It doesn't take an iota of intelligence to know why this site is free.

What is it to the owners and the mods? Exactly. Think.

The more views a topic gets, the more participants it has, the more advertisers.


Complain all you want, these topics will stay. And on the front lines.

Yes. You didn't say it should go away, you want it isolated or hidden. Good luck.

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Freedom of speech works both ways. Even the right to complain is a part of this freedom.

The right for anyone to voice their opinion, as well as our right to post topics of our own choices.

My recommendation is to stop complaining about these topics because it helps the owners to attract advertisers through the numbers of participants that join in the discussion.

I am not here to stop complaining but I find it rather a waste of time.

Understand that these two topics of politics and religion are the most sensational, explosive, if not controversial topic in the history of humanity. (Maybe nest to sex.) Voicing out anyone's opinions on these matters would invite both excruciating pain and pleasure for the participant to experience because we, as humans are nothing without them, and I am speaking in general.

If they see the vast amount of participation on these topics they would realize that it serves the owners as well. It records the highest percentage of participation which in turn proves and confirm their profit value to the advertisers. The more view and or posts these topics generate, the more reason the advertisers would justify their expense.

Why does the owners make it free? Because they can offset their costs ONLY through these advertisements. When I first joined in, there was hardly any ads in the sides or in between the lines. Now there is hardly a space left. That goes to show you that they have in fact thought of these business not because of humanitarian purposes only but for their own gain as well. They can also sell this site and who would buy it if there is no profit to be made?

So for us political and religious posters, there is no way that our so called FREEDOM of speech will ever be curtailed. We are safe. They can moan and b*tch as much as they want. No problem.

Like it is said over and over again, and Mimi says it very well, there is room for everyone. I say, even if the whole page is full of these topics, bump it by posting your own choice of topic. Simple, one poster says Bumpity, bumpity bump. Lol what a childish complainer she is.

Anyways, Willy, we are not posting these topics to irritate these complainers even more. It is simply the demand of the current times. And, there are so many of us who want to talk, argue and or simply read them. Views on our posts are high so even if majority don't leave any comments, the owners still see that advertisement is worth it and serves their goal.
Both are a huge part of life, and I agree with you that both will continue being blogged about. thumbs up
To cut through the chase in regards to politics and religion if it weren't meant for certain categories such as those to be discussed weren't supposed to be here they obviously wouldn't be here.
Absolutely Shawn.

So have fun, I know you like these topics, too.
Bear didn't I say you are a genius?

Points getting higher Bear. Maybe you will sell all your ideas because they are all life savers.

You really impress me Bear and thank you again for that laughter you gave about the Trump is a moron topic, was it in that thread?teddybear
Hi lindsy I don't see myself necessarily as a genius but I do sometimes try to think of some way to reply back to people in a tactful way.

As for that particular thread I believe so.
And so concise and pithy, your responses in two or three sentences are loaded with pure doze of genuine biting reality.

Keep them coming Bear.
"The more views a topic gets, the more participants it has, the more advertisers. 


Right you are, linds...Simple it is cheers

Follow The Money.

Absolutely Mic.

Are you kidding? Everything as far as business is concerned is all for the money.
Good points all. But a major theme here throughout is exchange of ideas. Don't at all have to agree, but it pays to remain agreeable. We all fail here, some more than others. In particular, especially for the less secure, and more strident (and often less informed/educated), the left comes up way short here. Just watch the behaviors and comments here, in Charlottesville, in Seattle, over our brilliant President Trump in the biased media, and so on. No comparison. We've all seen the orderly and gracious tea party gatherings. But when the right gets too organized and military, things can change. Italy, Germany, Portugal, Spain. But the USSR wasn't a walk in the park, either. Human nature, sadly.
Shawnlaugh I'm thrilled that it does work both ways, bump I mean. To us the posters and at the indignance of the complainers. wave
Aa, it's a very clear ploy for the Democrats to have their so called TDS be exposed more.

Nothing the president can do that'll earn their respect.
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