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Hi folks. I use Facebook to see the different activities my friends and especially family members are involved in. It keeps me updated on many things I would otherwise miss.

Of course the FB site figures you out and then feeds your newfeeds with what it determines you would like to see. For me it is recipes, kitchen gadgets, animal rescues and funny animal videos.

Sometimes there are video challenges such as the ice bucket challenge where people were trying to raise money for some medical reason and posted videos of ice buckets being poored on them, some were hilarious. Then there was the cinnammon challenge which could be dangerous but also hilarious. Well currently there must be a lip sync challenge to different police departments.

I have to say I've certainly enjoyed watching several officers put together their videos, some are really cute. At the end of the video an officer challenges another police department.

Anyone else enjoying that?

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I'd enjoy it more, if the officers would instead focus on catching criminals, and not racially target people.
I've seen ice bucket challenges but I haven't seen the police officer challenges. I'll have to take a look.
Getting caught in early morning traffic, watching the ladies comb their hair and put on makeup makes me smilelaugh
Not all police are like that Jim - mostly we only hear about the bad ones so it is nice to hear something good once in awhile.

The ice bucket challenge was fun and for a worthy cause.

I love mornings
Hey Fay! wave

I love mornings as well! I particularly love mornings when it's sunny but still cool enough to go out for a bike ride and the light turns everything into a photo op.

I've seen the PD challenges and am getting a kick out of them as well. thumbs up
Very true Fay.
But, I wish they would put more time & effort into better screening out of the bad candidates for the job
and eliminating the bad ones that were hired.
The lip sync challenge is hilarious.....wave cheering laugh
I think the police doing the lip sync challenge has not only brought a smile to my face but is great PR for them as a general with so much negativity.
The police need more positive PR than they have now, this is a good way to do it.
That is so true Trackman. The media has a lot to answer too for all it's doom and gloom when there is far more positive beautiful things happening. All the kids they mentor and fundraising and helping families. I know of many law enforcement personal helping all sorts of things and people. They should start publicising goodness like you say. peace
I've seen one of them, they were obviously having a great deal of fun laugh
The ice bucket challenge went viral over here. It was for motor-neuron disease, which is horrible. The money raised helped make a breakthrough in research which was brilliant.

Thank you Molly for the video. I saw one of my family that happened like that as well. As my nephew was talking his daughter dropped the ice bucket on him. I saw my son stand in his bath tub to do his challenge. The look on their faces just cracks me up.
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