Treachery, we've been kicked in the nuts by BINO

After a rousing speech just yesterday where Treason May (UK's PM) promised a full Brexit, she today locked up her lilly livered cabinet members in her country retreat & got them to agree with her plan for BINI (Brexit In Name Only) very mad how did she do that when several had threatened to resign if that was the plan, she told them anyone who resigned would lose there ministerial cars & have to walk the mile down the drive & get a taxi back to London doh it would be funny if it wasn't so serious.

Just today "Diplomat Robert 'Woody' Johnson said the US President - due to visit the UK next week - wants a "quick deal" to drastically increase trans-Atlantic trade between the "special relationship" allies after Britain quits the EU.

"The President thinks it’s time to go," he said, adding: "The sky's the limit."

The offer, which could slash the prices of US imports for British consumers and boost job creation on both sides of the Atlantic, was hailed as a massive vote of confidence in the UK's future outside the European bloc."

But that was before the details of her treachery came out, no way Pres Trump will sign a deal with the UK as it will be bound to EU regulations, these are the regulations that stop the US exporting pretty much any food based product to the EU.

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Biff, the links don't work as they're removed by CS when pasting from mail, but I knew with your efficiency you'd sort that thumbs up
Now the blame game has started, today Reece Mogg has accused May of killing Brexit, and it's true that whilst publicly making Davis Brexit secretary, she then proceeded to take total control & went behind his back & signed her own deal with the EU, a deal so bad nobody wants it, but on the other hand Tory MP's had a chance of removing her in the vote of no confidence & didn't, wasn't even close, so imo the entire Conservative Party must take collective responsibility for killing Brexit & with it democracy in the UK professor
And if anyone thinks all is well in the Labour party, one Labour MP today revealed the police are investigating death threats against her from members of her own party wow but then communists have always ruled with the fist doh

I am probably not as up to date as I should be (this blog tends to be where I look for breaking news) but I did today catch the PM's "sofa speech" where she said she is often asked about what is happening (really?), and the situation is "no deal, no Brexit".

I probably missed something but I was under the impression the earlier on-message had been "no deal better than a bad deal" confused

Yes I know there was a vote re No Deal and it overwhelmingly lost, by one vote. The closest decision in all the votes put together over the last nearly 3 years. Democracy has had its final say on the matter, obviously.
Biff, you hit the nail on the head, no deal lost by one vote, the vote of a convicted felon let out of prison early on licence, and wearing a tracking bracelet very mad that one vote overrules the 17.4 million votes who voted for Brexit & no mention of any deal very mad very mad very mad
The traitor May, who's now colluding with Corbyn, a man she recently said was a security risk to the country, in order to get her personal deal through, again her one vote overrules the 17.4 million & the 80% of the population that think her deal is rubbish wow very mad
Democracy no longer exists in either the UK or the EU, who would, if they weren't a dictatorship, put a stop to the will of the people being driven over by May & her hand picked cabinet of traitors.

Angry of Tunbridge Wells.
What puzzles me is that the issue, for a couple of years now, was "there will be Brexit, whether there's a deal or not" and it has morphed rather unexpectedly into "there will be no Brexit unless there is a deal" and I wondered when I missed that switch

Because the EU likes her deal and won't change it, and the MPs generally don't like her deal and won't accept it, so is this pressure BS from her or does she seriously mean 'my way or nothing happens and the last nearly 3 years has been interesting but pointless, plus ça, plus c'est la même chose, status quo remains'?

Biff, May has resorted to "The big lie" (full history wiki - ) used by Hitler to exterminate Jews in the holocaust.
Hitler & the Nazis became experts in repeating lies until they became the "truth", and May being a dictator of similar ilk is using it for similar ends, as you say her speeches "No deal is better than a bad deal" have morphed into "My deal or no Brexit", carefully orchestrated over the last 3 years she has put the UK in the position of either accepting her deal or not leaving. Of course the UK will leave eventually but it appears ALL the current MP's will have to be replaced, I say all as even the likes of Reece-Mogg were fully backing her just a couple of weeks ago, and they had the chance to remove her & didn't, now they are all tarred with the same brush.
I disliked May when she was home secretary & knew Brexit would be a problem with her at the helm, but again her party picked her as leader, they did this as most are ardent remainers & knew this is what she'd do, therefore the Tory party has to go, no alternative as they're so infested with mini Hitlers it's unsalvageable.
May is today jetting her begging bowl round Europe, crawling up to the major players in the EU in order to get another extension barf
Meanwhile 25% of UK car production is shut down due to risk of supply disruption following the Brexit that didn't happen doh
And this is the caliber of people we're forced to deal with at the EU, the second president Belgian politician Jean Rey, said in a speech in London on the subject of the first UK referendum -

"A referendum on this matter consists of consulting people who do not know the problems instead of consulting people who know them. I would deplore a situation in which the policy of this great country should be left to housewives.It should be decided instead by trained and informed people"
Sorry zman I give up on any intelligence from anywhere now, glad my box was off over weekend, in fact I forgot how good it is telly less laugh laugh laugh
Red, I don't allow news on my telly, I save that for things I want to see head banger I did break that rule last month & watched the documentary on the EU, seemed very strange hearing the voices of the characters I'd only ever read about in the papers wow some have really squeaky voices & came across as being as virile as a damp sponge laugh
Can kicked down the road so far it's now out of sight very mad Last night at an EU meeting France & Germany decided to extend article 50 to October 31st , quite why all the other leaders of the 27 members bothered turning up is beyond me, they could just as easily have stayed & home watching tv & been told how they are to vote barf
Lots of hand hand wringing in the press from UK politicians but not a single actual action on the news, spinless doesn't begin to describe the lot of them, the only politician sticking up for the 17.4 million who voted for Brexit is Donald Trump.
The new Brexit party & UKIP in the dark as to whether they'll be fighting an EU election in May, no decision has been made/announced & the deadline is tomorrow very mad

What an utter farce doh
A quote for those here who think political blogs have no place on a dating site -

" That awkward moment when you realise Brexit has more dates than you " doh rolling on the floor laughing
The new Brexit party & UKIP surely have to register, no brainer, or they are cut out of the loop completely for future delays.

Not of course that there will be future delays, oh no roll eyes

You've worried me saying Trump supports the leave, his entire administration is built on the bullshit-baffles-brain method of politics, everything he says must be carefully examined for what lies beneath - what is good for Trump is not necessarily good for anyone outside his benefit group.
Biff, until a week or so ago the UK wasn't taking part in EU elections because it had left, imagine having to form a new party, get funding, get suitable candidates etc all not knowing if it will ever happen, May is pushing deadlines in the hope others won't be prepared & the Tories won't be wiped off the political map barf

Trump is doing what he was elected to do & that was to put America first, shame UK politicians can't get the hang of that, all they're interested in is supporting the EU mumbling Brexit will allow the trade deal between the US & the UK to go ahead, something the EU has been stumbling around with unsuccessfully for about 20 years, of course if May's "deal" goes ahead that trade deal along with all the others are dead in the water.

An interesting phrase from the EU in the press today "If you're not at the table you're on the menu", if May gives up her red lines, which looks more likely with each day, and goes down the customs union route, not only will the UK not be able to do trade deals with other counties but the EU will actually market access to the UK market as a bonus of doing trade deals with the EU very mad
RIP Brexit sad flower
Brexit died yesterday after a 3 year struggle with traitorous MP's.

With article 50 extended to October 31st the house of commons is now on holiday, there job done, all hope of a real break form the EU shattered. May yesterday, having spent £4billion on it, stopped all no deal preparations, even the pretense of a clean break now exposed as a total lie very mad

Now all that's left is to wait until UK voters can get there hands on a ballot paper in a general election & rid the country of these anti democratic MP's moping
Can't call time of death until it is actually reversed but yeah, signs of life are almost non-existent, the patient is comatose.

Re your earlier response re the EU elections, I think this was always in pencil on the cards, after all 2 new parties have been started purely in case Brexit didn't happen so they should all be ready.

Can't let the Trump comment pass, he is doing exactly what all politicians do, not putting all of America first but just what suits him. If it suits some Americans, bonus for them. Ditto May and ditto every other leader, insert name here.

One thing puzzles me, when the previous pres was trying to get a US trade deal through, and wanted UK to stay in EU as the US gateway into Europe, you said it was a disastrous deal, opening the UK to all that was worst in the US. Is this a different deal? confused
Biff, as it stands Brexit is dead, what the current administration is aiming at is not Brexit, even calling it that is an outrage, May can talk to Corbyn till she's blue in the face but the Labour party will never sign up to a real Brexit & neither will the majority of her own MP's, therefore without a change of administration Brexit can not be revived.
Because of her constant stream of broken promised/lies May has made it very difficult for Farage & others to plan these EU elections, there is still no official word that I've seen that they're to go ahead, how is anyone supposed to plan for anything when after 3 years we're not a step further forward knowing what's going to happen, how can businesses for example make any plans when they don't know what to plan for confused

You are quite correct with your assessment of the EU/US trade deal, it was a disaster waiting to happen, until we see the proposed UK/US deal we won't know if those issues have been addressed, but like the rest of the approach to Brexit, May has kept details on that hidden from view, she did after all know it was never going to happen on her watch & was just a show to keep the 17.4 million that voted for Brexit off her back whilst she plotted with the EU behind closed doors, doors closed to even her own appointed ministers barf
Bring on the Nigel...

He's launched his own Brexit party! Hope there's tea and crumpets! rolling on the floor laughing
fiorenza laugh thumbs up but with Sir Nige it'll be more bacon & sausage (English pork) sarnies dancing
How to rig a poll, today Yougov poll claims May's support unchanged confused then you see the question they asked "Who would make the best PM May or Corbyn" rolling on the floor laughing I hear next week's will ask May or Stalin doh rolling on the floor laughing
"Conservative MP has ONE WORD for WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange – 'TRAITOR"

Tory MP Sir Bernard Jenkin called Assange a traitor, according to the Cambridge Dictionary a traitor is - "a person who is not loyal or stops being loyal to their own country, social class, beliefs, etc", Assange is an Australian so if Jenkin wants to see a traitor I suggest he looks at either the PM or himself in a mirror professor
"EU greed LAID BARE: Fat cat MEPs demand COMFIER SEATS - and it will cost taxpayers £300k"

The seats referred to are in the voting chamber where they only sit for a few hours a month, having moved the entire parliament by train from Brussels to Strasbourg barf


When we start receiving this type of news then Soros is busy sowing seeds.
Luke, currently the EU imposes huge tariffs on 3rd country imports to mainly protect French farmers, I don't know if SA has a trade agreement with the EU dunno but in the event of a no deal the UK would doubtless very quickly tie up a deal with SA and other African nations, I believe most of that has already been done under the now scrapped no deal preparations.
The only interest Soros has is to look after Sorosso you can be fairly sure anything he supports is bad for the rest of us barf
All this negotiating is
Farrr too complicated for me.sigh
Without all the negotiating and crap all this would have been overconversing
Hi Ishtar, good to see youwave Sorry Z.
Actually they say the campaign for a second referendum is in a far stronger position than many believed it ever could be.dunno
They also say that the Brexit process, means that whoever manages to break the deadlock first will likely win the day. Won't be Maylaugh
A second referendum or May pulling off the impossible and striking a deal with is a guess. laugh
Wonder if this is totally true?:
A petition on the Parliament website calling for Brexit to be cancelled passes three million signatures
Well I hope everything turns out for the best.cheers
"Wonder if this is totally true?: A petition on the Parliament website calling for Brexit to be cancelled passes three million signatures"

Probably true, Luke, there are over 40 million registered voters though. It'll need to pass the 21 million mark to get real attention and a helluva lot of people are saying what's the point? either same result or it shifts the other way by a narrow margin, still got half the country unhappy. You lose you lose. There is no happy outcome possible, the UK is now proven incapable of running itself but doesn't want to be run by anyone else.

Ish, that is an absolutely BRILLIANT anthem for Brexit. applause
Ish, laugh
Problem is the people know what they want & voted for it, but about 400 MP's think they know better than the 17.4 million & it's not that they don't know what they want cause they do, they want to stop Brexit but know if they say so there snouts will be removed from the trough laugh
The new €50 notes enter circulation this month.

Luke, there's every likelihood the deadlock will be broken sooner than we imagine, latest polls suggest Nigel Farage and the Brexit party will wipe out both Labour & the Tories in EU election, the only way they can stop that happening is by voting for May's deal wow doh of course it will only buy them a few weeks comfort as the local elections are also in May & Farage may well field candidates in that if denied the EU election rolling on the floor laughing
Biff, exactly the point, unless they can muster over 17.4 million votes it's worthless laugh also the last petition they put up was so badly rigged it wasn't worth taking into account, people were opening new email accounts every few minutes & using them to vote dozens of times, some names on it highly suspicious as well, Mickey Mouse & Teresa May being examples rolling on the floor laughing
Molly laugh I'm sure there must be an EU diktat about defacing there precious currency rolling on the floor laughing
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