The Book of Destiny

I saw this quote from Dedo from last year on another blog, and it struck a chord with me.

"What would happen if you had a glance in to the book of destiny and found out that your Mr.Right.or soulmate lives 12.000 miles away,is a garbageman and has 9 kids ..."

Notwithstanding the 9 kids laugh , what would we do?

If we were told our soulmate , our One, whatever you want to call them, lived across the globe, would we take that leap? Make that move?

Or would we find excuses not to?
Using our work, our family, our lives, our health, our not liking flying, lack of resources, (add your own excuse here) to not go.

How far will we go, both physically and emotionally, for love?

Or maybe it isn't that important in the grand scheme of things.

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I'm off to bed now so won't be babysitting the blog.

It will be interesting to see the viewpoints though wine
Oh well , "not for men blog" !!laugh

I dont believe in soulmates story, (so I have to put up with 9 terrorist) but I do believe that with some people we have a stronger connection.

Travel - No problems.
Moving - at this stage, depends.
How far- no outer space

If we really want a relationship and we meet someone with similar values and life´s objectives,I believe it is possible work together to work the gap of whatever blocks it. Everything but values.

I am more aware of what I will stand for and what qualities I look for in a partner now than I was at 40. for sure.

Interesting to see. wave
To look in advance in the book of destiny...
I would have.. no I would not have changed much cause it would have not been the same.
Could have been worselaugh
Working for the government was not totally a blessinglaugh
Oh the Union LOL Amazing in every way!!!
The couple lives or so I saved was immaterial in comparison.
Retiring and checking destiny... Hmmmm...
Hi Molly, if I have a soulmate she must be living here in my home town. Not into the long distance relationship, I am now 64 and happy on my own and could never leave my family.

Good to see you hug
My soulmate? I'd go...without my dreams.
The harsh reality is: I'm unable to relocate.
If it's my destiny, then nothing I can do to avoid.
My once boss hated .. I mean really hated men in short pants.
Guess what?
She married one. laugh

So I guess, if that man is my destiny, what I will do is just wait for him to come and get me.
Then we'll make other plans after that. wave
I wouldn't cross the road in search, but if I had him ... I'd cross the world to keep him.
I noticed that post, too. laugh

My soulmate cannot be a garbageman with 9 kids. laugh

My soulmate is the person who wants the similar future as I do, who wants the same things as I do in 10 and 20 years time, who has the same ideals about "life together". Who - simply - wants what I want in life and partnership.

If I could ever meet such a person - I would go anywhere. I can move anywhere.


Where would I meet him? Online? Among all these men looking for someone to entertain them endlessly? Highly unlikely.

And - the internet has changed so much lately. So many lies, so much deception, so much (possible) danger... Even if someone appeared to be like that - how can I trust enough to go to the other side of the planet for him - today?

I thought about it thoroughly and I think that I MUST stick to reachable men I can trust. Even if they are not soulmates. Even if I have to make compromises.

At the very moment, I'm thinking about what I can and cannot compromise...
If he lives in a city then I'll most probably go in hiding so he never finds me.laugh I am sure I'll be able to leave everything behind to be with someone I love. A plant can bloom anywhere if the right conditions are there.
My soul mate isn't a garbage man with 9 kids laugh My soul mate is who can put up with my nonsense and still find something worth while.
Track maybe he is

rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
I don't think I can handle anything smelly nor 9 kids that are not mine.

I won't let destiny write my story to be a step mom for someone else's kids and my happily ever after to be sorting garbage for the rest of my life.
My soul mate can wait with patience of finding me in another life time.

I won't budge or give a fudge. No excuses. I know myself too well.
Medan to Cork. = 6739.392 miles.
Be patient, I'm getting closer.wink
Molly I struggled with this. The romantic in me wouldn't hesitate.

The realist in me says that my reality wouldn't allow it.
Depending where they lived and if it was somewhere I deemed safe to live...then I would move...but only once there has been a year of travelling over and back to see if I liked it and could see a future there...they would also have had to try out my country try too.
"What would happen if you had a glance in to the book of destiny and found out that your Mr.Right.or soulmate lives 12.000 miles away,is a garbageman and has 9 kids ..."

I'd be shocked, as since I can remember I've always fancied women. Likewise, if this guy had a glance into the book of destiny and found out that his Mr.Right.or soulmate lives 12.000 miles away and is a fella, I recon that after 9 kids he would be as shocked as I am to find out he is gay (eeeek)!
Nobody wants a garbageman with 9 kids. blues

How about a good for nothing skeet that still lives with his mother? laugh
Ah people, forget about the gender, occupation and 9 kids! laugh
That was only taken directly from Lim's quote.

Just remember this is your soulmate/the one as written in the Book of Destiny.
Who just happens to live on the other side of the world

A little imagination is needed here

My basic question is - how important really is love in our lives. Are we willing to give up everything for it if we know for certain that this is The One.
Somewhat unsurprisingly, I guess, I like the following quote.

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails." Mark Twain (I think)
TR, yes I agree.

There is also the saying that on your deathbed you will never have regrets about the things you did, only the things we haven't done.

Apart from people like you, who are in the minority, most of us tend to not live life to the full. We get caught up in the rat-race of life, and by material things, ties, etc.

That is why we love reading your do what we all wish we could do wine
Track, this is about what you would do...not what other people would do for you
Naive, the woman who gave birth to 9 children with him wanted that garbageman.

Maybe he makes her feel like the most important, most loved, person in the world
Moll - why is it then if a person understands they've bought into a lifestyle that doesn't serve them the best, or restricts their full potential happiness, they don't pursue an alternative option?

I can assure you my lifestyle has its drawbacks. Who wants to take up with a guy who doesn't have a retirement plan?
Molly, I think I like most people would like to make that move, until practicality and reality set in, be it financial restraints, job prospects or close family, but who knows, love may conquer all.
TR, there are pros and cons to everything.
Having no plans for the future at all is a little counter-productive as I am sure you will still want to travel then, and have money to do it.
But working all the time and not travelling at all, hoping to do all one's travelling on retirement is also not a good idea, as nobody knows what the future holds for us.
Destiny cannot be denied and will come and find you.

Whether you lock the door and hide behind the couch, or run away from it, oh well, that's a different debate.
I’d go across the ocean to be with him but if he has 9 kids...........uh oh I have to be truly madly in love and in lust with him! wink
Just to add a new dimension to the puzzle, I've known 2 men who were classed as garbagemen, both were millionaires, there's huge money in getting rid of what people don't want laugh Does that make a difference dunno grin
I don't believe in the concept of "soulmate". I do believe in compatibility - to have a life together, things like common lifestyle, goals etc. are important and there are very few people I could make something work with.

To make something work, common goals and lifestyle are important. I have walked away before when my life with someone would not have been the life I would like to live - giving up myself and bend myself into living a life I hate would not work long term - there are 2 people in a relationship and both have to be happy. If someone starts hating the life they have because of their partner and where they live, it won't work.

Love is all you need or all that matters - I think growing up includes knowing that there is more than just "love" to make a relationship work.
I can't keep up with responses sorry...aaargh

KN, but you didn't say whether you would go the 12k miles to meet him if that is where your destiny lay.

You could if you cared, Molly. You could if you cared.
I even drove nearly for an hour to go to his place Molly!

Which is better than the long flight to his place of birth. dunno

If we wouldn't have met in person and got to know each other gradually it wouldn't have developed. We also have talked about where we will live, one of us suddenly deciding to go off to our home place and expecting the other to pack their bag and get used to a place with a different language etc. is also not a prospect either of us would be thrilled about.
It was my destiny to meet Mimi and I thank destiny for it every time I wear one of the light Malaysian sarongs which, in this heat wave, is nearly all the time cheering

Thank you thank you thank you xxx
Bo, you know it is not for men only scold

Chat, this is more about romantic relationships than employment ones uh oh laugh

Wen, so destiny must arrive at your doorstep instead of you going to it. Fair enough

Berry, Sometimes life gets between ourselves and destiny alright

Kal, you are the same as Wen. Sit and wait for destiny. I'm not sure if destiny works like that. But hopefully it does

Itchy, If destiny comes to you, you will travel with destiny wine

Ek, Nice attitude. You would allow destiny to take its course

Track, maybe it is a garbage woman cool

Usha, I guess if you believe in reincarnation that would work. But not if you don't laugh

TR, I hoped it was further than that. I'm getting worried now help grin

Rach, I would be like you. But if it were an absolute guarantee of happiness for life.....

Dee, I think realistically that is what we would all do in a LDR. It makes sense.

Map, I guess we have then to choose between love and practicalities. If the will is there..
(Hopefully some rich relative's will laugh )

I think I'm caught up...phew!
Nice blog to wake up to, as I was reading I was thinking you are going to be busy responding but you got to it before I finished.

When I was young & dumb, nine kids would not have scared me but nine kids now I would go running into oblivion. Nine Grandkids might even be a bit much.

Luckily I already had my soulmate, a couple time actually. I'm still satisfied.
Biff, as I don't really believe in destiny, I am probably the wrong person to write this blog help

I believe we make our own destiny
Who is this mysterious Dedovix
I bet he s a short, ugly ,gypsy bastard professor

In my personal opinion, we are beings of light, pure energy and we go trough different stages and forms of existence , collecting experience and searching for our other half .
Some people don't accept the idea of a grand design ,that our destiny is predesigned and that we will fit in perfectly in the tapestry made of gazillion parts, laser cut puzzle part s which forms the universe ,made from time and in time ,where past and future dont exist ...
Z, , I couldn't care less what somebody works as. Whether he is the owner of the company or an employee.
The person is more important than the job to me.
I also don't believe in one soulmate help

I'm definitely the wrong person to have written this laugh

I think there are innumerable people in this huge world that we could be compatible and utterly happy with.

Just one in this huge world doesn't really make sense to me.

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