Men or women....Self protection....

Wonder if some scummy violent home invaiding repeat criminal perp should worry more about one sex or the other when breaking into a home, occupied by an elderly resident, armed to the teeth, and knowing how to use it. Hint--It's a loving parent ---or grand parent, with kids visiting.

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Boom with one shot the criminal is down.
Great minds think alike. And it will save all us taxpayers lots of prison, court, police and hospital costs. Cheap funeral.
What if the 'homeowners' are forced by law to be un-armed?
Wasp spray, a bat, a knife, a blaring alarm system and best of all the protection there is A BIG DOG is protection too.

says the lady that owns an itty bitty 2 pound Chihuahua.
I do like the principles now american people are keeping to their rights, especially of this of self protection. Unfortunately, in the countries like mine, ones suffered are only entitled to run in tears to police station to fill in papers. Of course, if ones are still alive. And, if not, then papers are not filled. No papers, no problem laugh
Yes, I have seen most of the " Dirty Harry " movies and of course all the police shows of like accord. The actual truth is that guns do not make you any safer, they just make you feel that way. The reality of meeting a drug-crazed murderous pervert late at night in your bedroom is extremely remote. You have a higher statistical chance of being shot with your own gun and by someone you know than meeting a hostile break-in with one.

All this is of course based on police and FBI statistics, but most of you will never let the actual facts get in the way of your fantasy bravado. You also should treat firearms with some respect and use common sense in there storage and use. I think the part about common sense is the most defeating part of the whole premise.

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