Trump syndrome in full view

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the view what you did see.
"The View"

"And The Rest Of The Women On That Show?"

"Are The Poster Girls"

"Of Liberalism".............................detective

don't think they were on it just dubbed in comments.
Thanks, S., and most of us are aware of the mental health challenges the blow hards on the left now display. They do not seem to have such awareness. Their intolerant hate speech shows familiar dynamics. They thought, with the last 8 years of our affirmative action POTUS, that a left nirvana had arrived. And so their wakeup call with Hillary's surprise defeat, now that our brilliant President Trump is here for 6 more years, followed by 8 more for the VP, in the context of their self righteous strident near religious beliefs in the many failed leftie policies, has become intolerable, especially with character pathology often on board. Mz. Whoopie cushion and the others displayed by Judge J. Show these dynamics. Speaking of WG,--- who also has struggled to understand whatever came over a lady killer like Ted Danson, who could have any number of attractive and talented ladies as partners, to settle for someone so physically unattractive, of marginal talent, and lack of grace, in the context now of the new MH challenge, we call Trump derangement syndrome?
Great post String.

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