Grass killer

Every second Sunday of each month we at the govt housing are obliged to render an hour long of weeding and sweeping the area assigned to our group. A penalty of ¥1,000 is imposed to those who can't join. Yesterday and in another separate 2 instances, I've seen someone spraying/watering the grass. I just suspect it's a grass killer. Probably those three people aren't aware that they destroy the balance of the ecology system. Can they not just pay the penalty fee instead of doing what they did? It could be the reason why some plants and trees die.sigh

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I know this sounds very crazy but can you not try to secretly record what they were doing and then lodge a complaint against them by showing the evidence you have gathered?
@Mimi, thanks for being my first. One sure thing about me is I mostly keep my silence. The things I share here in the blogs are the very things I'd say if ever asked. And most of the time nobody asks. I never share if not asked to the point that some might think I'm foolish.grin Besides, my Japanese isn't that great. I foresee myself letting them see my stolen shots and explaining them what I think about those pictures and perhaps I'd be spending an hour or so which is a precious me time. You see, once inside the apt, my priority is my rest, meals and small chores aside from tinkering this computer. Your advice is very sensible but sometimes I do away with sensibilities if it would use a lot of my time. One more, for more than a yr now, I'm not showing up and just pay the penalty. Following your advice could prompt another invitation to join the cleaning brigade.grin Thanks for making me take a peek on something that's community base and sensible.heart wings teddybear
Grass killer costs money, and after a few weeks all the grass would be dead. Unless you plant something there that you like and mulch it, the usual result is weeds take over which is more annoying than grass.

To kill a tree with grass killer (glyphosate is the most common here), you need to cover most of the leaves with poison, or cut into the trunk and put strong poison in. Trees that have been poisoned but not completely, usually the leaves die and the new leaves are very small and sometimes a strange shape.
The best natural weed killer. "STEAM" . As long as you have electricity. Just get a mid range steamer. You can also use them for curtains and garmets etc peace
Weedkillers like glyphosate kill every living thing in its path, not just the grass.
It is considered to be one of the key reasons for the dangerous decline in the bee population.
Unfortunately, companies like Monsanto, are richer and more powerful than more countries, and any attempts to have it banned have been stopped by their power.
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