Democrats Accuse Trump Of Sexism For Not Nominating Female Justice They Promised To Block


WASHINGTON, D.C.—Democrats in Congress are outraged by President Trump’s “sexist”
refusal to nominate their least favorite Supreme Court hopeful, Judge Amy Coney Barrett.

“Oh, we totally would have blocked her,” said Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA). “I mean,
besides being a right-wing nutjob, the lady has seven kids. How would she find time to do the job? Even so, the fact that Trump turned her down shows how much of a misogynist he really is.”

In the two weeks leading up to Trump’s announcement, Senate Democrats maintained a vicious PR campaign against Barrett, warning that her nomination would be the end of women’s rights.

Senator Kamala Harris (D-CA) sent a memo to her constituents last week:

Dear Californians,

I urge you to take to the streets in protest of the potential Supreme Court nomination of
Amy Coney Barrett. Let the Trump administration know that we will not stand for a
justice who is literally—literally—on the record saying she respects the constitution. How
dangerous. The Americans who survive this nomination will be living in a Handmaid’s
Tale in less than a year. Mark my words.


Comments (14)

I started reading the blog without first checking the "Satire" tag. After realizing it was satire it all made sense. Be assured that any constitutionalist will be blocked by the leftists.
What do you mean it's NOT real, kicks?

It sounded real to me dunno
It's the realest sounding news thing I've heard in a long time.

Especially the Pocahontas Warren part.
She heap crazy Injun, you betchum!

Princess Moonbat Feathers Slinging Bull...

Well, as Jimmy Kimmel stated, "Trump chose the white man for the job". grin
Lol, @ miclee. We should all chip in and get Fauxcahauntus a DNA kit. More for us than her because we all want to know.
Fear not, Mr. Kimmel scold
Barret's gonna get tapped to replace Notorious RBG.

How do these libtard socialists get elected? of fruits and nuts!
Kimmel needs to lay off the Kuemmel!
No need for that sciencey DNA stuff, kicks scold

She's proved she's Injun...high cheekbones!

Liawatha no speakum with forked tongue scold
She heap Honest Injun, you betchum.

She's also part black.
Her great-aunt Jemima had rhythm, Honey Chile dancing

The libtard socialists get elected cuz they're in The People's Republic Of Commiefornia, Jim (gentle).

Two libtard Commiefornia socialists & one $5 Indian...

Before y'all righties get TOO smug snooty
Ponder this down-to-earth common sense from fly-over country...

rolling on the floor laughing

I know a guy who was contemplating a run for Congress.
I told him it was a bad idea scold


"Why?", asked he.

Me, "You're smart. If you go to Washington, you'll be surrounded by idiots. They'll either make you miserable or turn you stupid. Maybe both."

He ran sad
He lost smile

- True story.

"Suppose you were a Congressman.
Now suppose you were an idiot.
But I repeat myself."
- Mark Twain

Miclee you have lost your mind and I hope you never find it. You are a genius and so far the most entertaining Patriot I have seen here. Bravo sir !!!
Is this the Image?

Hans4711: "Places on Earth 552"(meet us in the puzzles)

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