Men and women....Crudeness....

Always hearing friom women about the incredibly inappropriate stuff they get from men. Rarely hear such from men on women. Is this real?

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I would guess it is more predominate that women deal with inappropriateness from men more than visa versa, however I've heard from several men that have been taken aback at the rude aggressiveness of a woman hitting on them.

I would also guess that men would welcome the inapproate woman more than visa versa.
I witnessed crudeness and rudeness between a man and a woman in a thread topic yesterday when they could've just easily ignored one another instead.Some people usually have the last word in most conversations.
The other night a man on CS had been rude to me and labeled me as being ignorant which I thought was so crude/rude of him to do so.So it's not just women who are crude/rude no matter on how you plan on slicing it.
Bear....Anyone reading what you write, and how you write it, couldn't possibly think of you as ignorant. Or crude.
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