After T

Classic naracistic behaviour

Our resident trying to retain her position

the U surper...

Trying to tear her from her crown

Will she KEEP her position

Or be left as ASH

Comments (45)

Ash can have the crown. blah Maybe that is the only way to get her off my back. devil
Johnny might be stupid but the rest know exactly why she is angry at me. If he married her it would stop immediately. cheers

I am so tired of this non sense. doh
The T.A.B.

have ASH as the favourite paying $1.50

KEEPERS a rank outsider
Paying $7

Anyone else want to throw their hat into the ring

rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
Typical, the hierarchy is favorite. frustrated
I'm racking my brain, maybe the only way to get her to leave my blogs alone is to post all kinds of advice about envy and jeolousy on her blogs while she sleeps. But one thing is sure I will not take waking up every morning to a woman who doesn't respect boundaries. She got Elle and Mic upset because they also don't feel like waking up to my blogs all over the page either. She's totally insensitive to others. She is trying to break friendships before they can get off the ground, those who are manipulated by her are weak and not worth my friendship anyway. conversing
Have you tried blocking her? I'm not sure if blocking extends to blogs you create, but it may be worth a try?

You can also delete her postings to your blogs.

Finally, you can just completely ignore them and NEVER reply to their comments. Trolls absolutely hate that.

Trolls are sick people.... very sick people. Always keep in mind that you cannot reason with a person who's mentally deranged, so just ignore them.
Oh hush Alan their exchanges are Twitter gold. Ash only has to speak and a torrent of foul-mouthed abuse breaks over her head.

Twitter bonus for me, I've gained more followers since I started posting the recent exchanges, although I have to keep saying I'm not making it up. And tweeters keep asking which one is supposed to be the troll. I guess we only know because we are constantly told.

PS I don't like bullies.
You are a bully Elle, attack a newcomer in a crowd, don't you have anything better to do with your time? Or is Ash keeping you entertained? I can see a few lessons are required here. One of these fine days Elle you will wake up to 8 of your blogs all over the front page with comments of yours that I disapprove because YOU are not allowed freedom of speech. Then I will do it again the next day, and then wait a week and do it again. Yes I can certainly see that you need some lessons to learn Elle. It will be a surprise and as long as your friend the troll keeps doing trolling my blogs, I will do it to yours, and then I will say to you: "You can't stop me, You won't stop me, You can't block me.". If it means I must swear to stop the shit , your opinions are none of my business. conversing
Has my odds gone up now? rolling on the floor laughing applause
Here's an idea, whatever Ash does to my blogs I'll ignore her Elle because that's exactly what she craves, instead I will do to your blogs what she does to mine Elle, deal. peace
Hi Ele, I'm sure you have heard of the suburb in Jo'burg commonly known as 'Fietas'

Some days are golden...

rolling on the floor laughing

Some days are barf
If you think I give a damn about a racists opinion you are insane Luke. rolling on the floor laughing But I am sure Elle will love it and she will pay, no problem.
You really need help.doh
I know what your next blog is.grin


Be it for Vendetta, Virtual venom overdrive, or Vulvodynia. rolling on the floor laughing You are becoming predictable.doh

Z. Time they freed Zman.roll eyes

I don't understand the mods.
This blog is all about U
The inner U
How U express yourself and how people see and interact with U...

Predictability now I guess that would B how U will post a new photo with a new blog as U have done so many times ...

As for Z
He has gone into the wilderness perhaps seeking the other missing letters

I don't like bullies.

Relatively few people here, even those who have been here years, could match your total of 62 (undeleted) blogs so I think the gilt could be said to have rubbed off the newcomer gingerbread. roll eyes

Let me get this straight - you are threatening to bump my old blogs up to the first page? Oh dear. What shall I do. How awful. You do realize this punishes blog readers rather more than it punishes me, right? roll eyes

This all blew up because although I have avoided your last twenty or thirty blogs, I did object, mildly, to a hyperbole regarding me. You struck back telling me I was being aggressive. I showed you the difference between mild and aggressive. Don't dish it out if you can't take it. As it is, your trollish tendencies are now bubbling nicely, skat.

I can't stop you, that threat is absolutely valid. You know exactly what you can and can't do because you are a blogger of long standing who has turned at least one other website into a toxic wasteland. BTW If you disapprove of that comment, do add it to any of my old moribund blogs. handshake

In a world where we too often listen to what people say instead of look at what they do, you are telling people you are wronged and that I am a bully. Well, you're safe enough, not many people like me. However, if those eagerly nodding and agreeing with you what a horrible bully I am will just think back one moment ... did I ever attack anyone who wasn't spreading poison first? In fact have I been wrong about the few people I did attack?

Most bloggers on this site avoid you, you have to have noticed that, particularly because you attack, then say you have been attacked. Eventually even the nicest and most forgiving bloggers will realize that it is you that is the worm in the barrel of apples, and will draw away. It's a process dunno
Oh really! Thanks!
I changed the picture to mock what you wrote. That's why I added the caption. You think I didn't know your mockery?

I have nothing to write even though I post one blog a month. But I won't waste it to prove anything to you. I assure you that much. tongue
...I have nothing to write...

rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
Lost for words, Blue? That's very unlike you wow
Elle, my kudos to you. This blogger is a pest. She's got guts that is for sure. She's so wrong in calling you a bully. She's the bully. A liar and a looney. Lol. She claims none is worth her friendship. In my blog about friendship she declared she's no friends. Is that delusional? Or plainly a liar. I think both.

Anyways old blue created this blog just to sensationalize her presence here. She loves that.

She managed to turn one site to be a toxic place, you said. I'm sure she's pulling out the same trick here.

What a waste of our time being concerned about her.

Wait is there anything we can really learn from her? Maybe?

Anyways old blue created this blog just to sensationalize her presence here.

Actually Mrs Jones I posted this blog to let the trolls fight it out

We have a late entry

I'm posting odds of 50 to one one this dark horse...wow

Any takers ?
LJ learn from her? Maybe -

How to work well with a business partner - no, that fell apart

How to handle comments from people who don't share exactly your views - um, no? rolling on the floor laughing

Thanks for the friendly comments. It seems that to be on this blog at all is to be labelled a troll. I'm certainly picking up some titles the day, how's your day going? laugh

She & all of her blogs have gone.

"All hail the mods"

We live and die by their will....

OB, I still believe she's enjoying all our condescension and frustration.
Welcome Elle. You're one of the very few I admire as a blogger, poster and commenter, anyone who calls you a bully is my enemy. Because it's a lie. You stand for truth and justice. She's out of line in calling you as such.
I had nothing against her, but something repulsive just kept me away.
I asked someone else kindly not to mention me in his blogs. If he could oblige, I am sure you can too .grin

Now your task is to hold on to this profile as long as you can Mr. Plavitrol. tongue

Thank you. comfort
My pleasure Usha and in return please refrain from posting any future comments on my blogs

wave thank you
There's something that I noticed during my short presence on CS (both on forums and blogs).
When you join for the first time - they would assume that you are either someone's fake profile or a scammer. After a while, when they realize you are neither, you get suspicious in some other way. Whatever you write there are many who would assume that you either:
1) write about CS in general or people on CS in general or some particular person on this site
2) write in order to create a certain image of yourself, to become popular, liked or to seduce some men living 10000 miles away from you

This happened to me and I saw happening to many people. This prevents people from writing about their personal experiences and to share anything substantial on this site. So, after a while, people start only joking and having fun and talking about some neutral (often uninteresting) subjects.

There's also one thing I noticed on blogs (I didn't notice this on forums). People are OK with newcomers as long as they are quiet and "know their place". If they start blogging a lot or if their blogs become popular - they often become disliked by some (or many) people and driven away. I am aware that many of those new blogger aren't new at all, that many of them are new personalities of people who have already written here or maybe some attention seekers, but why is that so important if they have something to say and contribute?

When I was the last time here, there was a person with a nickname Stargazer (or something like it). We had very good conversations online (never talked to her in private nor were interested to know who she really was) and she was the one who inspired me to go back to one old forum where I spent many years in the past and - spent last 2-3 months writing. The owner even asked me to moderate one of the subforums that was rather deserted and I did it. I opened many new threads, revived some old ones and the subforum now flourishes. I got rather tired in the process, so I took a break, but what matters is that - I could open similar threads and start similar conversations here, as well. Yet, I chose another platform. Because, the atmosphere is different - people simply welcome anyone writing anything new.

I don't know what happened to that woman Stargazer, since I wasn't here, but I read somewhere that people were happy when she was gone. I read some of the blogs this new woman Keepers wrote and I found some of them interesting and wrote on them. I don't go around reading everything someone posts and don't care to create some virtual image about anyone, only some overall impression, so I don't know why people started fighting with her and hating her. Yet, she is gone and I've been thinking about some good blogs that woman also had.

I wanted to start a blog here several times, but each time gave up on it, simply because I'm too sensitive. I'm not strong enough for this place. I couldn't deal with:
1) people who might think that I want to steal their popularity
2) people who would imagine that I write about them
3) people who would think that I want to seduce some man they want for themselves (and lives 10 000 miles away from me)
4) people who would open blogs about me and laugh at me or start gossiping about me on other blogs

People here would forgive all sorts of terrible behaviour to people who are here for a long time, even insults, mockery, revealing of private information, trolling, etc. But if someone is new and gets disliked - they will get completely different treatment.

These are simply some of the impressions I had during these few months of coming and going and I'm sorry that the atmosphere is like this. If CS requires strong fighters capable to survive this virtual jungle, then fights are inevitable. I always wondered why there are so many Scorpio and Taurus people on blogs - it's probably because they are the only ones strong and endurable enough for this place. smile
This makes me rather sad, since this is one of rare international social platforms for mature people and where most members are older than 40.

In order to be here, people need to shut down empathy and compassion, grow some very thick skin and become overprotective.

I guess it is what it is and this place is not for everyone. smile
Maiana, Stargazer had some one-on-one issues with people and went from caring to obsessive, then abusive - eventually it came out that she was doing it to several people, and she started ranting on the blogs, and POOF. But yes, she started well. Keepers had a series of foul-mouthed rants on one of Johnny's blogs which will probably explain her closing her profile down.

We are all exceedingly different people and a few come here because no-one in real life will talk to them and they can be heard, at least for a while. Most come to chat. When the few start trolling them, they leave. So - do the few prevail, or do the many act to keep their virtual coffee-shop open?
To validate on Biff’s statement about Stargazer, I can vouch for it. I was one of them. Don’t wanna go into details but boy am I glad that I got myself out of that crazy situation.

However, that does not deter me from making new friends here...just a bit more wary and cautious I’d say wink grin
I was one of them too.

I only know that after 10 days of CS - I'm completely exhausted and I need a month break. laugh

Then some time passes, I recover and come back. I always think - this time will be different, but it never is.

After a couple of days - here's another fight on forums or blogs burning, people intentionally open some ambiguous or controversial threads/blogs where they either make accusations or simply want to create chaos, there are tons of assumptions, some private talks that go public, insults, a lot of nervous people (and trolls!) around and in the end you start feeling really terrible yourself. laugh

The longer I'm here, the more my mood goes down, even if some people do try to take things lightly and have fun. The atmosphere is simply - too heavy for my taste. Most funny bloggers/forum members are gone.

I don't know why the internet has changed so much. Or - maybe - I have changed. dunno

Still, I think that I need another long break. laugh
Maia it's very easy not to get caught up in it if left alone..Your not trolled it's not like you have to read drama and controversy..Do your own thing and have fun.
Do whatever you want. Long, short breaks or even not coming back.

Your observation and conclusions are yours and like Elle said, this place is full of diversified people. What's good for you may or may not be the same with others. I never take a break in spite of whatever is happening. Or regardless of the situation I'm happy this place exist. It serves me well.
Peachy Elle, wave very busy driving all over the States. I'm so happy to be with my children, friends, and grandchildren. wave

Mimi, I'm happy you survived. wave

It's disturbing for me even when others are trolled. sigh


You like political discussions and such members are usually tough and can handle a fight. I'm more - what Lee would call - a snowflake. laugh
Thanks, LJ wave

I was greatly to be blamed too, not knowing how to extract myself out of the situation the moment I sensed something was amiss.

Anyhow, it’s all water under the bridge now.
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