WiZiD Zoo (Part 2)

This story is based on memories and fueled by a long time love of the unexplained coupled to a strong sense of what can only be termed science fiction. Exactly what percentage is true and what may be completely fabricated due to a slightly over active imagination is difficult to determine. I would love to be able to give a near accurate figure and if not that a rough approximation but the reality is I cannot say simply because I do not know. Or perhaps that should read have no proof. Please feel free to consider the bulk of this story complete fiction. Unfortunately, I am compelled to believe it all. If I am wrong then truth be told, little is lost, in fact nothing at all. If it is true the only way I can move forward is to simply accept it as true irrespective of how bazaar or outlandish it may appear at first glance. For me to accept it as an aberration of the rational mind and in doing so dismiss it absolutely or attempt to purge it from my mind entirely is something I consciously chose not to do; irrespective of the psychological effect such an affectation might have upon my sanity.

Early on, much of this story began as little more than fragments of memory, while later on certain aspects returned in a far more comprehensive arrangement. The rest is fiction, most likely. Of that I cannot be entirely certain; just as I cannot be entirely certain those aspects I accept as memory are an accurate representation of those events long past. Only the passage of time will prove or disprove what I accept as true. And by that I mean not to you but to me. Beyond that, I am a realist. The mind is a strange organ and on this World little understood by those who use it the most. I accept the mind has the ability to fill in the gaps, so to speak; to use outside information and knowledge later gained through life experience to make sense of fragmented memories. One example of this might be to overlay the memory with the same emotion felt when the memory returned; shock, awe, fear, betrayal etc when at the time the memory was experienced a more accurate emotion might have been defiance, anger, or pleasure. I tried to avoid this by not forcing the return of a memory or consciously trying to analyze the memory once it began to form in my mind. I simply let it return in the manner it wanted to return, at the speed it wanted to return, and in the order the memories wanted to return. This latter aspect was the most disorienting and I guess what taught me to just acknowledge the memory and drop it into storage without trying to make sense of it. Quite often it was not until much later that an interconnecting type memory returned and a whole heap of seemingly unrelated storage pieces fell instantly into place.
These memories began their return just over 23 years ago; around late August 1994. Many still remain in storage although those that do were either created as a consequence of my slightly over active imagination, were experienced by a different life form not me, or by a different life form that was me but before this body was conceived. Unfortunately, given what I do remember and knowing how slightly overactive my imagination can be at times, I simply cannot take any theoretical possibility off the table. Fortunately, until I have confirming memories in relation to storage memories, I just think of everything there as imagined; possibly true but unsubstantiated. Seriously though, if the memories in my head were all at an amusement park it would be one messed up ride.

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At this point perhaps out of curiousity or trying to understand. What are these memories of?
This is a story I am writing, which I am simultaneously publishing online on a separate writer's site. (Not that I am a writer. This is a hobby that helps to stop me spending all my time playing games on my PC)

On that site I am around 8 chapters in with maybe 6 left. Unfortunately I can only post up to 4,000 characters at a time on CS, so there will be a lot more parts to come.

In answer to your question, that is like asking for the killer's name in a murder mystery after reading just 2 pages. Like to help but where's the fun in that? Thanks for reading. It is much appreciated.
Regards W.
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