Men and women.... Use of wc's/bathrooms/johns...

Many times, when at a busy public venue, and I have to make wee wee, my impish side gets tempted on the way, if the doors to the one for each sex are close enough for those waiting in each line to hear the other line, as so often. Of course, poor architecht design (mostly men), and biology, always seem to have at most one man in line, while at a busy place, the girls are lined up almost around the restaurant/sports stadium, no ladies?. And these ladies are rarely in the mood for some stupid man to comment on their woe and dire situation. It is at these choice times that I pretend to make a fake cell phone call, at the top of my voice, while gleefully waltzing in to the men's room, saying, at about 75 decibels, somethng like "yeah, Jules, you ought to see the line for the ladies' room here at the game. (Snickering loudly) hahaha, they all are just about pissing up their little kilts, shifting back and forth leg to leg, and squishing their legs tightly together." So, before I even enter, the death threats begin to simmer, at a distance. Once inside, I make sure to scream out in ecstasy, "oh, God, was I ever waiting to take this enjoyable peepee. Feeeeels soooooo gooooood! My kidneys were just about floating! Hahaha, I really hope none of those ladies waiting outside can hear any of this". And if no men are waiting, I make sure to take my sweet time, sometimes singing opera arias in my best tenor. "La dona e mobile!" And such. Then snort and giggle a bit more for good effect, before planning my escape. Now, at these times, it pays to be adept as slinking away, usually using some distraction/diguise, for by this time the crowd is bloodthirsty, indeed.
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