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Big black beetles in Spain, long-legged, seem harmless, fascinate the cat. He tips them over and watches with interest as they struggle to get back on their feet. Then tips them over again. Cats.

This morning I rescued one on the terrace which was waving its legs a bit feebly - flipped it over with the edge of the fly swatter, then sat watching it while I had coffee and a cig (because my life is filled with extreme living-on-the-edge excitement) and you know what? Not the cat at all. When I went out with my second coffee it had tried to climb the doorsill, fallen on its back again, and this time the legs aren’t even waving.

I can identify, a bit. I’ve played a lot of polocrosse, which is a high-speed impact sport (there’s a video on my profile, if you don’t know what polocrosse is - great soundtrack) and often woke the next morning aching in every joint. With so many horses around, feet often got stepped on and that hurts, those beasties are heavy.

So my left foot feeling well crushed, and generally aching from head to foot, is very familiar, but there are no horses around, and although I’ve had an old polocrosse buddy visiting for a week and we walked a lot more than I normally would dream of doing, there’s no reason to feel so knackered and, and, whisper it, old.

Except - we were buying tickets for the hop-on hop-off bus in Granada and the bright-eyed teenage ticket seller asked if we were over 65. That’s half price. Without missing a beat we both nodded.

Payback. sigh

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I guess it's good to take advantage of any situation laugh

A sedentary life makes us both feel and act older than we are though.
I believe that desk-based jobs, or being a couch-potato in front of a TV probably is a greater killer than drinking and smoking. It just does it slower.
I’d have nodded too...just to get that 1/2 price!! grin
Molly, a sedentary life has its attractions in retrospect laugh

I don't want to be a black beetle and just give up, I was a bit cross with it. Wanted to tell it to try again, never stop, never give up. scold Was I lying on my back waving my legs feebly in the air, I wanted to ask? But it wouldn't have listened.

roll eyes
Mimi, too right!

And by the way, finally, FINALLY, got to have those churros and chocolate, at a pavement cafe just off the beach at Almunecar, and yup, worth the wait.

Yep, you'll need to follow it around tipping it back upright every 5 minutes or so doh
Oh, I love my chocolate and churros love

Okay, you feel like a pregnant pig afterwards, but some things are just worth it grin
I feel like a pregnant pig even without eating them chocolate and churros help
Z, my life may not be hugely dynamic at the moment but I think I can find more to do with it than that - well, I hope I can uh oh

I'm not even particularly keen on beetles, I just felt obscurely guilty that my cat had ruined its day laugh
Molly, I had never even seen them being eaten before and asked for two servings. The waitress looked surprised, and I hastily changed it in my fluent pidgin Spanish to a serving for two, and we still couldn't finish them wow


BTW my buddy was blown away by my command of Spanglish, we never had to actually hunt for an English-speaker once. Getting better!
I managed to eat a full portion by myself recently, without a bother help

Congrats on your improved Spanglish grin
Mimi, I'll swap you feeling like a pregnant pig in exchange for feeling like I just had a 3 day polocrosse tournament. In a HEARTBEAT.

Deal? handshake
Love them churros with it without chocolate applause

Question. Why are these always so blardy hard?!? frustrated

Molly, you can't have! Maybe it was a smaller helping - ours arrived in brown paper and there must have been 20 of the things, and a large glass of melted chocolate each. And yup, it was a class joint laugh
Mimi, yes, twenty of those in your pic, they are huge. I have pics of us eating them with blissful expressions but if you don't know what they are, the pics are very faintly pornographic. uh oh

And yup, the bread is like rock unless you buy from my bread van, and even so when I point at something I haven't tried before he will warn me if it is half-rock, he knows I like my bread crispy on the outside but not crispy all the way through laugh
Mimi, bread production in Spain is controlled by the dentist's association professor laugh there motto "the harder the better" doh
Now I'll just wait for Molly's comment on that laugh
When Art was here, I brought him to this place in my hometown, famous for its churros or known locally as ‘yau char kwai’.

These beauties have to be consumed hot, as soon as they come out from the wok!

Sorry Biff, this blog has turned to a churros blog grin
Zman rolling on the floor laughing
Z, I am surprised that you think I may have an opinion on such a subject innocent

Hi Biff, I would have nodded yes also I just turned 64 and think that is close enough laugh

Well I have changed from couch potato to bed potato, now I enjoy watching TV in my bedroom.. Someone told me I need to change something in my life so I did, couch to bed. rolling on the floor laughing
Wen, me too! I don't watch much TV and don't speak much Spanish so I didn't bother to get connected, and if I'm going to watch old DVDs, well, is there a better place than curled up against pillows with your feet up? laugh
How's that change working out for you? rolling on the floor laughing
It's working out great, wish I had thought about it years ago. Thinking about adding a small fridge and microwave and calling it My man cave you know I have wanted a man cave for a long time now. rolling on the floor laughing
I just had to google churros to find out what they are. I don't seem to understand half of what people are talking about round here, and it's even worse when they start talking about sex. I sometimes think I should get out more.
Wen, I do know, and I think you should do it. Man caves rock!
Hi Harbal, I'm with you on what you just said. cheers
Harb, I'd never heard of them either, and I would never have tried them if Molly and Mimi hadn't gone on, and on, and ON, about how delicious they were.

They aren't that delicious, nothing could live up to that hype, but as long thin crispy donuts tipped in melted chocolate go, they could be worse.

They go on and on about sex too, I've definitely got that on my list as a must-try.
Biff, perhaps there's some sort of natural progression from churros to sex. At least you've got past stage one, I have yet to see a churro, let alone eat one. As for sex, well.........
Hello, wen. wave So you are a churros virgin, too? Good to see you. cheers
Harb, if there's no-one in Yorkshire offering either, you might need to venture a little further down in that England. Or cross the sea to Ireland, even, you did say you'd leave the country for Molly laugh
Harbal laugh I always thought the word sex was a foreign language, till I finally looked it up and wow the first thing I thought was does people really do that, really foreign to me. rolling on the floor laughing
Wen, that's what I feel about football. I didn't expect to see Harbal here. Pretty much every pom on CS is glued to their TVs, game in extra time, seconds left, Croatia in the lead in the semi-final.
They think it's all over - it is now.

Croatia won. I don't think the UK could have handled the final against France without WW3 breaking out so just as well
Looks like football changed its mind about coming home, Biff.
Are you disappointed, Harb?
Unless you are a sexy Frenchman cool
You talkin' to me?

Sexy Frenchman - I was going to say that was an oxymoron then I remember Bogie smitten
Is Bo French?

Jeez, I really should get to know the characters on here uh oh
Not too disappointed, Biff, I mean it's not like I lost anything.
JimEee: "~ Happy Holidays ~"(meet us in the poems)

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