Imagination running riot?

I now take paying guests and I've had one here for a couple of weeks now and I might be turning into one of those slightly batty types who think every man who greets them politely is about to attack them, or something. He's charming, attractive, and very attentive. He's always been chatty but when my buddy was here it was impossible to avoid him because we were sitting out most of the time, and we both teased him a bit. Beginning to wish we hadn't.

He's really younger - mid 30s. So it's ridiculous to think he is chatting me up and I know that. But every time I go onto the terrace to have a cig he appears 2 seconds later and wants to talk and talk and talk and I eventually have to make an excuse and go back inside because he doesn't stop talking otherwise and it isn't just a guy talking to a wise old owl, it's - well, put it this way, if he was 20 years older, this would be a very different kind of blog. If I mentioned it at all. grin

I do know lots of men literally can't stop themselves flirting with any female between 10 and 100, it's a reflex and they don't know how to talk to women without flirting. Also some men would quite cheerfully take on a dotty old broad temporarily if there was a profit in it, or he really could quite literally be a bit lonely and would rather practice his English than his Spanish (neither is his home language). He could even think I am as funny and good company as he keeps telling me I am. However, the more he says it, the more I think hmm, really? rolling on the floor laughing

The upshot is that I am sitting inside rather than enjoying my own cool terrace in this crashing heat and yes the advice I have been given is set better ground rules with the next long-stay guest, or lock off part of the terrace for myself, and I will, next time. But I have 10 days still to get through and whether I'm an idiot or not, I feel uncomfortable and I don't know what to do about it.


And I shall probably delete this blog, by the way. It embarrasses me.

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Biff, no one should feel uncomfortable in their own home, it's like being homeless in your own home. I don't really know what the answer is for you, but I am sure you Wil do what's right for you.

Good luck. hug
Wen, if I could just be sure I'm not being ridiculous I could say something crisp. But how much of a fool would I feel if it was my heated imagination all along?

Eventually 10 days will pass or he will get the hint.
Biff, I understand what you are saying, I'm sure you will figure it out. thumbs up
Just a very friendly guy who enjoys your company because your an intelligent woman.

In regard to zone area's that should of been done from the start.
Blue, yup, but you'll understand that I don't want to be unfriendly (or come across as insane grin), this place targets writers and we all talk to each other. Word spreads and I want it to be the right word. 'Chilly cow' or 'lunatic landlady' are not right words laugh
Merc, aw, ta. I'm not sounding it at the moment, am I? frustrated
And yes, areas will be zoned. I never expected guests to want to talk to me laugh
Your normal laugh

It's very understandable as to why you feel uncomfortable..He may have a thing for you enjoy the ride.
Maybe you should have been given different advice

To shag all attractive longterm guests....but only after they have paid their bill in full cool
Biff, I can't see anyone make you uneasy and the fact that he does and in your own home tells me you know darn well you're not batty comfort

Kick him out to fcuk, I don't like him I think hes up to no good.
Send him my way.....shimmy

No wait! How old is he again?!?
Molly, he has, it was paid upfront laugh
Merc, no, it's just - weird.

If he was 10 years younger or less, oh I would know it was a straight flirt and enjoy it thoroughly!
Mimi, you'd want his grandfather roll eyes

Biff, go with the flow, wherever that flow takes you

Life is for living
Itchy, like I said to Blue, I can't. I just want to get my head straight and then react accordingly.

I mean if you were staying in a place where the owner had been friendly and she was suddenly locking herself indoors and avoiding you? But no matter how firmly I make the conversation friendly he defaults to flirt, and I know some men have a problem talking normally to women, that doesn't make it any better laugh
Mimi, my poppet, he's younger than you. laugh
Oh Molly if I knew where the flow was going I'd have my raft and paddles all working right laugh
The water doesn't sound very stagnant to me ....
Well Biff you do have a posh sexy voice/accent....maybe that's why dunno

I still don't like him though, why is not out doing his own thing instead of being under your feet all the time?
I've searched to read what you said to Blue....

Eh hello Biff, but there is no blue here confused

So me is beginning to think perhaps you are a little batty after all uh oh

But just a little though comfort

Molls, the equivalent of a guy in his 20s for you. And I know when someone has the hots for me (well, I think I can remember laugh) and I keep thinking there's an oddball agenda.

Traditional to sweet-talk the landlady to get more dumplings in your soup, maybe that is all it is and I'm being thick so he is over-egging to a dangerous degree laugh
Itchy, my bad, I meant Bluesky. One of the first few comments!
(still to Itchy) and no not underfoot all the time, not at all, he goes out to watch the football at the pavement cafes, yay for the world cup! And it is a writing retreat, and he does spend a lot of time writing. If he was writing on the terrace, or sitting there a lot, no problem, but he does wait for me to go outside and then he comes down. There are 3 separate areas outside, there shouldn't need to be any overlap at all.
Haha right you are laugh


Got to go and do thread with care concerning that fella hug

gotta go
sure its niceto have a soul to talk to whats the problem ....maybe is women takes up wrong and I suppose some of us flirt so what its just lighthearted enjoy some whiskey might loosen you a bit
Seeya Itchy, thanks for comments

JJ, I'll break out the whisky now and report back tomorrow grin
Maybe if you have a few deck areas. What about a little sign saying guests deck on the other decks and show them that when they arrive ?
ahh, Elegs, ya muppet, the guy is lonely for a bit of company is all. Maybe he has writers block & wants the company of a loonie to remove the block. Maybe he likes the smell of fags. Maybe he has a secret pash for older ladies with a SA accent........................
I dunno, he's on hols & everyone on hols has this desire to be friendly.
Easy to solve, go to your bedroom & hang out the window with a fag in your mouth hahaaa whooops sorry! xxxxx
or, or, or................. test him out as the romantic hero in your next novel smile
Well, that is quite the dilemma! Some young men do love older women, so who knows? I've also been told by a man that when he's simply being nice, women tend to think he's flirting. I questioned that, quite honestly.

I don't think you should second-guess yourself. Our gut instincts are usually correct - take that to heart and do what feels good for you. thumbs up
First off I want to say I like reading your blogs and the way you write. I can feel the shoes you are wearing, so to speak.

On the bright side you only have ten days can you imagine what it would be like if it were a year's lease? On the bad side you still have ten days.

On the age difference, so what who cares? If it were me and I were to have the need or desires, then I would have a couple of drinks while he chats and see where it goes, after all there is a benefit to having only ten days.
I would just enjoy it for what it is without attaching anything to it....bouquet
Daears - it's an odd-shaped house laugh one of the areas is outside my bedroom window and I was woken one morning by a guest sitting there smoking with his coffee at 7.30 am - so that area will definitely be closed off overnight laugh but otherwise no I can't close anything off permanently except a little patio which is in full sun so I avoid it anyway. uh oh

Cervatilla, hi! wave muppet yourself and he smokes as much as I do haha - at first I thought he only hopped out to intercept me to mooch a fag from me, but he does buy me a pack every few days laugh

And I don't have an SA accent snooty ok not a strong one. With traces of Scottish overlay. It's more mongrel, really smile

Imp, I'd already started sketching out a few stories sparked by the people met so far and I do think I spooked myself because there's a suspense element creeping in. I do default to murder sigh Imagination is a curse sometimes. uh oh

UnFayzed, thank you and what a nice thing to say! and you are being psychic because that's exactly what I did last night, will add one last comment after responding to comments made

M4, well, I wasn't enjoying it at all because I felt uneasy but think it is sorted now, and right back at ya bouquet
Doing this blog cleared my head a fair bit and the comments cleared it a fair bit more. I do say solo travellers are welcome, and I do say I'm here if they want to tell me about the adventures of their day because I have also travelled alone and it is incredibly dreary to have no-one to talk to when you get back to your room. So hiding away was a pretty shitty thing to do, even though I had never expected to be talked at all times of day / evening laugh

Last night he told me all about the England / Croatia game and said I should have gone with him to watch it (as invited) and I said I was in the early stages of a book and he would know how mind-controlling that is and he said yes of course and he is trying his hand at something a bit erotic and finding that mind-controlling as well. About an older woman. He'd love to discuss it. All is explained! I said it was something of a house rule never to discuss early plots with other writers in case the idea was pinched, and he agreed that was sensible, so I think the issue is now sorted, plus I have a couple booking into the other room this weekend so he can start writing about threesomes instead.

rolling on the floor laughing
Miss E. Are you using us CS members for ideas or is this actually happening for real in your life ? laugh confused I confuse myself let alone anyone else helping me rolling on the floor laughing besides if it is real. You've got the power rolling on the floor laughing opportunities on a platter. Lucky you. cheering peace
Oh, this is real enough, but unreal too - I knew there was something off-key about the whole thing and now I know what it is laugh
laugh @ Biff
That is probably how others perceived you when you were writing that other book laugh
Served on a platter rolling on the floor laughing
And no opportunities - once writers are writing about something, it will never happen - why, I have never murdered a single person in real life, although a few people who pissed me off in real life have died fairly horribly in my books rolling on the floor laughing

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