The 27 club...

Also known as the forever 27 club, being 27 years old was a fatal age for many musicians.
Here's the short list of some famous musicians who never made it past 27:

Robert Johnson, musician, died at the age of 27.
Brian Jones, musician (Rolling Stones), died at the age of 27.
Jimi Hendrix, musician, died at the age of 27.
Janis Joplin, singer, died at the age of 27.
Jim Morrison, singer (Doors), died at the age of 27.
Kurt Cobain, musician (Nirvana), died at the age of 27.
Amy Winehouse, singer, died at the age of 27.
Alan Wilson, singer (Canned Heat), died at the age of 27.

There are many more famous (and not so famous) musicians who have died at the age of 27... coincidence?

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Yeah, was aware of this club.

More a tragic coincidence, as you say.

Huge talent lost, way too soon.
Much too young for the final curtain.

Yeah, I'd have to say coincidence, pretty much.

Lots of rock-and-rollers died in the 60s, from the usual vices (alcohol, auto accidents, various drugs [heroin and/or cocaine not the least of them]), and carelessness during the use of such vices is a sure killer--literally.
If you consider artists between the ages of 21 and 35 during the sixties, most will have died during their late 20s, just because the numbers fell that way. Had psychedelics become popular earlier, a different group of popular figures would have passed, probably around the same age.

Once, somewhere in the '90s, I was listening to a late night call-in program where Pete Townshend was the guest star. (The program aired from 11:30PM to 1:00AM, New York time, so Mr. Townshend was probably up until 6:00AM, London time--quite a sacrifice on HIS part!) Anyway, I believe that he was addressing the death of Keith Moon, and how he didn't die when he should have (like when he fell out of a hotel window and bounced, or in a car accident, yadda yadda), but from complications of an anti seizure medication. Mr. Townshend's point was (and forgive me for paraphrasing) that "Rock and roll KILLS people!, " after he rattled off a litany of stars who had passed all too soon. (Later, somewhere in the late '90s or early 2000s, John Entwistle passed away due to a cocaine overdose.)

The trend continues...
That's one club I am definitely happy not to be a member of. applause
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