladies in dressing gowns driving round the garden searching the Apple trees. Yes we found them and yes the next morning they had their feathers clipped but that's another story.
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What happened to them chickens now...grin
Wish I could see that..rolling on the floor laughing Chickens are on my list for summer. Will make sure the can't get out at night.
They're living with the others, eating the slugs and snails in the garden then put to bed at night. Never killed or eaten, they die of old age even when they stop laying eggs.
Biff I got the first bit it was the du that baffled me.rolling on the floor laughing
We've done concerts theatre's, local dances, real eyeopeners, chateaux, beaches, shopping shopping and more shopping. I think a trip on the vomit comet this time where she'll either throw up or get really burnt.rolling on the floor laughing
How are the three little ones...scold
Chickens. This very liberal town doesn't allow residents much. So while the town was still lower working class, requests were made, but no chickens. But with the large demographic shift over a few decades, with well heeled newcomers selling bungalows elsewhere for a million, and buying ocean area homes for half that, things have changed. The town just passed an ordenance allowing each home six birds, all female, so no crowing at 4 AM. Well, one might think that all these new folks, with fancy ladies who smile painfully broadly, and talk through thier teeth, no chickens. Au contraire. Somehow all sorts of critters have become chick, so to speak. My, can they brag knowingly about their dude ranch menageries, which now include goats and horses, and that powerhouse of all self respecting Porsche driving back to nature princesses, alpacas. These are the same folks who fight pediatric immunizations, significantly lowering herd immunity, for the great unwashed, while their well scrubbed cherubs will never need the later. Plus cela change, plus c'est la meme chose, non?
I'm happy you found your chickens. I would love to raise chickens for their eggs but the chickens wouldn't love it because my favorite food is chicken.
Cats, we all love them. Why they taste just like chickens. From a Maine redneck bumper sticker.yy
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