Prays Needed .

Dear friends , my last son is in the hospital , he is very sick .

i am asking that you all say a word of pray for him . thank you .

please no negative comments .

i am not sleeping at nights .

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Will pray for your little one Ann,
Please tell his first name.
Stay strong Ann take care of yourself love from Jenny
Iam so sorry to hear this. Wish with all my heart that he will get better soon.hug
Annleerose so sorry to read about your son.sigh
Thoughts and prayers with you Ann teddybear
Sorry to hear that Ann.
What happened? And what's his name? bouquet
Thoughts and prayers are with you and your son.
Hi Ann, praying for your son and you and family. bouquet

Praying for you and your son.

God bless you both!

My thoughts are with you...take care...hug
Prayers sent for a fast recovery.
Praying that he gets better, Ann
I hope your son gets better soon
not really a praying type but wish him well anyway

prayers for your son, wishing him well soonhug
I hope your son gets better soon
You and your son are in my thoughts. Hope he gets better soon, Annleerose.
Hi, Annlee;

Wish your son getting better soon, and take care of yourself as well. hug
Safe and best wishes to your son in his recovery.hug
I have not read all the comments as yet and all the best wishes , get well and most importantly prays .
i want to thank you all .
I consider you all as my special friends , even though we have not met .
Thank you , Thank you and Thank you
My son,s name is Junior .
he is (32) years old .
I am not sleeping well , not until i see him back home .
We are all praying for a quick recovery in the name of Jesus .
Once again Thank ayou All .
I hope he fully recovers. sigh
Hope your son recovers soon!:
Lord i come to you and ask you for healings for Anns son. Give them the strength they need to get through these troubled times. I ask this in the name of Jesus Amen.
Dear Friends . I know , i did not mention my son's ailment .
he has one lungs because of an infection and he has other ailments but i am hoping with prays all with go well together with the Dr's care an attention
The Dr said he is not out of the woods yet , they say if caught in time all will be well .
Thank you my friends once again ..
I would not be here often , but i will post updates as time goes by . thank you once again
Hi Ann, my prayers are still with your son and you and family.

We hope to hear good news soon. bouquet
Annlee, sending waves of healing energy. May your son regain his robust health with speed and ease and grace.
Ann, my prayers and hope that he will get better. Take care and be strong Ann.comfort
I want tocthank God and not forgetting my friends .My son is out of the hospital ,he came out today , yes God is good .banana cheering applause
Thanks everyone once again .
Hi Ann, so glad to hear the news.

My prayers are still with all of you. bouquet

That's good to hear Ann wine
Wen , thank you so much .
ItchyWitch , thank you , yes we are so happy he is back with us .
Good news!
Please post more updates...

Thats the best feeling a mom could ever havehandshake Give thanks to HIMhug
Hi, Ann ;

Really happy for you and your son! !
Chatillion , thank you . I am hoping all is well with him and he do not have to stay away that long again , today he have tio visit the hospital for followup until about six months , but he is out of thecwoods , thank God .
Ysabeljsen , yes only a mother could feel
what it is like to have this experience and hoping everyday for it to end , thank you .
July012 , thank you so much .
Prayers going up
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