Treachery, we've been kicked in the nuts by BINO

After a rousing speech just yesterday where Treason May (UK's PM) promised a full Brexit, she today locked up her lilly livered cabinet members in her country retreat & got them to agree with her plan for BINI (Brexit In Name Only) very mad how did she do that when several had threatened to resign if that was the plan, she told them anyone who resigned would lose there ministerial cars & have to walk the mile down the drive & get a taxi back to London doh it would be funny if it wasn't so serious.

Just today "Diplomat Robert 'Woody' Johnson said the US President - due to visit the UK next week - wants a "quick deal" to drastically increase trans-Atlantic trade between the "special relationship" allies after Britain quits the EU.

"The President thinks it’s time to go," he said, adding: "The sky's the limit."

The offer, which could slash the prices of US imports for British consumers and boost job creation on both sides of the Atlantic, was hailed as a massive vote of confidence in the UK's future outside the European bloc."

But that was before the details of her treachery came out, no way Pres Trump will sign a deal with the UK as it will be bound to EU regulations, these are the regulations that stop the US exporting pretty much any food based product to the EU.

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Luken scold the vote to exit the EU, we stupidly thought our well paid politicians could uphold the democratic vote and were intelligent enough to do the job.
blues How mistaken we were teddybear
Red, looks like May will force through her deal, she's put the country in a position of having to accept her bad deal or never leave, one talk show said yesterday she's putting her ego in front of her country doh

You'll need to get your feet concreted into the floor of your new bungalow laugh
Biff, chaos is normally pretty random, this is orchestrated bedlam very mad
Luke, I think the group fighting May's deal may well be forced to vote for it, it is after all just the exit agreement, as long as May & her remainer cabinet are kept well away from trade talks perhaps Brexit can be salvaged sigh
"Brussels sources have revealed EU leaders will reject any attempts by the Prime Minister to restrict Britain’s departure to June 30. Leaders, marshalled by Donald Tusk, the president of the European Council, will only accept a “long Article 50 extension” because they fear being blamed for the inevitable no-deal fallout on the Continent, according to one insider familiar with the Brexit negotiations. Many of the bloc’s most influential leaders, including Angela Merkel and Emmanuel Macron, have “no faith” in Mrs May’s abilities to secure the support of the House of Commons for her hated Brexit deal and see the only way out of no deal is to extend long enough to give the Prime Minister "suitable time to reflect and build a consensus in Westminster".

Total Madness

More insanitylaugh

Yep zman luken we are in the same mind MADNESS hard to believe this.blues

More to come I'm sure, but what I do not have a clue. Also where to move after this one scold only if they tax my veggies laugh when I grow them.

I got a bottle of good ale for this weekend but reckon I will go out for another.

If we thought Brexit was hard to believe, well listen up, IT WAS SNOWING this morning wow its cleared but beautiful soft big flakes this morning. More than Brexit madness the weather thought it would shakes us too laugh laugh
Luke, I'll have trouble sleeping after watching May laughing barf laugh
Red, if the EU find out you're growing veg you'll need to spend a week filling in forms to decide how much they'll tax you it mumbling maybe you get a grant not to grow them, they'll do anything to protect the interests of French farmers frustrated
Sorry for being in 2019......some hundred years back, the whole problem could had been swept out in a moment......the King or Queen had made one decision and it had been thererolling on the floor laughing
Bekard, quite so, but then a king or a queen would never have joined in the first place, they would never hand there power to a foreign government.
right.....they was smart enough, to not trap the Country into slavery......common sense instead of to days civilization and democracy, that is far from democracy.
Well drank 2 wow bottles of ale last night, but may is still banging in my head laugh laugh

Well when we first joined it was for free trade. That plan did not go to plan at all, we ended up with something much bigger and intrusive.

So people having common sense saw this and voted to go back to square one . What's our government AND MPs from all parties doing ? Letting EU rule and squabbling like kids doh
How Hedge Funds Gamed Brexit to Make Millions (with the right help).

On the night of the Brexit referendum the British pound went into free fall, but while many watched with horror, a handful of hedge funds were making staggering profits. This is the story of the Brexit Big Short

"At 10pm on June 23, 2016, Sky News projected the words “In or Out” across the top of a London building as an orchestral score ratcheted up the tension. “In or out – it is too late to change your mind,” declared presenter Adam Boulton. “The polls have closed in the UK’s historic referendum on EU membership.”

After the dramatic intro, Boulton jumped straight in with a huge exclusive. Nigel Farage, the face of the Brexit campaign, had given Sky what sounded like a concession. His photo filled the screen, as Faisal Islam, Sky’s political editor, read Mr Farage’s words aloud: “It’s been an extraordinary referendum campaign, turnout looks to be exceptionally high and looks like ‘Remain’ will edge it.”

The private exit poll that appears to have had the most clients was conducted by Mr Farage’s favourite pollster and friend, Damian Lyons-Lowe, whose company is called Survation. It correctly predicted Leave. In an interview with Bloomberg, Mr Farage said he learned of Survation’s results before making at least one of two public concessions that night, meaning there was a good chance he was feeding specious sentiment into markets.

Survation wasn’t alone. As YouGov’s Mr Twyman predicted a Remain victory on Sky, three of his colleagues were watching from the London office of a hedge fund. In addition to the public exit poll for Sky, YouGov earlier sold a private exit poll to this fund, which provided data to traders that matched the results presented on television, effectively giving them an edge for betting on the rise in the pound. YouGov staff code-named it “Operation Pomegranate”. It charged the hedge fund roughly $1 million. Separately, YouGov gave Sky its poll for free. The hedge fund did extremely well, according to three sources familiar with the situation.

Opinion polls published in the British press during the final days of the campaign helped voters make up their minds about which side they were on, but the relationships between polling firms and hedge funds created an inherent conflict. Pollsters fed the public information that affected the outcome and moved the markets, while they also sold data privately to clients betting on market moves created by their public-facing polls.

Two years after the historic vote, the pound is back at $1.32, the bottom of the crash that morning, people remain divided, while the government of Theresa May is deadlocked over how to move forward..

bucks for a few.

Bekard, if all this is civilisation give me back uncivilised any day laugh
Red, the trade aspect was just the hook to lure us in, wait till you see the article I'm posting in a minute, something I'd never heard of before, but a classic example of EU tactics very mad
Bogart, money brokers seem to me to be quite dim, over the last 3 years we've had many a laugh reading there predictions on line, I'd say around 80% wrong, there problem seems to be that as ardent remainers they only read remain backing news items, we've used this here many times to our advantage, moving money when they've worked themselves into a lather over some fake news being pushed by the media laugh A statement from someone on either side on what they personally feel is about to happen can make a 3 cent difference on the exchange rate dancing
DO WHAT very mad
Came across this article last night, something I'd never heard of, but just typifies the EU doh

"EU BOMBSHELL: How Brussels and Labour 'planned to MERGE England and France in new region"

damn, you just found out the secret laugh

make Uk French again, !! Duke of Normandy revenge.

now you can stay in Europe, wave
Bogart, some of the best kept buildings in England are the forts built to repel Napoleón Bonaparte, I think deep down we always knew they'd be needed again professor laugh
Wow zman good job labour have not got a Cat-in-hells chance of getting indoh horrifying.

I can see I need more beer to get me through laugh laugh teddybear
I think it could had had also to do with, that UK did not join EURO......what was in fact a very smart decision by UK........but so bad for France and Germany, who wanted more members to support their Bank's making money in a protected all member Countries had to put in real big money to safe the their Banks in the case of Greece fact only crumbs of that money was given to build up the Country.

Now I can understand better the Military alliance, that Germany and France did recently.
Red, British beer I trust, that EU stuff isn't really beer as we know it drinking
Bekard, Both France & Germany have historically sought to rule Europe, the EU is just there latest ploy to do it through the back door, at least with Brexit the UK won't be funding there empire building any longer applause
The questions that will have to be answered this week, is May's awful deal worse than allowing parliament to delay Brexit for 2 years/forever, or should we hold out for no deal dunno Plans are in place to put May's deal to the house at least once this week, maybe twice sigh has the UK really reached a point where it's prepared to take accept the worst deal possible, at a cost of more than £39 billion for absolutely nothing, or should we just walk away, project fear is today saying the banking industry has already been damaged beyond repair, this was of course designed to scare us into staying in the EU, but if it's already too late what good would that do, I don't for a minute believe it is that damaged but as that was the main point of staying now gone why not leave with no deal dunno
Latest - Speaker blocks May from bringing back her deal for a third time without substantial changes professor

Mmm now wha t, that speaker is an ignoramus anyway this just shows his arrogant person he is.

Beer is from lidl's zman brewed in England call Golden Goose grin its lovely I'm going to stock up.

You know whilst I was in the army they trained us for a nuclear blast. So many miles away and maybe you could survive. One room sealed with plenty of provisions etc, well that's what I'm going to do in my new home. grin
Just read this eye opener for me. laugh

Theresa May's attempt to pass her Brexit deal in parliament a third time has met an abrupt, sticky end, and from an unlikely source: Speaker John Bercow. Invoking a 415-year old rule of the House, Bercow forbade May from proposing the deal unless it was "significantly different" from previous versions. In case you thought the Speaker was just there to scowl at barking opposition MPs as in South Africa, clearly this is not so in Britain.

sorry wrong link...
Red, if it's made in the UK there shouldn't be a shortage of it no matter what type of Brexit we get drinking laugh
Luke, May being a remainer has surrounded herself with other remainers, that's been the problem, the speaker, who's time like the governor of the Bank of England was up, both kept on as they are remainers, she can hardly moan if either isn't playing ball. The speaker has also been accused of breaking the rules by only allowing remainer amendments to be heard in the house, it also didn't go down to well when his "bollocks to Brexit" sticker was spotted on his car, really impartial .......... not very mad
Nothing concrete to report, May might or might not make a statement tonight, there may or may not be an emergency debate in the house, with 9 days to go we still have no idea what will happen, quite how we're supposed to prepare for whatever it is totally beyond me doh
Rumour has it they have adopted the sound principles of the ostrich - bury your head until someone else has made a decision, then bay with rage at the decision made.

Actually, do ostriches bay with rage? Or even bury their heads? Is that just politicians? laugh
Biff, I really don't think you should be insulting ostriches by comparing them with UK's politicians doh laugh
Your heading rings true for certain after last night.

More beer beer and I'm decorating, waiting for carpets to be fitted, before move. Glad I have something to keep me busy doh laugh
More of Han's beer, the melodious beerlaugh beer
Luken I will stick to beer. BREXIT will have a sound of the water glass laugh laugh
j1709: "come on ladies. have a go"(meet us in the quizzes)

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