WiZiD Zoo (Part 3)

The first memory to return was an image; what I term now “the charging face”.
In real time the entire episode lasted no more than half a second but it was so intense it left me stunned to the core. The image, or psychological vision, transpired so fast by the time I realized something was occurring, it was already over. I came to realize it was as much the tip of a pin as it was the fabric of my existence up to that point compressed into a dot. Somehow, without consciously knowing how or even what I was doing, my mind began to expand the dot and move up and down the length of the pin. What occurred immediately after that I have previously written down in The GaiiM.
For the sake of this narrative I will include the catalyst event, as written in The GaiiM all those years ago.

Except from The GaiiM by Grant Leigh©2014

Early June of 1994 my father passed away. His death affected me more deeply than I could have imagined. Why that was, why specifically his passing, I am uncertain to this day. Although he was not the first relative to pass away, it was the first time ever that I could recall literally contemplating my own mortality but more so death its self. About two months later and thinking I’d somewhat moved on, an image flashed across my mind’s eye. Back then, each Sunday afternoon I would take a drive in the nearby country side and go to the cinema near my flat each Sunday night. I owned and operated a small radiator repair business at the time, which I'd started from scratch almost four years earlier. Something about this ritual brought about closure of the previous week and allowed me to look upon Monday morning with fresh eyes. Driving along in a very relaxed state the image suddenly appeared, virtually filling my conscious mind. In that moment the road vanished, as did the steering wheel and the instrument panel. The image lasted perhaps one quarter of a second, half a second at most, and then it vanished as quickly as it had appeared. For a long moment I sat stunned. The experience had been incredibly intense – overpowering to say the least. During that split second it felt as if my thoughts were literally somewhere else; as if I was somewhere else. After a moment I realized my foot had lifted from the accelerator. Its reapplication seemed to bring me out of my stupor; somewhat anyway. My mind still reeling I turned off the music and just drove in a semi auto pilot state. Fortunately, being quite a distance in the country, the road was almost empty, which allowed me to reduce my speed without interfering with other road users. I tried to recall the image but it was gone. It had rolled in so fast and without the slightest warning of approach that by the time I realized something was occurring it had ended. I continued to drive on in silence for perhaps another minute. Still slightly shell shocked, for the lack of a better description, I turned the music back on but then wound the volume way down. I needed to think, clear my mind of all thought. Then something even weirder happened. The spoken words “do you want to know?” popped into my head, as if from out of nowhere. Complete mental silence followed, like I was waiting for my self to answer the question. I turned off the music again and pondered the question. The words had been in my head, which meant I must have thought them but it had felt like they’d come from a different section of my brain; not where my thoughts usually form. It’s strange but it almost seemed like I could have thought thoughts over the top of those words if I had tried or if I’d reacted to them fast enough – much the same as talking while someone else is talking. Without really knowing why but more so as if what I was about to do was completely normal, I asked myself the question consciously. Do I want to know? Let me be clear here, I didn’t speak those words out loud, I thought them but I thought them knowing full well I was responding directly to the question.
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