You Learn Something Every Day...

What a fantastic morning! Finally, we see some sun again. Getting up at 5:30 am to take advantage of the cool morning air, I headed out on my bike ride around the perimeter of the town, along the river.

It took me four hours to ride today, due to the many, many stops I made, the early morning light and shadows making everything so much more appealing. I'd barely started when some flowers amongst the blackberry brambles caught my attention, dew drops glistening in the dawn light.

I have no idea what the wildflowers are, definitely not part of the blackberry vines, growing on thick stalks in the middle of the thorny jungle. Several photos later and a 'good morning' to another early riser, I headed for the dike.

I noted that sun rays highlighted a grove of trees at the base of the mountain, and just as I changed lenses to take the shot, the sun breached the mountain top, flooding the area with luminescence. Standing in the shadow of a tree, long shadowy fingers stretched across the corn fields, their top leaves like thousands of spikes piercing the sky.

Cycling past the little old house that looked like it had sustained a fire in the back, with windows and doors boarded up, I'd been tempted to take a photo for our photo club's abandoned buildings subject. Too late! A huge caterpillar was already there, on top of a pile of debris which at one time would have been part of the house.

A slough on the other side of the road is home to a myriad of animals and birds. One particular dead tree, surrounded with brambles seems to attract a plethora of birds. I'd always vowed that one day I'd just sit by the tree and wait for the birds. Well, today was that day!

I had a hoodie in my panniers, and used that to sit on, while I waited for the birds to get used to my presence and frequent the tree. I was richly rewarded this morning, and saw all kinds of birds, many that I couldn't tell you what they are. The redwing blackbird was elusive as usual, however, I do believe I got a great shot of it as it puffed up both wings and screeched. A tiny hummingbird hovered right near me before landing on the tree. Unfortunately, a truck zoomed by and disturbed them, and the hummer was gone.

Around the country roads where blue chicory lines the asphalt, interspersed with yellow mustard, white, lacy Queen Anne's lace, deep yellow buttercups, and bright yellow dandelions. Barbed wire fencing separates the road shoulder from the large expanses of field, the early morning light turning it into an appealing photo.

I sat amongst the chicory and Queen Anne's lace for quite some time, photographing bees and the flowers. Further down the road, a red ladybug contrasted sharply with her green background.

Taking the path through the tunnel of foliage, I have to take my clippers again the next time to cut back the blackberry vines that choke the trail, grasping at clothing. Past another slough, I surprised a blue heron near the road in the slough, and a duck with her ducklings. I managed to get some of the ducklings, and one of the heron, although I have lots of photos of herons.

From there, it was pretty much head home, as I realized how much time I'd spent, the day was getting warmer, and I was needing a beverage of some kind. I did have water with me, but hadn't partaken of it - I probably should have.

Although I haven't checked my photos yet, I know I have some in there that I'll be really pleased with. I'm sure there'll be some kind souls that will let me know what some of the flowers and birds are. I'm certainly enjoying my camera, not just for it's photographic ability, but also because it's such a teaching tool!

You learn something new every day!

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Hi Ladyimp, enjoyed reading your blog thumbs up

When reading I felt like I was there with you, very good.

Sounds like a real joyful day. handshake
I had to get up at 6 yesterday to take visiting buddy to the airport, I'm sure I shall recover at some point. The world is divided between morning people and non-morning people but I will say you make the morning sound okay
You've described another beautiful outing. The surroundings with wildflowers sounds so inviting and peaceful. I'm sure you captured some memorable photos.
Wenever - thanks! That's my aim, to bring my reader with me, so you can experience what I do. It was a very joyful day - thanks for reading and commenting. grin
Biff - I alternate between being a morning and night person. When I'm painting (watercolours), I prefer to do it at night, into the wee morning hours.

But when taking photos, I love the early mornings - especially if I can get up in time to see the sunrise. Thanks for the comment! grin
Kicks - it's exceptionally peaceful that early in the morning. Very few people up, and it's so quiet it's just a real joy to be one of the first ones to experience a new day, all to myself. And yes, I got some great photos this morning... gotta love that! grin
Hey Imp, saw your pics on Facebook and new you were out riding. I thought of you on my early dog walk this morning wondering how the weather was on your side of the world, glad it was nice. Came home, jumped on my stationary bike while watching out my front window at the walkers in the brutal FL sun, maybe not so brutal that early. I like peddling in the AC so I thank you for taking me out into nature while I do so.

Did anyone indentify that flower or the cute little bird that I saw the picture on FB?

I discovered a site called Thumbtack, but it isn't international yet, coming soon though. Anyways these last few days I've found handymen for a bunch of projects. You tell thumbtack what you need and it sends you estimates from 3 to 5 people close to you. When you post what you need - you get at least 3 people or businesses sending you an estimate (it also lets you review their references) So far I've used it 3 times for 3 projects, all done perfectily and reasonably. Only the landscaper is booked for a couple more weeks. I saw a picture of your yard and it was so cute, mine shows that no one lived here for two years and it hurts to see it. It is too damn hot for me to handle. Enjoy your weather now and I get to enjoy mine in the winter.

If we were smarter women - we would make a business where we both needed to be in your country in the summer and down here in mine in the winter and both would be business expenses.
But I'm done doing taxes, the last few decades wore me out. I'm considering taking up pole dancing.
Fay! Yes, the bird I believe is a female American Goldfinch - I thought it was, but wasn't positive. I know the male has a little black 'hat' on it's head and is a brighter yellow.

The flower is called "Policeman's Helmet" and is part of the impatiens family. It grows wild here and is considered a nuisance. This is the first time I've seen it, mind you, but maybe other places it grows like a weed.

Glad to take you on my bike rides with me! I'd probably be doing what you are, using a stationary inside while the weather's hot.

That thumbtack site sounds great! We have a fb page called Life in Agassiz, and that's where the guys offered to pull up my shrubs for free when I asked for a quote. So I've had really good luck there, also hired a bookkeeper to set up my books through that site. But it's a fabulous idea, the thumbtack site. thumbs up
dillana: "pros and cons of this site"(meet us in the top 10 lists)

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