Contrary to Kettle Bells

Contrary to kettle bells, sex can be a transaction. Not a transaction of monetary worth but of physical wellbeing. It can be an activity like tennis. Why must we claim to be in love to partake? As if we need permission or good reason to exercise our right to make love? Say, you've got no SO, and you feel randy and there's a fellow nearby to accommodate, why not participate? It's not against the law. If you're going to bring in God's law, well then, if the opposite sex is of like minds, this issue shouldn't come up. this is a present issue. the prospective suitor judges for such activities, while the same prospect indulged. what a mess. If we can establish that one is different from the other and that practice makes perfect, what's the problem? Just another bowl of kibble for the masses.

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I miss sex moping
To too many is power and they will make many demands of a man, before he gets any sex...this is very manipulative behaviour and shows how little women see sex as, something enjoyable, between a man and a woman, something natural between a man and a woman, a beautiful physical connection, between a man and a woman, that should not be used as a tool to manipulate a man, but most women do manipulate...they can't just grab a man they like and have sex, without first manipulating him into doing things for them and treating sex as a commodity, instead of a natural behaver to enjoy
LC, some of us simply want an exercise. there is no motives, that's the point
I put my hand up wave An say pic me laugh . I need a good shagging ( An I gonna explore ) laugh scold I waving the emoticon finger at myself because I was excited rolling on the floor laughing An speaking wonderful thoughts laugh . Oh well. It's not being naughty like you said so I'm in peace peace head banger

Can you get a good work out in the bedroom as I do at the gym?

Forgot my kettle bell ^^^^ laugh
I won't post the rest but hey nothing wrong with making love to equipment that isn't attached to a guy.
Crickey Miss Mercedes. You'd break many blokes an me laugh I'm more a slow an steady kinda bloke laugh . With a bit of vigour chucked in What I used to do all night now takes me all night to do rolling on the floor laughing P.S. girl you got the fitness goin on. Smackin photos. No wonder you get lots of looks. blushing blushing peace
Those pics were taken yesterday..Was hit with a virus for 16 days just getting back into things.

It's like starting all over again laugh
Miss Mercedes. Nothing like practicing again. Practice makes perfect. Even if needing a little help sometimes. Bloody viruses. Bunch a loosers they are.
I went to the doctors in time but he gave me the wrong medication.

We're off topic conversing
So back to practicing no strings love making techniques then blushing your pics make my thoughts interesting. Never been off topic. Just using hidden messages laugh Oh naughty me. I need smackin blushing
Do tell? conversing
In principle, what you say sounds perfectly reosonable, Palm, but in paractice, how do you identify someone who is thinking along the same lines? Sensing someone might be interested in you is one thing, but how do you find out if they are up for a no strings sex session without the risk of causing them serious offence, and yourself, serious embarrassment?
Just so everyone boner is available at any timewink
JimNastics: "This is NOT a joke."(meet us in the blogs)

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