Sailing dream

Life changes constantly .
Boys are moving out this Sept with the new school year and I've decided I want to go sailing.
I've always wanted to go sailing. We've been looking for a nice sailboat 40 ft or more. I'm learning about the licences I need and I've also joined "Find Crew". I really would like to go to the west Indies but its not that cheap anymore to anchor or moor or even custom fees some countries you even pay when you have decided to depart. I think I will try the Greek Islands then maybe Canary Islands for winter. I'm not sure if it will really happen but it does keep my mind occupied and makes me stop worrying about my children. i never imagined there was so much involved in sailing. Youtube has kept me occupied watching other sailors and there adventures. Never thought it was that difficult to buy a boat and each country has different laws on deflagging a boat or even what a flag a certain country offers your boat.

Life is always surprising and I guess its up to us to find the good moments as the bad ones come alone.

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Adventure Ish is one of my prime reasons why I travel a lot. While sailing is remotely considered for my own choice of adventure, I do love the water, whether lake or ocean. I do water ski.

Anyways you seem to be embarking on a fun stage of your life.
wave ish!

This isn't 40+ feet.
And the tune is kinda tangy.
But it carries a good message.

If you'd consider something smaller than 40 ft. these are interesting options...
Flicka 20
Nor'sea 27
Both are regarded seaworthy; the Flicka has a near cult-like ffollowing.

Heavenly Twins Catamaran.
It's a Brit design - more available in Europe than U.S.
It comes in different lengths to about 27 ft. but is very roomy.
Regarded quite seaworthy...
They've made a number of circumnavigations.
A Brit woman used one for a solo circumnavigation & had a website chronicling her progress.
That was some time ago.
Haven't looked in on it for awhile dunno

Best wishes!

Info on the Flicka...

...and discussion of desirable aspects of boats.

Dave & Mindy Bolduc - Gurus of minimalist cruising...

Dave in the Bahamas...

Dave & Mindy proceeding down the U.S. East Coast, presumably en route to the Bahamas...


Those micro cruisers are designed by Matt Layden; he's been called The Evil Genius Of Boat Design.

I've been talking to a friend on MD from north FL for years but never met. Recently he told me he is fixing to live on his sailboat for several months, come my way before heading to the Bahama area, no telling where else. If it goes the way he plans then he will see his home and start this new live adventure.

I hope it works out because I would enjoy being part of his adventure. My place is paradise for winter but nothing holding us back from summers anywhere else, especially running from hurricanes.
*Sell his home not see it* if it goes as he wants and I think it will.

Good luck to you Ish
Your thinkin' is real clear there, Fay cheers
Line up a Prince Charming to whisk you away during hurricane season.

You mentioned Find-a-Crew, Ish.
Here's another resource...

'Do It Yourself Sailing & Cruising Database'.

There are no membership nor any other fees.
It's free. Like CS....grin

Another advantage of Heavenly Twins (and other shallow draft boats of course)...

Makes for real sweet gunkholing thumbs up


Thank Mic, I will be checking all that out
Fay, Bahamas is also a place I have been looking at as you pay for a year once you get there. I have been looking at the Find a Crew and I wonder if maybe I should try and get on a boat first and see if I do like sailing or not first.
And seasickness, Ish.....sick
Find out if you're inclined to 'sing Buick to the blue'....barf

Also -
A hint...
Some folks enjoy being on a small boat smile
until they're out of sight of land; then they freak. uh
If you've never been in that situation & are thinking of crewing, it would be well to let it be known.

Ice Blink...

Dave & Jaja Martin met in the Virgin Islands & moved onto a Cal 25 sailboat.
Then they sailed it 'round the world.
Jaja gave birth along the way. Twice.

With their 3rd kid, they built a 32 ft. boat.
They made it with a steel hull so they could cruise Northern/Arctic regions.

They're kinda legendary among cruising folk.

Also legendary - Frank & Margaret Dye...

Just an ordinary British couple.
Except they sailed the ocean in an open Wayfarer dinghy.
Note pic of 'Wanderer' in the article.
DAYUM! shock

I like the idea of it, but I'd be hanging over the side puking most of the time sigh
Make the trip by rail, eh Molly?
Aka - Do the Technicolor yawn.
Aka - Call Ralph on the big white telephone.

Here are a couple boat shopping tips, Ish.

1) Enter a boat about which you want to learn & sailboatdata...
Example...Search -

Flicka 20 sailboatdata

It'll take you to the site & the info on the Flicka 20 grin

2) Once you have the info, you can go here...

...put it into the calculator and...
You get info you can use to compare the Flicka 20 to other boats grin
It's set up so the comparisons are valid between boats of different sizes & types.
Cool, huh? batting

Having been on one that sank due to lack of maintenance, I have no further interest in yachts or grotty yachties.
Hi Ish, sailing is not my cup of tea. But if you like it, go for it, girl! banana
You only live once, Enjoy it.. wave

At least you won't need a life jacket as you come complete with 2 self righting buoyancy aids rolling on the floor laughing
Here's a motivational article, Ish...

...and some useful pointers too! grin

Yeah Mic, my sea-legs were never fitted at birthsigh

Z, laugh
It affects folks differently.

As long as it's not too extreme, it puts me to sleep like being in a cradle...
Go figure dunno

When it gets more extreme...bulkheads about as horizontal as vocabulary can be quite *ahem* creative very mad
I've not yet yawned in Technicolor.

If you're interested in crewing & Greece you might look into this, Ish...

Ms. Molin got a 25 ft. boat some thirty years ago - to live aboard while attending school.

She never looked back...been sailing the planet ever since.

Try St Bincent and the Grenadines moorings which I understand is not that expensive plus where it’s situated enables you to explore the islands of the Grenadines
you haven't sailed the Islands until you have sailed on The John B.

Brings back some fond Memories!grin
I don't know, why Antigua is not on your mind.....we have one of the most known sailing race every year here and in front of my House is a protecting bay, where the boats come in specially, when Hurricanes.....some years ago, there was 17 sail boats backed in front of my house.....and I gave them the rights to use my dock ..and there is a pic of my dock on my profile and you could use it for landing in Antigua, so you could stay as a land crab in Antigua for some time......jut one possibility more for youwave
Sail to nz
Were the kiwis eats roots shoots and leaves

rolling on the floor laughing

And we unlike antigua don't have the zika virus just in case your pregnant or are hoping to get

roll eyes
Will you be sailing alone?

Have you taken sailing lessons?


will you hire a crew?

Whatever you do, happy sailing. banana
St Vicente wasn't on our list for this year but Antigua might be our last island before crossing back over. We did want to be there for race week as Jim use to race yacht for Drum. Thanks for the invitation I might take you up on it and that way we get to meet in person Bekard.

Mic I was only sicksea once, it was a nasty experience I'm hoping it doesn't happen again.
I have seen lots of women sailors and have joined a few Facebook groups were they talk about their experiences.

Kal you would love it if you tried.

Z I did get a life jacket as a birthday present nice bright one. And a safety line. I haven't worn the life jacket yet but I did wear the safety line when I had to repair the sail while sailing.

Fonda Im not sailing alone. The yacht is too big to single hand sail .
I haven't taken sailing lessons but I do learn quickly I guess that's cause I'm enjoying it. We have had crew aboard and we do take people that are going in our direction.
OB I would love to visit NZ but I would fly there. This sailboat for now won't do a Pacific crossing
I wonder if maybe I should try and get on a boat first and see if I do like sailing or not first.

Absolutely you should. I can't begin to tell you how many things I've tried or bought thinking I liked or wanted them only to turn out I didn't. Trying it on first is a smart move.
Sounds great.thumbs up
Sail into Fethiye Harbour...paradise awaits!!...xx

I'm going to put my e-mail into your message if Antigua is going to be, you can contact me and I advise how to come.wave
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