Turning Negative to Positive

I woke up around midnight and couldn't fall back asleep. Got up a couple times, played a computer game, didn't get sleepy, tried to watch a documentary on China history, didn't get sleepy so I let my mind wander.

Bear in mind for those that don't know me, I semi-retired two months ago and moved from one city to another. I now live ten minutes (probably less) from my aging parents. After working my whole life, going to school, raising kids I now find a lot of extra time on my hands. What to do?

I know I'm getting back into volunteering as I did that in the city I just moved from, the main focus was feeding the hungry but donating my time is on hold for now until I know what I want to do or am needed.

When I was younger I was gung ho to garden and loved what I grew, somehow I faded away from that but the juices to start gardening again have been flowing recently. My first attempt at tomatoe & eggplant in a "grow pot" was a failure. I'm joining a community garden which I think my last blog was about. I saw their compost piles and got even more inspired. The month of July and August are brutally hot here, to hot for most things except onions and okra but it dawned on me while I couldn't sleep and went into busy brain thinking mode that I could start seedlings in the house. I jumped up to go watch you tube on how to do things.

So far I built an egg carton greenhouse to start some bok choy seeds given to me and some cherry tomatoes. Then after several more videos I'm all into making some bean sprouts all of which I dearly love. Now I'm just waiting for it to get light enough outside so I can go get my soil to prepare, hence why I get to write a blog while I wait for the light.

If I were working, not being able to sleep would be very negative, but now that time doesn't matter I can turn it into a positive!

Of course I will probably fall asleep before I get to eat breakfast, so what, who cares!

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Much as I enjoy the thought of you planting seedlings in the middle of the night laugh , is it not a bit late in the season to be planting plants like cherry tomatoes?
My ones are flowering now, and some of the fruit already turning red.
But apart from that, enjoy what you are doing.
Why don't you have a look at growing mushrooms indoors? You can get kits. It would be something interesting to do
I wouldnt go so far as to say you changed a negative into a positive.

Its more like a blip on the "Do I give a shit" scale.
Hi Molly, I'm in the tropics so I can do a fall planting, I'm just starting the seedlings inside but will plant them outside in about a month or so. We get winter here for maybe two or three days where it actually gets cold but that's it, we have beach weather most of the winter.

Sol: For me it is turning a negative into a positive. I used to dread not being able to sleep and now I can find it productive.
Fay, that is perfect so applause

You could also try things like yoghurt and cheese making. There are plenty of practical things an insomniac can turn their hands tolaugh
Yogurt making is in my bucket list, just haven't gotten the balls yet to try it. Have to do some research because I love Greek Yogurt, plain.
I should have phoned you, as I suffered from busy brain last night as well. The difference is, I have to work today, and I'm not looking forward to my drive home - an hour and a half. Ugh!

My tomatoes and zucchini are doing very well, I'm just waiting for them to ripen. As for yogurt - it's super easy to make. I have a yogurt maker and the stuff you make yourself is, Imo, much better tasting than the store bought variety.
I slept like a baby......after 2:30 am. laugh sleep
I just got back from buying some Goat's milk to make some goat cheese thanks to Molly.

Imp it may behoove you to stay over night, tax write off at that as well rather than try driving when so tired. You can always get up before Gawd and drive home wide eyed and bushy tailed.
Fay, be sure to save it until 4am laugh
Hello Unfayzed wave (from north of the Border) I too have those nights where I can t sleep,doh Its usually when I get wrapped up in other peoples problems, or have too many things happening in my life,doh I use those sleepless nights to remind myself, stay out of other peoples problems,yay , and to realize I shouldn t try and take on too many activities at once. It helps me organize things better, and gives me a better approach to the next day,yay . I don t consider it lost time.
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