Woe is me...

This is why CS amuses me

Most claim to be looking,but non of them want to make any effort.its all the person must come to me!!!

Must meet all my unrealistic expectations relocate and or support me

And although I can't find anyone in my own counrty I'm not going to change...

After all I'm perfect it's just that my idea of perfection is deluded

rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

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I have found the opposite on the forum. Majority do not seem to be looking or trying to create any form of impression that would lead to someone finding them attractive.

Some people prefer characteristics that often come with stereotypes of a person from another country.

Just my thoughts on it too.
As I have only I think posted less than a dozen comments on the forum side I bow to your supervisor knowledge


Live long and prosper

uh oh
Observation dear man. After all most of us observe the environment we are in :)
many say one thing but do the exact opposite...
Some people are ridiculously transparent, and it doesn't take long to realise it.
Those who aren't looking may have found someone, or are waiting to be found...
The funny bit is when they insist they aren't looking but advertise themselves in full force...
If you haven't found someone who is ready to take it on a more serious level, they aren't the right person...
Let them find you...it might work better this way...
A lot of people are sitting in "comfort" zone, they live the way they want and to go out of their routine can be quite a "big thing"..

And yes, lots of unrealistic expectations, misunderstandings over the written messages, and own cockroaches in the head..
Interesting comment

Cute..My daughter will love this make up,, she recently had a 16th birthday Halloween theme party, with pretty much similar make ups and white/black/red eye contact linses. laugh
That is why you should stay away from dating sites if you are seriously looking for someone. It is way too frustrating.
Yeah ekk
Like the women that post flirting comments on every blog
Make out they are gods gift then you read their profile

Not interested not looking

They should put ...

I'm not interesting
But keep looking

Even if they are open for new relationships when they join CS - most people very soon realize they won't find anyone here. CS is oriented toward Ireland, Malta and - maybe - some other English speaking countries. There are almost no men/women from some countries or a very small number of them. CS is a rather old dating site. There are many better ones that offer much more - even for free.

After they realize they will hardly meet anyone here - people either move to some better dating sites or they stay for fun on forums and blogs. If they stay for forums and blogs - they don't care about the image they present any more. Even if they do - it's more some sort of the "virtual vanity", making a perfect virtual persona for your own amusement than to actually meet and impress anyone. After all - who to impress? New members are rare.

Forums and blogs are already outdated. That's why you will hardly ever meet any younger people on places like that. They are too slow and boring for younger generation. Rarely anyone on CS blogs and forums is younger than 40, but most members are older than 60.

In general I think that most people on CS simply DON'T CARE. I don't see many people with pleasant virtual personas around. Maybe from time to time, but all the time? scold
Sometimes it is not a matter of caring, but of giving up, for i will always care for myself and the well being of others. I have just realized though that i sent the last pm i will ever send, yesterday.
Maiana, I totally agree with you handshake
My profile says in three separate places that I'm not looking, and yet..... doh

As a business and home owner, I have to be very careful (as do most people my age) of those that are only seeking someone with financial assets.

Would I relocate? Certainly, for the right person. However, that being said, I've lived on my own a long time, and I don't think I'd want that to change. Separate residences works for me.
"PLAY NOW: Mahjongg"(meet us in the games)

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