Men or women...Belief in the deadly "love at first sight"...

Women many times more than men. Source of much disappointment/hurt---?education?

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yes I Believe. Happened to methumbs up
I believe in it strongly although it has not happened to me.

Lust at first sight, a different story of course.
Thanks. Sure it hapens. Plenty of statistical outliers in human behavior and biology. But the problem comes when starry eyed unsophisicates, hooked on dime store racy romance novels, with little guidance from similar folks in their family circles, confuse lust for love. Self esteem is squarely in the causal loop for many of these disasters. many of us should know better, as well.

The words "fatal attraction" come to mind.

"Love" at first sight is a fallacy. Attraction of varying degrees is a truth.

"time will tell" are another few words of wisdom.

This broken heart or this heart beating
Kiwi wisdom, KS. Almost as good as the lamb and white wines. Rotarua hot baths, Hiking in Franz Joseph Park, same fiords, 80 + miles of the world's best beaches. And much more. Should have applied for landed immigrant status when I was still desirable.
HanLove: "Have you been behaving?"(meet us in the quizzes)

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