The day of the Terminator just grew

a little closer.

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some serious $hit!uh oh wow
Looks like a willy
Ken these are ground missile.

Have you read about Bramos missile? Russia and India develop it.

This video you posted is so outdated. I think. If the enemy plants them in our territory, wouldn't we be able to prevent it?

This from Google:

"Hypersonic missiles are defined as those traveling at speeds between Mach 5 and Mach 10. That is, between 3,106 and 15,534 miles per hour, or one to five miles per second. China, Russia and the United States are all currently investing heavily in hypersonics, while a few other countries are also exploring the technology to a much lesser degree"

Excellent video! Scary!
Lindsy, I agree the video has been around a few months, and the concept of hunting anti tank landmines that detect a tank coming and firing at it is about 30 years old. But this takes it to a higher level by air dropping them and increasing the AI capability.. And no, if we were stupid enough to allow a plane full of those to enter our air space and drop them, finding them afterwards would probably be lethal to the searcher.
BTW, we have had hypersonic missiles since the days of the nuclear warhead armed Sprint ABM, i.e., the 1970s. Sprint goes from 0 to Mach 10 in about 5 seconds. So fast a special heat resistant skin had to be made for it to keep air friction from burning it up. Sprint is 45 year old US technology. It took Russia 45 years to make a clone. In 2018 the US gave 1 Billion to Lockheed to make a much faster missile.
Eine kleine Nachtmusik by Mozart if anybody's interested.

21st century weapon against a 20th century tank attack.
Career counseling for those considering joining the Armed Forces...

Army - scold....sad flower

Air Force - thumbs up....head banger

Y'all think that's scary? ......scold

Get a load of THIS shit...


Not brought out in the vid...

20 kilotonnes (1945 Nagasaki bomb) = equivalent of 20,000 tons of TNT.

100 megatonnes (Poseidon sub drone) = equivalent of 100,000,000 tons...

Thus, the blast of ONE Poseidon drone = that of FIVE THOUSAND bombs such as the one that destroyed Nagasaki uh oh
And then there's that nasty cobalt enhanced radiation blues


More career counseling...

Navy - scold....sad flower


*Using best Rod Serling 'Twilight Zone' voice*

Imagine, if you will, a world in which the leader of a single nation state could render Earth incapable of supporting any carbon-based lifeform...

...And not for merely 94 years - but for eternity.

Imagine that the possibility exists - not in a science-fiction future - but NOW!

Consider what Dr. Shakhova is describing...

The world's largest reserve of methane, hundreds or thousands of billions of tons...
3× the area of Texas; 12 miles (20 km thick) under a mere 150 feet (50 m) of water...
In the East Siberian Arctic Shelf (ESAS) - off the Northern coast of Russia.

Consider also - that area is 'tectonicly and seismicly active', to quote Dr. Shakhova in another interview.

And that a an abrupt release of just 1% of the methane in that reserve might produce 'climate consequences unpredicted'.

Long story short -
One Poseidon drone could release enough methane to 'trigger Venus' - turn Earth into an oven that would never again be capable of supporting life.
Or at least life as we know it.

In this example, real life has not merely caught up with science fiction - it has far surpassed it blues

Humankind - A definition:
A species clever enough to destroy a planet.
And stupid enough to do it.

sad flower

Can't help but wonder what is the use of developing weapons that can wipe out mostly everything in seconds? Wars will be over faster but there won't be many survivors.
I've heard the House Of Saud has a sort of doomsday device set up to protect their Arabian Kingdom/Dynasty, eks.

Basically, their oilfields are wired with explosives.
If their dynasty goes, a significant portion of the world's oil ceases to flow.

Less oil...
Less chemical feedstocks for fertilizer, herbicides & pesticides.
Less fuel for agricultural purposes.
Less fuel to transport agricultural goods.

Bottom line -
They figure it'd starve a large number of folks.
Besides trashing much of the global economy.

Don't know if it's true; sounds plausible dunno

Bet you're feeling kinda smug about your lifestyle choice about now, eh eks? batting
And Ken too, I imagine batting

Some speculate that Venus has already been Triggered; Earth is in a Doomsday death spiral from which it is impossible to recover...
The result of weather modification/weaponization research gone horribly awry. (Search HAARP.)
Timeframe? Circa 2020 blues ...

...and 'Global Warming' is a fraudulent cover story to conceal their ghastly faux pas.

Yeah. I know. This is seriously tinfoil hat stuff.
No argument there.

The vid was produced in '13 or '14.
It made some short term predictions which have arguably come to pass.
The guy might really be onto something dunno

uh oh

uh oh

This information must be shared as widely as possible.
For obvious reasons.

HAARP 101 -

The sleeping sheeple must wake up.
As we all know.

Trust #1

uh oh

tinfoil hat
uh oh

The link in my previous comment is MISINFORMATION!
It is NOT HAARP 101! scold

This site has been hacked by the Globalist Elites to prevent the dissemination of vital information.
For obvious reasons.

Either that or I screwed up posting the link to the vid...roll eyes

This is the REAL link to HAARP 101...

I know. I checked it prior to posting the comment.
So it's absolutely positively the real deal. Probably.

We cannot be too careful.
As we all know.

Trust #1

uh oh

tinfoil hat
"Before The Terminator Movies Came Out?"

"One Was Able To ....Just Walk Into The Police Station.(Which Was Connected To The City Hall)...... Here In Pawtucket Rhose Island"

"And Go Anywhere.... Within The Building..... To Conduct Your Business...Un Obstructed"

"But.... After Ole Arnold Saying...In The Movie..."Illl Be Back?"

"And Shooting Up The Entire Police Station?"

"Everything Changed...Within A Couple Of Weeks"

"Now?...When You Go In?....Theres A Bullet Proof Window.... With A Phone To Communicate With....With Those On The Other Side"

"Somebody There?...Saw The Movierolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing ..........................detective
That movie came our right after Metropolis (the first movie with a robot). Sometime around 1930 no?

Then when he failed going after Sarah Connor's great grandmother, he jumped forward to the 1980s for the next movie.


Metropolis is a 1927 German expressionist science-fiction drama film directed by Fritz Lang. Written by Thea von Harbou, with collaboration from Lang himself, it starred Gustav Fröhlich, Alfred Abel, Rudolf Klein-Rogge and Brigitte Helm. Erich Pommer produced it in the Babelsberg Studios for Universum Film A.G. (Ufa). The silent film is regarded as a pioneering work of the science-fiction genre in movies, being among the first feature-length movies of the genre. Filming took place over 17 months in 1925–26 at a cost of over five million Reichsmarks.

Made in Germany during the Weimar Period, Metropolis is set in a futuristic urban dystopia and follows the attempts of Freder, the wealthy son of the city's master, and Maria, a saintly figure to the workers, to overcome the vast gulf separating the classes of their city, and bring the workers together with Joh Fredersen, the master of the city. The film's message is encompassed in the final inter-title: "The Mediator Between the Head and the Hands Must Be the Heart".

Metropolis was met with a mixed reception upon release. Critics found it pictorially beautiful and visually powerful—the film's art direction by Otto Hunte, Erich Kettelhut and Kurt Vollbrecht draws influence from Bauhaus, Cubist and Futurist design, along with touches of the Gothic in the scenes in the catacombs, the cathedral and Rotwang's house—and lauded its complex special effects, but accused its story of naiveté. H. G. Wells described the film as "silly", and The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction calls the film's story "trite" and its politics "ludicrously simplistic". The film's alleged Communist message was also criticized.
Mr Ken

"I Have A Question For You"

"Seeing That Theres The Possibilty Of Anything"

"Even Civil War..... In This Country Of Ours"

"Will We Find Ourselves... On The Same Side?"..................detective
Conrad, although you cut and pasted the sterile description marvelously, it is obvious you never sat through a showing of the film. I am sure that if you had you would have bothered to mention the female character is also very much a mechanical robot in female form. This was the element that qualifies the film as being science fiction. It is possible the author chose a robot female not only to show the class distinction between a worker and the privileged but also to convey the possibility that regardless of race, love is possible.

Nam, I have no idea. It would depend on what the 'civil war' was about. The recent abdication of the ITAR enforcement pertaining to written information by the US DoJ and US DoS in favor of the 1st and 2nd Amendments coupled with the easy availability of machines that churn out 'ghost guns' in the home pretty much eliminate the 2nd Amendment as a cause for Civil War. See

for more information about that lawsuit.

Defense Distributed V2 gun manufacturing box for the home costs about $1675 (new) and is smaller than the average kitchen microwave. Used ones are on Ebay for a little less. One inserts the metal blank and a jig into the machine, tells their laptop which codec to run, then closes the doo, then presses the start button. In about 20 minutes the machine has completed transforming the billet of metal into a 1911 frame, an AR15 lower receiver or a Glock 19 frame (usually plastic is used, but aluminum is possible if desired) or whatever gun type you selected. Thousands of the V2 machines have been shipped and other competing companies have announced plans to also offer similar devices both in the US and elsewhere. One no longer needs a lathe and a mill, the ability to read bluepronts, deal with back ground checks or any of that 19th century silliness to make a functional gun. Just a little metal cabinet to connect to your laptop via USB cord and a power supply. Eeryone should have a V2 (a V3 is coming). Buy two today and give a V2 to a friend.

So a civil war over guns would be silly when any 10 year old kid can make a working one in the time it takes him to eat a bowl of breakfast cereal. Indeed at the same time if the V2 'Ghost gun' box is in the kitchen.

So what is left to war over? What superstition someone believes in? Skin color? Vegan vs. Meat Eater? Paper money vs gold coin (there is a silly one. Fast neutron bombardment of Mercury can yield Gold by the ton if somehow desired.) Should the lovers of Bach attack and kill the lovers of Heavy Metal Rock? If so, I will not participate.
Actually I did watch the Film,but that was ages ago!laugh
Gunmaking is easy,until you arrive at the problem of making the AMMO!
Until you solve that one,you just have an expensive Club.
Conrad I usually make my own ammo sometimes from scratch, so I don't really see the issues there. Large quantities would be a pain, But punching out or machining a dozen or so brass cases for a pistol cartridge is no big thing. I have done it several times. Others I know do machine rifle cases. The formulations for primers (a mid 19th century technology) and even a crude form of smokeless powder (gun cotton) are fairly basic chemistry which some people do make at home or in workshops for fun. YouTube videos showing how to make your own gunpowder or primers do sit on YouTube. Again, large quantities would be a pain, but enough for a few dozen rounds? Not so much.

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