Imagination running riot?

I now take paying guests and I've had one here for a couple of weeks now and I might be turning into one of those slightly batty types who think every man who greets them politely is about to attack them, or something. He's charming, attractive, and very attentive. He's always been chatty but when my buddy was here it was impossible to avoid him because we were sitting out most of the time, and we both teased him a bit. Beginning to wish we hadn't.

He's really younger - mid 30s. So it's ridiculous to think he is chatting me up and I know that. But every time I go onto the terrace to have a cig he appears 2 seconds later and wants to talk and talk and talk and I eventually have to make an excuse and go back inside because he doesn't stop talking otherwise and it isn't just a guy talking to a wise old owl, it's - well, put it this way, if he was 20 years older, this would be a very different kind of blog. If I mentioned it at all. grin

I do know lots of men literally can't stop themselves flirting with any female between 10 and 100, it's a reflex and they don't know how to talk to women without flirting. Also some men would quite cheerfully take on a dotty old broad temporarily if there was a profit in it, or he really could quite literally be a bit lonely and would rather practice his English than his Spanish (neither is his home language). He could even think I am as funny and good company as he keeps telling me I am. However, the more he says it, the more I think hmm, really? rolling on the floor laughing

The upshot is that I am sitting inside rather than enjoying my own cool terrace in this crashing heat and yes the advice I have been given is set better ground rules with the next long-stay guest, or lock off part of the terrace for myself, and I will, next time. But I have 10 days still to get through and whether I'm an idiot or not, I feel uncomfortable and I don't know what to do about it.


And I shall probably delete this blog, by the way. It embarrasses me.

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Too funny, Biff rolling on the floor laughing

Molly reunion

Daears applause
Yikes, Molly, do you think so? uh oh

I now have visions of myself leering subconsciously at shoppers in the local supermarket laugh I do tend to avoid the whole world when I am living in my head
Mimi!!!! reunion
Mimi, little bit of a downer too, here was me anxiously wondering if I was a femme fatale and all along he was probably just trying out lines to see their effect. Since the effect was to make me bolt indoors, it is almost worth wondering what would have happened if I had responded amorously, could have scared the poor guy into fits laugh
Biff, you should have fun with him
Give him indepth details of your amorous encounters (and make them all with younger men around his age grin )
His reaction should be priceless
wave Miss MimiArt. Miss E. Miss Molly is right. Your a lady with experience. He would have time of his life. Think about future bookings. He would tell many blushing laugh
Molly, you're mean laugh

Anyway, he probably has far better scenarios in his head, I know one guy (also much younger) who has an entire book about what 'Mistress Beth', an older domme, did to him, and believe me no input from me. It's dedicated to me. Bloody hell. We'd been chatting a while and met socially about 5 times via Twitter meet-ups, like blogger meets. Very shy-making and I ducked meeting ever again laugh
You have your reasons for feeling this way. They say if you are on stage that you should imagine the audience naked to get past jitters... maybe in this case you need to imagine him as being older... and naked grin

Just a thought.
Biff, it is your duty to help a fellow writer professor

Daears, laugh somehow don't think that's the word-of-mouth advertising I want rolling on the floor laughing
Abagail, nooooooooooooo, I'm only human, that could be disastrous laugh and I truly honestly believe he is enjoying his fantasy and would be absolutely horrified by a reality

Anyway it is far too hot, good grief. rolling on the floor laughing
Molly, I AM helping a fellow writer!

Talking about a story before it is fully done kills it stone dead, you know. So I'm helping by not letting him talk.

And writers only write when they can't do, the more lurid any book you ever read is, the more you can be sure that writer ain't gettin' any rolling on the floor laughing
Cold showers?

At least he has made things entertaining for you. bouquet
How do Biff wave
just read some comments here and hands up, I may of been too much of a suspicious monkey here hole

Glad to see none of my comments made you anymore batty than what you already are hug lol

Still don't like him though snooty


I feel your pain, Biffhelp

At least yours is a flirtation for book material.

Mine are more along the lines of “dumb as a box of rocks” behavior. *no offense to ricks intended
He probably likes you, You could try wearing a crappy housecoat and walking around with curlers in your hair muttering incoherent words and see if his behavior changes or just enjoy the attention.
Abagail, cold showers are the order of the day anyway, it is ludicrously hot here and the only reason I'm not pining to be back in Scotland is that it is ludicrously hot there too, AND humid, and must be awful because they don't know how to cope with hot. At least here the shops are airconditioned, and the pavement cafes have fab umbrellas which mist you at regular cooling intervals!

Itchy, I couldn't get battier without being locked in a rubber room laugh You'd probably like him if you met him, he's very smooth. Too smooth, but now I can relax and enjoy the attention for what it is, it isn't exactly a hardship being told nice things about myself, couldn't happen often enough wink

Gypsy! you are not here often enough reunion dumb as a box of rocks, if there is honest lust behind it, has its charms too laugh

Map, I'd already tried no makeup which is enough to scare most men into tripping over their feet as they flee. uh oh So now, yup, I'm enjoying the attention, but locking the doors at night grin
Ooooo box of rocks did I see someone say. We could paint em. I got the brushes an paint etc. All I need is big and small kids to join in laugh . Writing is an art. Like creating with objects. So where's the rocks rolling on the floor laughing . It all is a story peace peace we love creating them for others or ourselves to enjoy. peace peace
I love the heat. If I sat under a misting umbrella. I'd short curcuit rolling on the floor laughing ( i have hearing aids in both Ears ) peace peace head banger head banger
And I shall probably delete this blog, by the way. It embarrasses me.
Here it is ! Its usually the adaptation of the societal nonsense.laugh
tourette's syndrome is always a good way to end an uncomfortable conversation especially if you go into full body...
A bit like map disco dancing

head banger
fecking *&^$) [email protected]@+ "staying alive" $%$£&
Daears, painting rocks vs dumb as rocks, okayyyyyyyyyyyy go for it. And now I understand your name. Da ears are da source!

iotaoo, didn't need to delete it after all, it was a problem, and it is solved laugh

Blue, a useful tip to remember and Map, an excellent example to use laugh
You see Biff, I once had someone (some might call her a maid or a servant or a house keeper or a domestic helper or whatever) whom I called a friend living with me in my house, until I felt like not wanting to go home because I didn't want to see her. Then I realized that it's time for me to say "you are fired!" (just like that guy on tv grin ). That's my own house for goodsake! laugh

So if I were you, I wouldn't let anyone or anything stop me from enjoying my moment in my own terrace. head banger

Just do whatever makes you feel young and happy, ok! yay
Hi Ele,

So it's ridiculous to think he is chatting me up and I know that.

Nahhhh, I think you are mistaken...bouquet
And I think, Biff, you underestimate your allure. A good flirt is better than a facelift. Puts the smile on your face and the rose in your cheeks. Yum!
Kal, yeahhhhhhhhhhh I had a lodger for my last few months in Scotland, that was exactly like that. Not wanting to go home, because it no longer felt like home. Good for you for ending that situation, I was lucky, I sold the house so there was no need for confrontation! This situation is now okay, I think. In fact there's a street fiesta happening this weekend and we're going to it tonight together, although I intend to have a drink and then return home, I just want to see what it's like and I don't like going out on my own in crowds.

Luke, you are a lovely man and I would flirt with you any time, you give me the nod, 'kay? bouquet

Gypsy, I love flirting and I haven't flirted in far too long and I must before I let my confidence (and my roses laugh) be leeched away

The last few messages I have had have changed slightly and are now adding, to the usual guff about my ravishing smile / awesome profile / lovely personality, how long have you been here?

What's that all about? I mean the last 3 messages at least. All asking.

I've just told the latest guy I've been here 27 years, that it was a long wait but now at last we have found each other.

I can hardly wait for his reply.

No, not worth the popcorn.

Oh wow, he said, nice to meet you, so, did you meet someone here before?

OK, EB. Since the twins went away to school, I turned the Aa mansion into three separate really nice apartments. I live in one, and have had a few folks come by to see if they might work out as tenants. None really did, and since I realy don't need the money, am patiently taking my time. Take that young whippersnapper under your wing and teach him about the merits of mature ladies.
To speak of any promising correspondence is a curse. Keep it on the down low
Hey, Vier. Right now I'm doing holiday lets but long-term yup will probably go the conventional rental route just because it is less work and I'm lazy, but even though the places are separate, you're quite right, it has to be a fit.

Perfect world I'd have someone booking for a couple of weeks, and that turns into months or even longer because the meld is painless. yay

Hope you get a goodie soon because it potentially makes life a little more interesting all round smile
Palm, sometimes you want to jinx the contact laugh I made double-sure and blocked. It was a guy in the US anyway, I am catnip to the scammers saying they are from the US
Elle, it looks like your new place is turning out to be a very lucrative investment? Not to mention the possibility of having to experience some out of this world encounters with strangers. Eh?

Ahh Elle, you can't stop these young blood to be oozing with great interest from a witty and adorable biatch like you, and I say that with respect...I mean it Elle.
We all know about friends with benefits, perhaps this is business with benefits!

Perhaps your lodger thinks the price of a room includes a shag (or two!) rolling on the floor laughing

I know, shoot me, I'm answering on an older blog. moping but there are lovely comments, wotcha gonna do, ignore them? Huh.

LJ, I wish you were a bloke, no bloke ever called me a witty and adorable biatch, love it! As for my place, no, it is still the elefante blanco and still needs more work done, but at least it is now habitable enough to start bringing in a little towards that work, yay! And of course the potential of solo males wasn't something I had even thought about. Who knows what exciting options the future may bring? There have been two solo males so far, maybe 3rd will be the charm rolling on the floor laughing

Sola, cheering hello stranger! checked your profile for updates, you seem to be offering an island with benefits wink

And anyone who thinks they can stay 4 weeks and get away with one shag, or two, has picked the wrong elefante blanco. scold Once the fire is lit, it burns. Which is why most of the time I hide all the matches. giggle

Molly - LOVE it. applause

There's a place in the house where every photo taken looks like an oil painting. It's a trick of the light, and the texture of the wall, even the decorative flowers, and it is uncanny. I may try to get a pic of every guest there - hell, it could even be additional source of income. This tenant was intrigued by the pic of buddy and asked me to try a pic of him there and I was going to load it here but it is too large for CS. I think that's the universe (other blog) telling me I should not be adding a pic, so I won't. But it is the most unusual effect. Oh, and doesn't work for a selfie. I tried!
Elle, I was wondering if you will ever come back to this blog of yours. I know you are not the rude one that post something then completely ignore and abandon the it as though our opinions didn't matter at all. Note: one poster did just that and how rude it is.

Anyways, I am glad you love that idea of being a witty and adorable b*tch because that is who you are to me. I am sorry that I am not a bloke but don't worry, like you said, when it is the time to find him, he will show up.

Just make sure to be aware when he comes.
Fek me Norman Bates! This guy is clearly a psycho. In fact, I bet it´s him writing this blog dressed in Elegs clothes while she´s in the washing machine on 90!
bittybay: "How well do you know me"(meet us in the quizzes)

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