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Big black beetles in Spain, long-legged, seem harmless, fascinate the cat. He tips them over and watches with interest as they struggle to get back on their feet. Then tips them over again. Cats.

This morning I rescued one on the terrace which was waving its legs a bit feebly - flipped it over with the edge of the fly swatter, then sat watching it while I had coffee and a cig (because my life is filled with extreme living-on-the-edge excitement) and you know what? Not the cat at all. When I went out with my second coffee it had tried to climb the doorsill, fallen on its back again, and this time the legs aren’t even waving.

I can identify, a bit. I’ve played a lot of polocrosse, which is a high-speed impact sport (there’s a video on my profile, if you don’t know what polocrosse is - great soundtrack) and often woke the next morning aching in every joint. With so many horses around, feet often got stepped on and that hurts, those beasties are heavy.

So my left foot feeling well crushed, and generally aching from head to foot, is very familiar, but there are no horses around, and although I’ve had an old polocrosse buddy visiting for a week and we walked a lot more than I normally would dream of doing, there’s no reason to feel so knackered and, and, whisper it, old.

Except - we were buying tickets for the hop-on hop-off bus in Granada and the bright-eyed teenage ticket seller asked if we were over 65. That’s half price. Without missing a beat we both nodded.

Payback. sigh

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I think I'm more disappointed about not being French, Molly, you fickle woman. crying
Har, what can I say...

Those accents are so goddam sexy. ..
It's going to be one hell of a weekend Bastille day followed by world cup final rolling on the floor laughing
If memory serves I recall Bogart moved to France from Portugal, I recall he's Portuguese, so your quest continues laugh I'm sure he'll be along to correct me if I'm wrong.
Bastille Day! I'd forgotten! Sacre bleu!

Damnit, we could have taken them in that case, if they'd all had hangovers frustrated
Z, he's not around much but that explains it, he must be beating Frenchwomen off with a stick laugh
Mimi sweetheart, As much as we Skype everyday I completely forgot about those bricks that they pass off as bread in Spain. What are the bakers thinking? Surely even you could do better than that :roll "Now" this question is for Biff - I love lots of coffee in the morning especially while enjoying the beautiful scenery of Spain - But what's up with the tiny hole for your finger to hold the cup????? confused
With a steady supply of beetles like that, you could make your own wholegrain bread. Especially if you collect some manure from the polocross horses.

Art honey, that’s be taunting and mocking MiMi’s cooking and baking skill there very mad scold

However, I’ll let you redeem yourself by getting MiMi something nice....
*cough* there’s this one bag that I really like........
The bread here isnt like bricks, you were served toast or very stale bread by some idiot cafe bar ownergrin

Biffy those beetles are cool, I always bring them home and let the cats eat them.
Niceguy, I have no idea why the finger thingies are so inadequate, maybe it is just a tab for holding the cup and happens to have a hole in the middle? confused

As for the bread, I have to disagree with Map here, yes those little flat roll things could be used to tile doorsteps and there is good reason so many Spanish are missing teeth laugh but soft bread is available. On the other hand you then have to go to all the bother of toasting it. So ... you got served the halfway option laugh
Mappy, my cat doesn't eat anything with a face, he just likes torturing anything with a face so he can watch its expression, he's pretty nasty

But if they are nutritious I shall start freezing them for lean times when the coffers are empty laugh
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