Why Shia and Sunni are killing each other

Very interesting.

Are they really at each other?

Why and who will win.

Note: Assad was killing a lot of his people, it was found out, he's killing them because they're not from his faction.

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It's on Google these muslims shia and sunni have been killing each other since muhamad died. Google it.

Now the war mongers could capitalize on this just to up weapons sales and stoke this conflict to an unprecedented heights and a poster suggested the sunnis will win. They outnumber the shia. Indonesia is the largest Sunni muslim in the world by 250 million.

There's no freaking way that this blog suggests in any way shape or form of killing Indonesians.
You're right, they have been fighting and killing each other for centuries. These people don't know peace, nor want it in my opinion.
I never reallly knew Shawn, until a post was printed that Assad was killing his own people. Lo and behold, these people had been fighting since their leader died for the right leadership until today

Google says sunni outnumbers shia but their being pro west stance, might make them strong. On the one hand the other faction has bigger number and might subdue them.

Imo this is very interesting because if the warmongers would capitalize on this feud or spark the conflict just to profit from weapons, think of the level it can get to. A possibility of annihilating each other.
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