life and after

when you go to the next life ..if there is one ..and you have not been. to bad you will be ok ..and if you have been bad and still alive ..make up for it now ...becose what I have seen there is a next life ….professor t. m .dillonger..

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I don't believe in the next life..When they finally revived me I don't remember seeing jack shit.
At least, if you're wrong, you will never know.
There are absolutely no reasonable grounds on which to think there is a "next life", any such belief is based purely on wishful thinking. Assuming that you want a next life, of course.
Our soul never my next life, I’d love to come back as my maternal grandparents’ granddaughter again...

I miss them....crying
Our aim is NOT to come back and get out of this merry go round.grin

Hi Mimi..sorry..I had to disagree.teddybear
As long as there is chocolate cake, I don't care where I am
I fully agree with you, Daniela hug

Our aim is to achieve higher realisation so that we’d be freed from the cycle of birth and death or samsara.

However, I’d love to experience my grandparents’ love again....sad flower
Make it double chocolate, Molly grin
Chocolate cake to die for is what you need, molly.
Death by chocolate would do the trick cheering
Definitely preferable to death by being run over by a bus, molly.
Been there, Im afraid no Chocolate cake but on thursdays they serve spotted d*ck and custard.
This is about life after death, map, not school day memories.
Boarding school style? anemic spots and lumps in the custard? So there IS a hell wow
Death is just like boarding school, In my case much better, We never got pudding in my boarding school just used to nibble on blackboard chalk, I liked blue, In fact I still do............Dont Judge me!
I'm beginning to think there are people with souls and people without. Which explains everything. Think on, when we're due to be born we're asked hey, do you want the afterlife uncertainty or not? And some choose not, very firmly. And some choose the gamble they'll live a decent-enough life to qualify for yet another go-round.

I've had that theory 2 minutes

I will now fight to the death anyone who disagrees with it. Good grief. It's so OBVIOUS doh how did we not see it before



because I was not chosen to deliver the Word before

Map, swap you chalk for rice pudding anyday. Three lonely grains of rancid rice bobbing in oddly veiny solution and prefects watching like hawks so you had to swallow it all


And that's not an emoticon I use often. Just at the memory, I threw up in my mouth a little.
I like a woman with theories, Biff.
Biffy, You should scrape the mould off the cheese before eating it, In other words, I have no idea what you just saidconfused

However, If you think about it, anyone over 50 IS living in the afterlife.
Harbal, I like a man who likes a woman with theories smitten

Map, speak for yourself. I'll concede I'm autumnal, but I will never see that life ends at 50. I've had the best time ever since around 55 and I hate the thought autumn will run out one day. Hoping for a mild winter. grin
The afterlife is alleged to be paradise etc, That's what I meant, by 50 we have lived through the crap and now we can make our lives rich and rewarding.
real life begins at death if you have the faith to trust in GOD.
I'd still rather play it safe, string, and hang around for as long as I can.
I agree but it really is out of our control, just stay as healthy as you can, the body does not last forever
The old idea that when you die, you will be reborn and spend eternity in paradise (provided you obeyed and contributed to the upkeep of the purveyors of the myth) is slowly and surely losing favor with the future generations. The only reason people today believe such an outlandish idea is because they have been spoon fed the lie from when they were babies. If a fabricated story is told often enough people will believe it and even defend it to the death. That is the real purpose of people being conditioned to attend a "House of Worship" every week so that the story can be repeated and reinforced.
If there really is a afterlife as it's referred to I sure hopes it's better then how my current life has been thus far.
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