Thankful heart and walk with love-5

About me
The fifth part

I'm very reliable. This is related to my family education, personal quality. I'm not a frivolous bad girl. I am a family centered girl. My life experience is very simple. I have never married. No children. I'm single now. I'm sensitive yet strong, affectionate, warm-hearted. I strive to understand other people's points of view and it's important for me to take time to smell the roses. l am a shy person by nature but tries to be outgoing. I take great pleasure in knowing someone. I strive to be a good friend and companion and to be respectful of all opinions different from my own. I love the ocean, travel, museums, literature and long walks. I do enjoy quiet times and occasional solitude. Full of life, intelligent and romantic. I am affectionate both physically and emotionally. I am a hard working person in search for love and respect. I love walks in the beach, a nice dinner with candle lights, listen to music, and read a good book. My dream was always to find good honest husband,and share all my life with him happy and sad things. We take care of each other and respect each other. I need someone that care about me same i care about him. I have a fragile heart. If you decide to accept the real me and begin to love me, please don't hurt and abandon me. I am here searching for serious relationship. So for me is not internet play but same real life so please be honest with me. I hope to find you soon. I don't like superficial men. I'm not slim, I'm not skinny, Some people say I'm fat, but I don't think fat is a drawback, I don't feel inferior, because fat and thin are not the criteria for judging a person's beauty. I am fat, but it doesn't mean that I am not healthy.
If you are a connotation person, If you are a Emotional and thought ,Profound and insightful person.You will agree that fat or thin doesn't depend on a girl's beautiful standards.
I don't think fat is a weakness,I think as a person,The most important, the most precious,Definitely is a good quality, Good moral character,and a charitable heart.
I value a person's inner human nature,Rather than external,Superficial things,About love,My opinion is:I would rather lack, Also do not accept the hypocritical, shoddiest feelings.

No one is perfect in this world. If you really love a person, you must accept his everything, encourage and help him become better, rather than dislike or abandon him.
One of the most significant things in my life is that when I was 18 years old, I became a proud Female navy soldiers, which made me proud.I usually insist on exercising, but I prefer to go near nature to do aerobics, such as running, than gym. I will not do some unhealthy weight losing methods, such as dieting, taking diet pills, etc.It's not fair to judge people by their appearance. It is unwise to judge people by externals. I think a man's charm depends on his excellent conscience and personality, cultivation, connotation, gentry, and depth of thought. I am a person who has taken a great deal of time to work on himself, to heal, to grow and to evolve. In fact, I will say that personal growth is hugely important to me. I'm looking for a mature, intelligent gentlemen. He have a good heart and a healthy body. I want my partner to give me a good life. I feel a sense of security and happiness. I hope I wake up every morning and know that I made the right choice. I am patient, understanding and caring,I want to be someone's light in their life. their smile in their day and their dreams in the night.
CheryleR: "Seeking men that don't drink or smoke"(meet us in the profile reviews)

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