I have been thinking and that is one thing I surely shouldn't be doing. Because my thinking head likes to ask silly questions. That's why I rather prefer to mindlessly flirt around. grin

Anyways, I have been trying to figure out what the original sin was, and still not sure what it really was. But that should be another blog.

Somehow, I have crossed out Adam and Eve having sex being the original sin, as God commanded to, "be fruitful and multiply". In order to do that, they had to have sex. So sex didn't have anything to do with original sin.(Enlighten me if I am wrong. I only know what they taught me at school of the apple tree. grin )

I know religious people will say, only Marital sex is not sinful. Sex outside marriage is sinful. uh oh

Then I often wonder how marital sex is different from any other sex. confused

I would only agree marital sex is sacred, if the God fearing Married women spread their legs and just lie down on a fertile day, eyes wide shut, not wanting to lust their naked husbands' bodies, while their husbands somehow managed to plant their seed in them and exit. (Don't try to picture this, because it's too erotic to handle.laugh )

My point is, even holy sex is impossible to happen, without pleasuring the flesh of each other.grin

Then on the other hand, there are others saying having sex is different to making love, and making love is more rewarding. wow

Eric Fromm said, "The s*xual act without love never bridges the gap between two human beings, except momentarily." As much as I agree, I have to point out, there are times sex leading people to fall in love.

I also don't think, love alone can bridge the gap between two people to make love/have sex.

I think I whined enough to get to my point with useless gibberish. laugh

Bottom line is concupiscence, carnal desire, or lust is the main reason for having sex.

So the question is, why do we tend to either sanctify sex with marriage or justify sex with love ?

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Do you know what the difference is between humans having sex and the animals have sex is?

Humans needlessly complicate it with all sorts of social customs and taboo's.
I thought the original sin was Eve eating an apple after she was told not to. Why God put an apple tree loaded with apples where a young couple were fooling around is a mystery, he could have just as easily put brussels sprouts there and we wouldnt be in the situation we're currently facing. teddybear
Do animal have sex Track? dunno I thought they only procreated.dunno
Pat, are you agreeing that God works in mysterious ways?laugh
Well, I think we all can agree that Eve caused a lot of problems that day. Apples are cheap as anyway, 3 bucks a kilo or something, she should have just brought along her own apples. Its hardly rocket science.
Sex/making love is as natural an act between two people who strongly desire each other, as there can be.

Over-analyzing it, placing restrictions, kinda dulls the libido.

In simplified terms:

Guy meets gal
Gal meets guy
Guy is strongly attracted to gal
Gal is strongly attracted to guy
They touch.....

If there is any guilt suffered as a result, you can always repent to God the next day Usha.....laugh

He will forgive you. wink
Humans complicate everything.
I do believe that the original sin of the bible was sex though. Eve gave her apple to Adam, and he enjoyed it. Bad Eve.
Remember the bible was written by, and used by, men as a form of subjugation of women.
No, I am not being an ultra-feminist here roll eyes
Religions are manmade, yet women naturally control sex. That does not sit easily with religions who like to control its followers. Therefore, women and sex had to be demonised.

I know a bit about it as our former Irish Catholicism was one of the most dogmatic of all religions.
And yes, sex was the most demonised of all 'sins'. I won't go into their treatment of single women, but even married women were controlled. Sex was supposed to be only for the purpose of procreation, end of.
Therefore, no form of contraception was allowed. Women were supposed to give birth to an unending number of children, even if it meant death in childbirth, or living in poverty as a result. It was common for women to have 20 or more children.
So women were kept under control efficiently that way.
And men? They were being controlled up to a point as well. If they actually loved their wives and didn't want them to go through that, then they wouldn't ask for sex, in case it resulted in another pregnancy. Sex for procreational purposes only. So both were being controlled up to a point.
Sex is required for procreation. The dolphin however is like humans and will have sex for pleasure as well as procreation.
Ms usha, all over the map today, hey!

Lets start with original sin: The proverbial apple on the tree ( if that even occurred) is about obedience. God showed man many things and tried to teach them obedience. That's why he had the Israelites roam the desert for 40 years promising them the 'milk and honey' of the Promised Land. They refused to obey God and kept playing with their little pagan gods. Out of the the hundred of thousands of Israelites who fled Egypt only 2 made it to the Promise Land, and that was Caleb and Joshua. Discipline and Obedience were God's instruments of teaching.....and like he said only a few will enter the Gates of Heaven.

Now, to your main inquiry: "I know religious people will say, only Marital sex is not sinful. Sex outside marriage is sinful", maybe Pauls writings in Corinthians can help "Flee from s*xual immorality. Every other sin a person commits is outside the body, but the sexually immoral person sins against his own body. Or do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit within you, whom you have from God? You are not your own, for you were bought with a price. So glorify God in your body."

Again from Paul "But because of the temptation to s*xual immorality, each man should have his own wife and each woman her own husband."

Gospel of Matthew "But I say to you that everyone who divorces his wife, except on the ground of s*xual immorality, makes her commit adultery, and whoever marries a divorced woman commits adultery."

"Then I often wonder how marital sex is different from any other sex"
Look at it through a different glass, marital sex is akin to obedience as profited by God. I have to go and left out some things...hope it helps
Hi usha, interesting blog enjoyed reading it. thumbs up

My opinion is it was the disobedience of Eve for eating the Apple after being told it is forbidden. Another fine mess a woman has got us into laugh. Only kidding just couldn't resist saying that. doh

What's always has made me think and laugh, is how did the sayings say a Apple a day keeps the Doctor away or students always taking a Apple to there teacher. Why a Apple when it was the Apple that started all the problems in the world rolling on the floor laughing

Good blog.
Sorry about Eve caused lot of problems?
So what about the dust man? Wasn't "NO" in his vocabulary or his balls were in the evolutionary process.tongue laugh
Berry,bouquet I like your comment.

Yes, glad we have the chance to repent. laugh
Molly, ignorance is bliss. I wish to think I am blessed because I have never come across any talking snakes and forbidden apple trees. I just buy apples from the supermarket.
Unfortunately Eve didn't have cheap chinese apples flooding the supermarket.

Aussie apples are not bad. grin

Track, I have watched few documentaries on how animals find a partner and mate. I only knew dolphins were intelligent. Never knew about that. wow

So the question is, why do we tend to either sanctify sex with marriage or justify sex with love ?

These days neither marriage or love justifies sex, one should have it whenever the need or opportunity arises.
Thank you Sea for your nice reply. I grew up studying the Bible. I am not religious but I believe in God. So I don't remember most of the bible.

I have many things to ask God if I ever make it to heaven. But please tell me, I have four daughters. No matter how disobedient and indisciplined they are, I would never ask them to leave my house nor condemn them. I'd tolerate, and allow them to learn from their mistakes. How many times? 7 X 7x 7....
Because it is my own flesh and blood, and I believe in them.

Why couldn't God forgive ? He is a loving, forgiving God. He made man in his own image and breathed life in to him. Was the connection between man and God not strong enough because man was made of dust?
Wenever, wave May be apple a day means the apple Molly mentioned. laugh rolling on the floor laughing

I don't know what to make of what anymore.confused rolling on the floor laughing
Usha, if an apple a day was my kind of apple a day, there would be a lot less fighting and war in the world laugh
Map, you were missing and I am assuming plenty of opportunities arose and now you are in repentance.laugh

Good to see you. Hope all is well.
thumbs up
Yes Molly, someone said, sex alleviates tension, love causes it. laugh

Don't tell Zman that. I don't know what he will do with Merkel or May.rolling on the floor laughing
Usha, Not repenting, still enjoying the "opportunities"grin but did miss the folk here
I discussed May with Z already, he doesn't seem interested blues

Maybe Merkel is more his type flirty

he should be willing to take one for his country anyway giggle
Enjoy the opportunities to the fullest Map.

I wish you every
uh oh

May be he is at the NATO after party already if that's the case. laugh if he can send Macron

Please don't take me seriously Zman.grin
uh oh

Molly I am going to run.
Original sin was Eve being told not to do something - do not eat of the tree - and promptly doing it. Disobeying orders. wow

Not sex at all, none of the Sunday school classes I had to attend told us that all the animals stood around watching then looked at each other and came up with their own alternatives laugh

Originally all religion was women-driven because primitive women had the mysterious ability to spontaneously produce babies at regular intervals. This power came to them from the Goddess, and all older civilizations have featured early Goddess worship, one form or another.

Only newer religions are purely Man Above based, even the Catholics honour Mary nearly as much as they do Jesus.

Then some bright spark worked out that females, and / or female animals, didn't produce spontaneous babies until a male was introduced weeks or months earlier, and the balance of power changed forever.

The minute I get my hands on a time machine, I shall pop back and sort that blabbermouth out. Wonder what sort of 21st century I would return to?

In all seriousness, because i am an avocate for sex. Sex as a method to stay fit and engaged with the desired gender. There is also making love. Both are physicaly rejuvinating. To complicate matters, there can be sex with love but not a romantic love or commitment. A comfortable trusting relationship with no prospects for a legal unity.

I’m past the tangles of mental/physical bonds. I do inderstand a desire for the other. Either way, its a good time

Be fruitful and multiply!
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