Friends with benefits???

when searching CS is your most reliable source yay

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May I be the first (of many) to volunteer banana rolling on the floor laughing

Which of the two paintings do you think is the nicest?

Most romantic even smitten
The second pic! applause smitten
Haha and oops sorry Zman, I didn't see you there....

But when it comes to certain things you are already a reliable source handshake wave

Away from the topic and just for a minute, I need to yell out here....
Best of luck to England today yay

cheering cheering cheering

thumbs up
Thanks for your opinion Mimi wave
really thorn between the two, I'll be having an artist copy one of the two can't make up my mind but I'm inclined to go with the second one also even though I love the first... but the white washed walls on the other does give it that bit more of a romantic look... which is what I'm after.
The second one would be my choice as well.
The first one is more colorful, but it looks off-kilter. Was it painted from inside the Leaning Tower of Pisa ? laugh
Love the second one Ms.witch. wave
Thanks Fay handshake
seems us women have the same taste when it comes to romantic settings.

Jim, If i said the artist of the first is Irish, might it explain why its lopsided conversing

Possibly because he was too drink pouring giggle
I like the second one best.
On the second one I see Don Diego walking in and Zorro struting out. Very pre-statehood California!!
Or was that more due to the photographer of the painting ? Fess up IW ! laugh beer
Must be a girly thing... cheers Ms Jones and Kicks wine

Good to see you back posting again Will" wave
the artist is Spanish so I'm pretty certain its a Spanish setting....
that being said, I don't know for certain dunno

Eh Hello Jim, me??? Never snooty lol

I like the first one, there's is a hint of opportunity waiting with that open door...A chance for something unseen and exciting...
The second one, definitely! Hiya Itchy girl wave

What has that got to do with friends with benefits, if you don´t mind my asking? confused
Hi itchy wave. I like both but the first one stands out more to me, with more colors and like the door at the arch way and trees in the back ground. thumbs up

both are nice but if your not with the one you love it don't mean a thing.crying
The first one, because of the door opening to another place we haven't seen yet. Other than that, they are both fine art.
For friends, or for benefits?

How's that worked out for you? laugh The few I've met in real life, well, 3 are female for starters uh oh
I like the first one, more colorful
I like the first one.the second seems so cluttered.
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