Treachery, we've been kicked in the nuts by BINO

After a rousing speech just yesterday where Treason May (UK's PM) promised a full Brexit, she today locked up her lilly livered cabinet members in her country retreat & got them to agree with her plan for BINI (Brexit In Name Only) very mad how did she do that when several had threatened to resign if that was the plan, she told them anyone who resigned would lose there ministerial cars & have to walk the mile down the drive & get a taxi back to London doh it would be funny if it wasn't so serious.

Just today "Diplomat Robert 'Woody' Johnson said the US President - due to visit the UK next week - wants a "quick deal" to drastically increase trans-Atlantic trade between the "special relationship" allies after Britain quits the EU.

"The President thinks it’s time to go," he said, adding: "The sky's the limit."

The offer, which could slash the prices of US imports for British consumers and boost job creation on both sides of the Atlantic, was hailed as a massive vote of confidence in the UK's future outside the European bloc."

But that was before the details of her treachery came out, no way Pres Trump will sign a deal with the UK as it will be bound to EU regulations, these are the regulations that stop the US exporting pretty much any food based product to the EU.

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I'd go with gross incompetence, with those options - I still couldn't believe how she let that couple handle her PR during the GE when even a political don't-care like me could see what she should have been doing instead of letting cabbage-head get such a following. Shades of Hillary C in the US election, not bothering to turn up is not the way to get people fired up by your potential. roll eyes
Mr Z
When Lord Pearson brought up child abuse in the house of commons he was immediately jeered and booed on live TV. That's how blatant they are!!!! The people need to march and stand up to this corrupt, criminal establishment. Theresa the Appeasers own clerical father was accused of paedophilia with little boys. As soon as she was appointed PM, she destroyed the files but, people all over the world had already down loaded them. This is the kind of reason they, the corrupt cabal control the internet. They Don't want any evidence out there. It appears that majority of people is in a denial or choose to ignore the actual extent, as in what trends in discussion in the mainstream and it means that pedo getting away with it...and all the UK power structures rely on paedophilia , from the C of E , Police ,finance, parliament NHS. etc. Paedophilia is horrid beyond comprehension.

UK Government VIP p*dophile Ring

2018 Documentary
Doesn't it makes you wonder how big the boat is that is carrying all these perverts ? The UK government has zero fear of the people and are locking up anyone that dares threaten them. The amount of denial has been is as sickening as the realisation that Britain and much of the Western civilisation has been governed by such sick degenerates for God knows how long is no doubt the real reason for it's decline, more so than Islam, Zionists, Globalists, mass migration, communism or whatever agenda you want to list. But it is no doubt the most disgusting and compromised perverts that are put in positions of authority to facilitate said agendas as normal sane people would never consider such treason. Plus the so called elites have genuine contempt for the populous and think they can use and abuse and dispose of us all as they see fit.
I believe they did Melanie for arson but the fire brigade have no record of a fire on that date/location, more inaccuracies needs to be exposed but hey, at the end of the day they will ignore any evidence and maybe even arrest people who speak about it but they can’t arrest millions and imprison, and the world is watching!!!Child abuse whistle-blowers end up in prison, mental hospital or on the run.
Wasn't there something recently, the Queen and Prince Philip and some charges against them from Canada, for the disappearance (?) of some Canadian care home children, decades ago and they wouldn't accept the charges!? There was a report of some children going on a "day trip " and not all of them made it back, but I don't know much more. what I do know is that jimmy Savile was in with the royals ( many photos of him and prince Charles together ) no one has ever asked prince Charles about his relationship with Saville. you cannot get near the royals without MI5 knowing all about you so why was our prince knocking about with Saville? prince Andrew is also mates with Jeffery Epstein (convicted peado ) check out his story and his private island, prince Andrew and hiilary and bill Clinton made many visits there?...Bad things been hidden from public for far too long!!!
.In Australia a young woman told a story about an Australian Prime Minister involved in paedophilia.Nothing has been done to bring justice to these people. I hope that this disgraceful filth is exposed and people that have been abused are helped immediately. We must change the world. This filth cannot persist because we said nothing. The whole world is watching !!! I hope that Theresa May gets that message soon. This issue will not just go away, it's part of the problem !!!
There are so many cases like this that are not known to the general public, this can only be kept so secret because it must go right to the top of society and I mean the very top, it is heartbreaking...
Further "proof" the EU & now it seems the UK is run by Merkel -

"When quizzed over possible alterations to the Brexit blueprint, Mrs May is said to have made an extraordinary excuse saying: “No that’s not possible.

“Because I’ve already cleared the existing text with Mrs Merkel.”

Rainbow comfort breath in 1 2 3, out 1 2 3 laugh as before a lot of what you say I agree with, did the UK establishment cover up Muslim p*dophile rings, yes without doubt very mad did they do that to protect p*dophile in the establishment , highly unlikely, they're snowflakes, if you look at the places involved I think you'll find the local governments are left wing who we know are fully prepared to sacrifice English children in there idealistic quest, despite what you may think that is getting sorted, just a week or so ago another of these gangs was jailed, there pictures published in the mainstream papers etc,

But where your post goes off the rails is accusing the royal family of being p*dophile wow using association to accuse is just wrong professor sure you'll find pictures of Saville with the royal family, he did a lot of "charity" work, ok purely for his own ends, but he was knighted for it & the royal family is patron to dozens of charities, that association is there duty if you like, I very much doubt Charles thought much of Saville as a person, he always gave me the creeps, I have a friend that worked with Charles in the navy & he assures me Charles is an ok guy, I myself knew & worked with a convicted murderer, I didn't know that at the time but does make me a nurderer dunno of course not.

It's a fact of life these days that fake news sites/youtube posters etc will take a bit of fact, make a huge (normally wrong) assumption & put it out there as fact, I fell out with a CS member some time ago over a 3 hour vid she sent me on the JFK assassination, the opening line of that was "now it's been proved there were 8 shooters at the scene that day", oh really 8 shooters, proved, by whom, I've never even heard that let alone seen proof, didn't watch the rest, so what I'n saying is take these sites with a pinch of salt, there main aim is viewing numbers, fact takes a low priority in there pecking order.
Nurderer laugh more like murderer, must get a new keyboard, so many years on CS have worn away the letters laugh
wine Would a glass of wine help?
Abagail, bit early in the day for that...........but then as it's virtual it should be ok wine laugh
Well there's no calories in virtual wine either.. .it has many virtues.

I have to admit I haven't watched the news much lately... I went on a road trip and lost track of time and current affairs. Well except the situation in Thailand because they had it on TV everywhere you went. So the few times I saw anything on TV … that was it.
Abagail, that is what I love about holidays
I have absolutely no idea what is going on in the rest of the world, and guess what, it is always still standing when I get back laugh
Yes thankfully, with the exception of the diver that died, it went better than expected .
Agreed, Molly[/b]. There is nothing quite like forgetting the rest of the world exists for a wee while.

Well Z[/b].. .that's the only news item I know of. I was up every morning early exploring the area I was in... by the time I got back to accommodation I was worn out and went to bed early to read. So I have missed all the world news. Clearly the Brexit issue is big at the moment from what I read in your blog.
Mr Z I suggest, you also do the same ...count 123 bread in and out,123, lol.
I salute your awakening in regard to Brexit but I am questioning your " saints."
If you want to have a basic honest conversation, try to love the questions as if they were enigmatic women with secrets you want to discover or locked box that you're not given permission to unlock, or are you commited to be loyal to your " royal saints" without questioning anything ?
I don't bow to the Pope, I don't have such " saints" that I wouldn't question !!!
Perhaps, some day in the future, we will gradually live our way into the answer and who knows, maybe you will remember some echoes of my thoughts.
I also take into consideration your advice to " take all info with pinch of salt". I think, being " politically concious" is a constant questioning as a way of exploration of possibilities, keeping an open mind, rather than having certainty that Royal saints are untachable for being questioned !!!
Questions are not accusations!!! Are we allowed to question ? ? ?
Thousands of victims and only a few men
prosecuted ? Rotherham, Newcastle,Telford, how many more ? How many other gangs do the Police and Press know about, but are not reporting ? I read somewhere that the number of towns and cities now stand at 71. From my reasurch, it appears this is going on in every town over the UK and it's being covered up. The police are terrified of being labelled racist and more interested in attacking " hate speech"
Do you see anything on BBC news about this ? scold
If is not reported it didn't happen.
It goes against the narrative about mass immigration and authority haven't said much because there involved in it. Police council, social worker are involved and the ones that are not involved and stayed quiet are JUST AS BAD!!!!
Does anyone really trust an independent enquary into this, do you really trust government ? Do you really honesly believe that all whislblowers are guilty as charged ? Lefties always accuse conservatives that they use this mass rape for political gain but the fact is that lefties doesn't want to talk about it, feminists also deny and labeling people racist, as well as attacking on personal level like whiled cats who cants stand the truth....and only conservatives are willing to expose p*dophile, willing to protect their children.
Mr Z,you know well, there's a reason why so many Brits emigrate to other countries and many more planning to emigrate. That's what happened to Croatians under forma Yugoslav dictatorship tyranny, there's much more Croats outside country then inside and it appears that the same thing will happen to Brits...
Were all about to become a dying bread.
I am afraid, the UK will be an Islamic state if Brits doesn't fight for hard Brexit. sad flower
Wishing all Brits the best of luck. wine
For anyone suffering from sleep deprivation here's where you can download the full white paper laugh

After a quite browse through the first thing that caught my eye was that May intends to use fishing rights as a bargaining tool, something the tories have always denied would happen, more treachery very mad

Two polls conducted recently now put the tories 2 points behind labour, Putin will be well pleased, not so - anyone who's Jewish, anyone who believes in a nuclear deterrent or even an army, anyone who thinks terrorists are terrorists & not freedom fighters, any who doesn't believe Venezuela has a model political system that should be copied by all etc etc.
Z, the biggest mistake we made when joining the EU was to give away our fishing rights

At the time, agriculture held sway, and giving away fishing apparently seemed like a good deal.

The fact that we have one of the best fishing waters in Europe didn't seem to occur to them roll eyes
Molly, here is the relevant section, the figures make sorrowful reading doh

At present, under the CFP’s principle of ‘Relative Stability’, the UK receives a fixed
share of fishing opportunities based on historical fishing patterns in 1973-
1978. On average, between 2012 and 2016, UK vessels landed approximately 90,000
tonnes of fish each year caught in other Member States’ waters, and other
Member States’ vessels caught in the region of 760,000 tonnes of fish each year in
UK waters.
As an independent coastal state, the UK will have control over access to its waters
from the end of the implementation period. Any decisions about giving access to UK
waters for vessels from the EU, or any other coastal states will be a matter for
So, you will have full control of your own waters, but the EU would have to negotiate to fish in your waters?
That is good, no?
Or did I read that all wrong? help
Such statistics are very easy to manipulate, and I'm confident the ones quoted here are using different units of measurement. Maybe using UK registered vessels for one and tonnage landed for the other?
Pat, if you look up the stats of how much Irish fishermen are allowed to fish compared to the super-trawlers from Spain and other countries in our waters, you would be shocked.
It isn't just stats, it's the reality.
Rainbow, you're doing it again doh where did I give any indication I think of the royal family as saints dunno you've taken a comment I made about Charles being an ok guy & turned it into a headline about me thinking the royals are saints doh

The BBC is snowflake HQ, you won't see anything on there they don't approve of, it's taken them 9 hours to even acknowledge the white paper has been published, again go into there funding & you'll see payments from the EU.

I f you think UK politics are bad now wait till Comrade Corbyn & his Marxist team take over, the labour party last time they were in power brought out new anti terror legislation, who was the first to be arrested under there new powers, an 80 year old man who heckled there leader at the party conference, strong armed out of the hall by security guards, that's what freedom of speech will become under the communists very mad
Molly, allow me to translate that into non political speak " we will own our waters & are quite prepared to give them away for any kind of deal the EU will give"

Does that make more sense now laugh I just picked that example from the paper because May has become readable like an old series of Colombo, you know where all the red herring will appear and the point just before the end where he reveals all, I just knew they'd do the dirty on the fishermen........again
The fishing - I'm sort of agreeing with Molly. Why's it a sad, er, kettle of fish? What am I missing? The Uk controls its own waters -

I know the Scottish fishing industry voted for Brexit to a man, whatever the rest of Scotland thought.
Oh okay we posted at the same time.

Yup I left Scotland because they MIGHT allow fracking and if they do I was living near one of the proposed sites.

So it's potential for nasty but - who should control the waters, then? The fishermen themselves? A 3rd party out of fishing range?

Z why not carry on the way it was before the Union?

I would imagine with a bit of twist here and there to suit the best interest of your country.
One of the reasons the US doesn't want the EU oil deal with Russia is because they want to sell their own excess fracked oil to the EU instead.
The fact that they have destroyed their country, and people's lives and livelihoods, by fracking is irrelecant of course
String, many thanks for your 51 min vid wow laugh

Answers -
Is the blood red moon a
Is there anything in the bible about

Pat, no those are widely acknowledged figures, the UK basically gave away it's fish to the EU, see Molly's earlier comment where Ireland did the same very mad
Yeah, I'm pretty sure we changed our laws to exclude supertrawlers. The supertrawler changed its name and ownership a few times to try and get around it, but it didnt fly.
I dont suppose to know all the ins and outs, but basically Theresa has no clue and is fumbling along, same as Angela. They have the fallback position of being women, anyone disagreeing is a misogynist etc... We did this kind of social engineering some years back, and worked out it never ends well.
If we could also do it at a state level it would be good, but as usual it depends how crap the opposition is, which now its also a female there's a chance.
Biff, fish caught in UK should belong to UK fisherman, fish caught in EU water, of which there are basically very few as they've already fished them to death, belong to the EU fishermen, the UK is quite capable of setting it's own limits to preserve stocks, the UK has been around somewhat longer than the EU & knows what's it doing, other than the politicians in Whitehall of course who are a complete waste of valuable oxygen laugh

Anyone old enough cast your mind back to the time a British minesweeper rammed an Icelandic fishing boat caught nicking UK fish, capt of that vessel..........Prince Charles laugh
Pat, in fairness, I don't think either May or Merkel pull the misogynist card.
They, especially Merkel, are well capable of handling their affairs as politicians, not as a gender.
LJ, what a lovely thought laugh going to take a new team to make that happen I fear sigh the only reason the UK government went into the EEC (now EU) was to have a seat at the decision making table, nowadays Germany decides what's best for Germany, they tell Junker & his cronies, who in turn put it in front of the EU parliament to be rubber stamped, none of the member states have any real say in the direction of the EU.
I'll happily stand corrected on that, it certainly was not the experience we had here.

People nicking UK fish? Goodness, not like the UK didn't steal from others, like entire countries- indeed at least one continent I know of. Chickens coming home to roost?
Pat laugh

They should agree to a swap for all they have taken from other countries to build their fish laugh
Molly, on that point, Trump has today accused the Germans of being under the control of Putin, as they're buying 70% + of there gas from him. From a sensible point of view would you let your country be at the mercy of someone you feel is bad enough to impose sanctions on dunno
I see it as frying pan/fire
Z did yo watch it--no
Pat, is that the thanks we get for sending you all those prisoners dunno laugh
String, nothing personal but as I consider the colour of the moon to be dependent on it's position in the sky, and the bible to be a collection of folklore tales written hundreds of years after the event the only effect I can see is it might make Junker at the EU howl a bit louder laugh handshake
Yes, I remember one time at Heathrow airport, the lady at immigration made the mistake of asking me if I was going to overstay my work visa... About 45 minutes later her and her goons were very keen to get me through and not hear any more about England once being a world superpower but now being an impoverished backwater.
Lolrolling on the floor laughing Z, that's the biggest story I've heard when I was there. Imagine You dumped all the elements of undesirables there.

There was a story from a Greek friend of mine, proudly claiming that they were flown in first class or in a cruise ship to get to Australia as opposed to the English people in SHACKLES lol..anyways just wanted to lighten up Z.
idared69: "no responce to message???"(meet us in the USA forums)

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