Dream job

As I have just experienced an operation and am unfit for work at the moment I thought about changing the direction of my life.

I'm quite interested in the medical profession and have narrowed it down to 3 paths




Cosmetic surgery

As I have been in the shit most of my life the first would be just a continuation...

The second has less appeal after 18 months on a fishing boat and the problems with the constant smell of fish ..

So I'm thinking the 3rd option specialising in breasts love

So if anybody knows of anyone looking for an assistant who is willing to put in the hard yards and start at the bottom so to speak,not afraid to get his hands dirty and happy to have plenty of hands on experience. .

Please put my name forward thanks

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Jeeezzzzz Wave, hope your hands heal soon otherwise BA would have to make a trip to ‘help’ you out since your hands are out of commission right now wink

wishing you many happy fondlings........teddybear
M4 wave

‘Fondlings’ giggle

That’s everybody’s favourite!!! applause
Judging from the pic, it’d be more fumblings than fondlings for Mr Wave! giggle
Hi mimi...I thought if might be.......wave conversing laugh
My hards are large so was thinking DD''s may be the perfect cup size to start off with


For DD you LL need both hands laugh
What happened to you- burn?
How's wanking? laugh
Mimi, BA is too busy these days. grin
..., but he's a hottie. I'm sure there's at least one home girl, hardly waiting to jump at his wink. laugh
Thanks for keeping us abreast of your career direction. grin
Eka_Dewi: "Suggestion are Needed"(meet us in the profile reviews)

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