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Treachery, we've been kicked in the nuts by BINO

After a rousing speech just yesterday where Treason May (UK's PM) promised a full Brexit, she today locked up her lilly livered cabinet members in her country retreat & got them to agree with her plan for BINI (Brexit In Name Only) very mad how did she do that when several had threatened to resign if that was the plan, she told them anyone who resigned would lose there ministerial cars & have to walk the mile down the drive & get a taxi back to London doh it would be funny if it wasn't so serious.

Just today "Diplomat Robert 'Woody' Johnson said the US President - due to visit the UK next week - wants a "quick deal" to drastically increase trans-Atlantic trade between the "special relationship" allies after Britain quits the EU.

"The President thinks it’s time to go," he said, adding: "The sky's the limit."

The offer, which could slash the prices of US imports for British consumers and boost job creation on both sides of the Atlantic, was hailed as a massive vote of confidence in the UK's future outside the European bloc."

But that was before the details of her treachery came out, no way Pres Trump will sign a deal with the UK as it will be bound to EU regulations, these are the regulations that stop the US exporting pretty much any food based product to the EU.

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Some of our American members moan about Trump, at least he sticks to what he said he'd do during the election campaign, May has just gone back on the manifesto that got her elected very mad
"Maybe Thats Why Her Last Name"

"Was May Z Man"

(She May...Or May Not?)...........................detective
Now some may saying "how does this affect me dunno " Well much like States the UK has basically a two party system, Comrad Corbyn, the leader of the opposition, thinks Carl Marx was a bit of a right wing extremist, and spends his days trying to get amnesty for terrorists, now as the Tory party will be wiped off the map after this treachery that just leaves the communists to take over, Corbyn doesn't believe in NATO, hates the US & will be the one with the trigger for the UK's nukes, no secret will be safe from terrorists with him in power, he'll be handing out military secrets to all his commie buddies the day he takes office moping
Nam, we can but hope she May not be PM for much longer, tomorrow there'll be 17.4 millions brits out looking for blood professor
"Now?...I Understand"

"Why You Are...In Spain"..................detective
Nam, today news that London's (now known as Londonistan) mayor Sadiq Khan has given protesters for Trumps visit to the UK, permission to fly what's described as " a giant balloon of an angry baby Trump to fly over Parliament during the American President's visit to the UK", there is no London left, once you start treating visiting dignitaries like that all civilization has gone, and yes you're quite right it was why I moved out of London in 1985 having seen all this coming, even back then I was a "foreigner" in my home town
"It... "May"... Sound Strange Z Man"


"Welcome To America!!"

"But Here?"

"We Still Have A Fighting Chance"......................detective
But it gets worse, this is Treason May's opening gambit with the EU, it's taken over two wasted years to come up with this piece of crap, but the EU will be laughing there socks off, and will doubtless come back with more hoops to jump through, by the time she's finished posterior licking the UK will be a worthless piece of land floating in the Atlantic very mad
Z Man

"Ive Always Had The Utmost Respect For You"

"And Ive Never Wanted To Ruffle Your Feathers"

"By Sayings Things.... (That Though Truthful?)"

"Would Make It Seem Im Downing The UK"

"But..Ive Always Been With The Thinking That"

"The UK?...Was Lost"

"A Long Time Ago"....................................detective
Nam, what she's done is the equivalent of Trump sending a message to all the countries in South America telling them there people are welcome to live in the States & the American people will pay for there keep doh

"Another Angela Merkel"

"And...With A Country The Size Of Like.... New England Here?"

"The Engish Way?"

"Could Be On Its Way"

"To The Tomorrows Of History".....................detective
Nam, wasn't lost completely till today, for a small island to have the world's 5th largest economy is no mean feat, it has the second largest in the EU, but now it'll be what's been described as a vassal state of the EU, or at least that's what the EU thinks, but as the UK for example buys a million German cars a year the EU may have to think again, once again BMW will stand for "Break My Windows" laugh hope that doesn't spread to Spain, I rather like having windows in mine uh oh laugh
"Now?...You Have An Idea Why We Real Americans"

"Are Trying To Save Our Country"

"I Feel Your Rage Z Man"

"After All"

"Thats What..Us Real Americans........ Are Feelings Right Now?"................detective
"And To Think That........... We Real Working Americans"

"Have To Support Over Half Of The American Population"

"Plus...Everybody.... From Other Countries That Come Here"

"Its Amazing... That Here In America"

"If You Come Here?".....Especially Illegally?'

"You Get Entire Coverage...(You Name It)"

(Its A System..That For Maybe 10 Years?)...Can Survive)

"And Poor Mr James Wood..(The Actor?)

"Has Been" Black Balled" From Hollywood"............................detective
Nam, I had to look that up as I hadn't heard of it, most of the "lovies" in the UK seem to be lefties, quite how being a socialist & having millions in the bank works is a bit beyond my pay grade laugh
"Wheres........... "Winstin Churchill"..............."When You Need Him?"

Embedded image from another site
Indeed, the EU was his idea in the first place as I understand it, he'd turn in his grave if he could see what treason his party are into now doh
Z Man

"Ive Yet To See A Leader Of The Left"

"Living In Poverty"

"As Long As These People They Stand Up For"

"Cannot Scale Their Gated Communities?"

"Then?......Theyre All For The New Comers"..........................detective
Nam, yes Merkel was a classic example, invite in a cheap labour force that would all vote for her, totally overlooking the fact she also admitted terrorists, p*dophile and social security scroungers, then ordered the police not to list crimes committed by them to be acknowledged or reported as such, one thing Facebook has got right in breaking the story of a thousand s*xual assaults in one night that the government tried to bury very mad
I'll check back in the morning, by which time we'll see if civil war has broken out uh oh
"Okay Z Man"

"Try Not to Dream Of It Hah?"

"It "May" Sound... "Funny"... To Some"

"But...That Term.."Civil War?"

"May"... Not Be That Far... Around The Bend".................detective
May should be put into mental health hospital prison isolation, together with Merkel and all other treason puppetiers who's following the globalist boss's.
It's British to take the sensible, moderate course it's how we've maintained such continuity and stability over the centuries.

And as for Trump he's as suspicious man and his economy is suspicious. Unfinanced tax cuts on the middle class are basically a Keynesian stimulus to boost spend consumer at a time when you're already majorly in debt, record levels of public and private debt now exist in America. Trump's economy feels exactly like what a get-rich-quick scheme would feel like, you like the economy now but so did the British under Tony Balir before 2008.
It's traditionally British at least to not be so radical, sensible self-control was always the thing. But this is british and the generations which grew up in globalism are not very British, many Brexiteers are more like Americans in their attitude to life and each other because they've been developed by fast food and Hollywood. Stiif upper lip has given way to drama queens in the baby boomer generation, they don't compromise or compose or moderate their own behaviours in the way that is British. They're not really British or cultured or national at all, it's simply the instantly-gratifying whim of the petulent consumer which sets the tone of the Brexit mob.
And there's other problems like indifference to truth.Psychologists are gathering evidence that in the Trump movement - and I would wager the same applies to Brexit - the truth has never been less important. When Trump lies Trump's fans know he's lying but it makes absolutely no difference, they live the lie whatever Trump decides the lie is and this is dangerous.
Rainbow, that would make us as bad as them dunno I'm not a believer in the voters being to dim to see what's happening, the ballot box is the way to rid ourselves of these people professor
Chesney, but this is neither radical or sensible, May herself banged on & on about a bad deal being worse than no deal, whether someone voted in or out neither will see being half in with all the downsides, yet not having any say in the making of the rules as a good thing sigh

Your use of the word mob to describe brexiteers to me just shows you've been brainwashed by the left wing press, I'd be hard pressed to find a remainer down here & we all live in the EU, I assure you most are company owners or managers in there own field & the word mob doesn't bear any resemblance to any of them, we all voted out for the good of the country (not ourselves), most being older have seen the likes of the EU before, Germany has near total control of the EU & uses it for it's own benefit, doubtless your forebears fought in two world wars in order you could have the freedom to comment as you please, belonging to an institution dedicated to making Europe a state run by unelected puppets of Germany is not a road you should be traveling.
Germany has achieved Herr Schicklgruber's Goals without having to fire one additional shot!
Chesney, I have to correct you, there is nothing I liked or like about Tony Blair, since almost time began the uk voters have voted labour into power from time to time, and without exception they've always left the country bankrupt, in addition Blair also has the "distinction" of leading the country into war on what he knew was a pack of lies very mad how the man has the front to offer his opinion & meddle in Brexit is beyond me, I take solace in the fact nobody now listens to a word he says.

My advice for what it's worth on the American economy is to let the Americans worry about that, Trump has a term in office, if the voters are not happy with his results after that time they'll vote for someone else.
Conrad laugh the very same phrase I used last night talking to friends professor thumbs up
laugh thumbs up thumbs up
To all those in the EU, under current legislation in Spain it would be illegal for me to write this blog if I were talking about the Spanish government, I would be arrested, taken to court, fined imprisoned or both, think this won't happen in your country dunno I bet the Spanish thought the same, act now while you still have the chance professor
Z, this is treason. Don't you think?
This whole world has gone to the

Or maybe i should have said canaries.laugh
LJ, there's all sorts in London, just not many Londoners laugh
Luke laugh funny you should say that, I did look at buying a whole island before coming here, but the cost of running a seaworthy boat put me off wow
A reported comment on May's Brexit plan from Boris Johnson ( foreign minister ) -

“Anyone defending the proposal we have just agreed will find it like trying to polish a turd.

“Luckily, we have some expert turd-polishers in this Government.”

rolling on the floor laughing
"Mr Giuliani said: “Sadiq Khan should be ashamed of himself. He’s so busy attacking President Trump’s visit and, in the meantime, crime is spiralling in London. Maybe he should just do his job instead of attacking a world leader.”

It's very understandable considering Trump's position about muslims. Khan is a muslim and sees Trump as stumbling block to his objectives.

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